X17 - Blackpool Town Centre - Lytham (Saltcotes Road)

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport


Blackpool Town Centre - Lytham (Saltcotes Road)

Blackpool Market Street (Stop MA1) 07:25
Promenade Bank Hey Street (Stop 2) 07:27
Blackpool, opp Central Coach Station 07:28
Central, by Chapel Street 07:30
Central, by Gymnasium 07:31
Ansdell, opp Revoe School 07:32
Ansdell, by Condor Square 07:34
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 07:34
Ansdell, by Cunliffe Road 07:35
Spen Corner, by Brun Grove 07:36
Spen Corner (by) 07:38
Marton, opp Hemingway 07:38
Daggers Hall, opp Ellesmere Road 07:38
Daggers Hall, opp Powell Avenue 07:39
Highfield, by Pedders Lane 07:41
Hawes Side, opp Burgess Avenue 07:41
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 07:42
Highfield, opp Hampshire Place 07:43
Highfield, by Willowbank Avenue 07:44
Highfield, by Squires Gate Lane 07:45
Boundary, by Ecclesgate Road 07:46
Boundary, o/s The Shovels 07:46
Borough Boundary (by) 07:48
St Annes, by Queensway Court 07:50
St Annes, by Kilnhouse Lane 07:51
St Annes, by Spring Gardens 07:52
St Annes, by Bowness Avenue 07:52
St Annes, by Formby Road 07:53
St Annes, by Leach Crescent 07:55
St Annes, by Dawson Road 07:56
St Annes, opp Co-op 07:57
St Annes, opp Grasmere Road 07:59
St Annes, opp Links Hotel 08:00
St Annes, by St David's Road North 08:01
St Annes, by Cross Street 08:02
St Annes, opp Fleet Street 08:02
St Annes, by Sandhurst Avenue 08:03
St Annes Road East (by) 08:04
St Annes Square (Stop 7) 08:06
St Annes Square (Stand 6) 08:07
St Annes, opp East Bank Road 08:07
St Annes, o/s St Thomas Church 08:08
St Annes, by York Road 08:09
St Annes, by Osborne Road 08:09
St Annes, opp Denford Avenue 08:10
St Annes, opp Queens Manor 08:11
St Annes, by Clifton Hospital 08:11
St Annes, opp King Edward VII School 08:12
Fairhaven, opp Eddington Road 08:12
Fairhaven, by Lake Road North 08:13
Fairhaven Hotel (opp) 08:14
Fairhaven, by South Footbridge 08:15
Fairhaven, opp Willows Ave 08:16
Lytham, opp Elms Ave 08:17
Lytham, opp Seafield Road 08:19
Lytham, opp Lowther Terrace 08:20
Lytham, o/s The County 08:21
Lytham Square (Stand 1) 08:22 14:50
Lytham, by Station Rd 08:23 14:51
Lytham, opp Brookfield Terrace 08:25 14:53
Lytham, opp The Glades 08:27 14:55
Lytham, opp The Glades 15:05
Saltcotes, opp Fairsnape Road 08:28 15:06
Saltcotes Road (by) 08:30 15:08

Lytham (Saltcotes Road) - Blackpool Town Centre

Saltcotes Road (by) 15:10
Lytham, by Wordsworth Avenue 15:11
Lytham, by South St 15:11
Lytham Hospital (by) 15:12
Lytham, by Grosvenor Street 15:13
Lytham, by St John's Street 15:14
Lytham, opp Station Rd 15:15
Lytham Square (Stand 2) 15:17
Lytham, opp The County 15:17
Lytham, by Lowther Terrace 15:18
Lytham, by Seafield Road 15:20
Lytham, by Eden Ave 15:20
Fairhaven, by Willows Ave 15:21
Fairhaven, opp South Footbridge 15:22
Fairhaven Hotel (o/s) 15:24
Fairhaven, opp Lake Road North 15:25
Fairhaven, by Eddington Road 15:25
St Annes, o/s King Edward VII School 15:26
St Annes, o/s Queen's Manor 15:27
St Annes, by Denford Avenue 15:28
St Annes, opp Osborne Road 15:29
St Annes, opp York Road 15:29
St Annes, o/s Library 15:30
St Annes, by East Bank Road 15:31
St Annes, by Wood Street 15:31
St Annes Square (Stop 3) 15:31
St Annes Square (Stand 2) 15:32
St Annes, by North Crescent 15:33
St Annes, opp Sandhurst Avenue 15:34
St Annes, by Fleet Street 15:35
St Annes, opp Cross Street 15:35
St Annes, by Kendal Road 15:36
St Annes, by Links Hotel 15:37
St Annes, by Grasmere Road 15:38
St Annes, by Highbury Road 15:39
St Annes, opp Dawson Road 15:40
St Annes, opp Leach Crescent 15:41
St Annes, by Blackpool Road North 15:41
St Annes, adj Bowness Avenue 15:43
St Annes, opp Spring Gardens 15:44
St Annes, opp Kilnhouse Lane 15:44
St Annes, by Meadowcroft 15:45
St Annes, opp Queensway Court 15:45
Borough Boundary (by) 15:50
Boundary, opp The Shovels 15:51
Boundary, opp Fishers Lane 15:52
Highfield, by Squires Gate Lane 15:53
Highfield, o/s Our Lady Church 15:53
Highfield, by Hampshire Place 15:54
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 15:55
Hawes Side, by Burgess Avenue 15:55
Highfield, by Pedders Lane 15:56
Daggers Hall, by Watson Road 15:57
Daggers Hall, by Ellesmere Road 15:58
Hawes Side, by Hemingway 15:59
Spen Corner (by) 16:00
Ansdell, opp Cunliffe Road 16:01
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 16:02
Ansdell, by Condor Square 16:04
Ansdell, o/s Revoe School 16:05
Central, by Gymnasium 16:06
Central, by Princess Street 16:07
Central, by Chapel Street 16:08
Promenade, by New Bonny Street 16:11
Promenade (Stop 4) 16:12
Blackpool Market Street (Stop MA1) 16:15

Timetable data from Blackpool Transport, 16 April 2021

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