X17 - Bishops Waltham - West Meon - Petersfield

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Bishops Waltham - West Meon - Petersfield

Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 09:50
Eastleigh Chickenhall Lane (E-bound) 09:51
Bishopstoke Recreation Ground (E-bound) 09:51
Bishopstoke, opp The River Inn 09:52
Bishopstoke, adj Manor Farm Close 09:53
Bishopstoke, adj Alan Drayton Way 09:53
Bishopstoke, adj Mitre Copse 09:55
Fair Oak Stoke Wood Surgery (SE-bound) 09:56
Fair Oak New Clock Inn (SE-bound) 09:56
Fair Oak Shorts Road (NE-bound) 09:57
Fair Oak The Square (E-bound) 09:58
Fair Oak, adj Hall Lands Lane 09:58
Fair Oak, opp Bradshaw Close 09:59
Lower Upham, adj Stroudwood Lane 10:00
Lower Upham, opp Mortimers Lane 10:02
Lower Upham, adj Wold Cottages 10:02
Wintershill, adj Meadowview 10:03
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Ashton Lane 10:05
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Churchill Avenue 10:06
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Claylands Road 10:07
Bishop’s Waltham, adj Pondside Lane 10:08
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 10:10
Bishop’s Waltham Coppice Hill (SE-bound) 10:11
Bishop’s Waltham Forest Farm (S-bound) 10:13
Waltham Chase Clewers Lane (S-bound) 10:14
Waltham Chase, adj Forest Gardens 10:15
Waltham Chase, adj Forest Road 10:16
Waltham Chase, opp Brickyard Road 10:16
Swanmore, o/s Technology College 10:19
Swanmore, adj Recreation Ground 10:19
Swanmore Primary School (SE-bound) 10:21
Swanmore, adj Dodds Lane 10:21
Hill Grove Hill Place Cottage (NE-bound) 10:22
Hill Grove Hill Place Farm (NE-bound) 10:23
Midlington Mayhill Stud Farm (NE-bound) 10:24
Droxford Mayhill House (NE-bound) 10:26
Droxford South Hill (NE-bound) 10:26
Droxford Park Lane (N-bound) 10:27
Meonstoke Sheep Pond Lane (NE-bound) 10:27
Meonstoke Corhampton Park (N-bound) 10:29
Meonstoke The Butts (N-bound) 10:30
Meonstoke Stocks Lane (E-bound) 10:30
Exton, adj Church Lane 10:30
Warnford, opp Peake New Road 10:31
Warnford Abbey House (N-bound) 10:32
Warnford, o/s The George & Falcon 10:33
Warnford Windmere Cottages (E-bound) 10:35
W Meon West Lodge (NE-bound) 10:36
W Meon, o/s The Thomas Lord 10:37
W Meon, nr Lynch Lane 10:37
W Meon, adj Vinnells Lane 10:38
W Meon Westbury House (opp access rd) 10:39
Drayton Bridge (nr) 10:41
E Meon, o/s All Saints Church 10:44
E Meon, o/s Old School House 10:44
E Meon Park Lodge (Adj Park Rd) 10:45
E Meon Rookham Lodge Farm (E-bound) 10:46
Langrish Pidham Farm (E-bound) 10:47
Langrish Pidham Cottage (NE-bound) 10:48
Langrish House (NE-bound) 10:49
Langrish Home Farm (NE-bound) 10:50
Langrish The Pillar Box (NE-bound) 10:51
Langrish Manor Farm (E-bound) 10:51
North Stroud Lane (SE-bound) 10:53
Stroud, opp The Seven Stars 10:54
Stroud Farm (E-bound) 10:54
Bell Hill, opp Princes Road 10:55
Bell Hill, adj Stoneham Park 10:55
Bell Hill Frenchmans Road (SE-bound) 10:56
Petersfield Station (Stop F) 10:56
Petersfield The Square (Stop A) 10:57
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop C) 10:58
Petersfield Tesco (Stop H) 11:00
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Petersfield - West Meon - Bishops Waltham

Petersfield Tesco (Stop H) 13:12
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop D) 13:13
Petersfield The Square (Stop B) 13:15
Petersfield Station (Stop E) 13:15
Bell Hill Frenchmans Road (NW-bound) 13:16
Bell Hill, opp Stoneham Park 13:17
Bell Hill, adj Princes Road 13:17
Stroud Farm (W-bound) 13:19
Stroud, o/s The Seven Stars 13:20
North Stroud Lane (NW-bound) 13:20
Langrish Manor Farm (W-bound) 13:22
Langrish The Pillar Box (SW-bound) 13:23
Langrish Home Farm (S-bound) 13:23
Langrish House (SW-bound) 13:24
Langrish Pidham Cottage (SW-bound) 13:25
Langrish Pidham Farm (W-bound) 13:26
E Meon Rookham Lodge Farm (W-bound) 13:26
E Meon Park Lodge (Opp Park Rd) 13:27
E Meon, opp Old School House 13:28
E Meon, opp All Saints Church 13:29
Drayton Bridge (adj) 13:31
W Meon Westbury House (adj access road) 13:33
W Meon, opp Vinnells Lane 13:34
W Meon, adj Lynch Lane 13:34
W Meon, opp The Thomas Lord 13:35
W Meon West Lodge (SW-bound) 13:35
Warnford Windmere Cottages (W-bound) 13:37
Warnford, opp The George & Falcon 13:39
Warnford Abbey House (S-bound) 13:39
Warnford, adj Peake New Road 13:40
Exton, opp Church Lane 13:41
Meonstoke Stocks Lane (SW-bound) 13:41
Meonstoke The Butts (S-bound) 13:42
Meonstoke Corhampton Park (S-bound) 13:42
Meonstoke Sheep Pond Lane (SW-bound) 13:44
Droxford Park Lane (S-bound) 13:45
Droxford South Hill (SW-bound) 13:45
Droxford Mayhill House (SW-bound) 13:45
Midlington, opp Mayhill Stud Farm 13:47
Hill Grove Hill Place Farm (SW-bound) 13:48
Hill Grove Hill Place Cottage (SW-bound) 13:49
Swanmore, opp Dodds Lane 13:50
Swanmore, opp St Barnabas Church 13:51
Swanmore, opp Recreation Ground 13:51
Swanmore, opp Technology College 13:53
Waltham Chase, adj Brickyard Road 13:54
Waltham Chase, nr Waltham Grange 13:54
Waltham Chase, opp Forest Gardens 13:55
Waltham Chase Curdridge Lane (N-bound) 13:55
Waltham Chase Clewers Lane (NW-bound) 13:56
Bishop’s Waltham Forest Farm (N-bound) 13:57
Bishop’s Waltham Coppice Hill (NW-bound) 13:59
Bishop’s Waltham, in The Square 14:01
Bishop’s Waltham, o/s Priory Court 14:02
Bishop’s Waltham, adj The Avenue 14:03
Bishop’s Waltham, nr Churchill Avenue 14:04
Bishop’s Waltham, opp Ashton Lane 14:05
Wintershill, opp Meadowview 14:05
Lower Upham, opp Wold Cottages 14:07
Lower Upham, nr Mortimers Lane 14:08
Lower Upham, opp Stroudwood Lane 14:08
Fair Oak, adj Bradshaw Close 14:10
Fair Oak, opp Hall Lands Lane 14:10
Fair Oak The Square (W-bound) 14:11
Fair Oak Dean Road (W-bound) 14:11
Fair Oak New Clock Inn (NW-bound) 14:12
Fair Oak Stoke Wood Surgery (NW-bound) 14:13
Bishopstoke, opp Mitre Copse 14:14
Bishopstoke, nr Alan Drayton Way 14:15
Bishopstoke, opp Manor Farm Close 14:16
Bishopstoke, adj The River Inn 14:17
Bishopstoke Recreation Ground (W-bound) 14:17
Eastleigh Dutton Lane (W-bound) 14:18
Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 14:20
Supported by Hampshire County Council

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