X2 - Huntingdon - Cambridge rail station

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Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Huntingdon to Cambridge rail station

Huntingdon Bus Station (Bay 4) 07:0509:35
Huntingdon, opp Wood Street 07:0609:36
Godmanchester Park Lane (near) 07:1009:40
Godmanchester Church Place (near) 07:1109:40
Godmanchester, opp Silver Street 07:1209:41
Godmanchester London Road (o/s 23) 07:1309:42
Godmanchester, opp Sweetings Road 07:1309:43
Godmanchester, opp Lions Cross 07:1409:43
Godmanchester, opp Dovehouse Close 07:1509:44
Godmanchester, opp Meadow Way 07:1609:45
Godmanchester Sursham Avenue (near) 07:2009:48
Godmanchester Baumgartner (near) 07:2109:49
Lattenbury Hill Wood Green Animal Shelter (near) 07:2309:51
Papworth Everard Wood Lane (near) 07:2909:59
Papworth Everard, opp Elm Way 07:3010:00
Papworth Everard, o/s Papworth Hospital 07:3210:01
Papworth Everard Ermine Street (S-bound) 07:3410:03
Caxton Gibbet St Neots Road (near) 07:3910:05
Lower Cambourne Woodfield Lane (near) 07:4610:08
Lower Cambourne Apley Way (near) 07:4710:08
Lower Cambourne Oaks Wood (near) 07:4810:09
Cambourne, opp Monkfield Park Primary School 07:4910:10
Cambourne, opp De La Warr Way 07:5110:11
Cambourne Business Park (near) 07:5110:11
Coton, opp Inglewood 08:0310:18
Coton, o/s American Cemetery 08:0510:19
Coton, opp Cambridge Road 08:1010:21
Trumpington Glebe Farm Drive (near) 08:2810:30
Trumpington Hobson Avenue (near) 08:2910:31
Trumpington Whittle Avenue (near) 08:3010:33
Addenbrooke’s, opp Dame Mary Archer Way 08:3510:38
Addenbrooke’s, o/s Hospital Outpatients 08:3810:41
Addenbrooke’s Puddicombe Way (near) 08:4010:43
Cambridge, o/s Long Rd 6th Form Coll 08:4110:44
Cambridge, opp Robinson Way 08:4110:44
Cambridge Long Road (near) 08:4410:45
Cambridge Perse School (near) 08:4510:46
Cambridge, opp Blinco Grove 08:4710:47
Cambridge, o/s Hills Rd 6th Form Col 08:4810:48
Cambridge Railway Station (Stop 8) 08:5310:51

Cambridge rail station to Huntingdon

Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 3) 15:50
Cambridge, opp Downing College 15:53
Cambridge, adj St Paul's Road 15:55
Cambridge Hills Road (near) 15:57
Cambridge Railway Station (Stop 2) 12:1216:00
Cambridge, opp Hills Rd 6th Form Col 12:1416:05
Cambridge Blinco Grove (near) 12:1516:08
Cambridge, opp Perse School 12:1716:11
Cambridge Robinson Way (near) 12:1916:15
Cambridge, opp Long Rd 6th Form Coll 12:2016:17
Addenbrooke’s Rosie Maternity Unit (Stop F) 12:2316:20
Addenbrooke’s Dame Mary Archer Way (near) 12:2316:20
Trumpington, opp Whittle Avenue 12:2716:24
Trumpington, opp Hobson Avenue 12:2816:26
Trumpington, opp Glebe Farm Drive 12:3016:28
Coton Cambridge Road (near) 12:3816:44
Coton, opp American Cemetery 12:4216:50
Coton Inglewood (near) 12:4216:50
Cambourne, opp Business Park 12:5016:58
Cambourne De La Warr Way (near) 12:5116:59
Cambourne Monkfield Park Primary School (near) 12:5116:59
Cambourne, opp Oaks Wood 12:5217:00
Lower Cambourne, opp Apley Way 12:5317:01
Lower Cambourne, opp Woodfield Lane 12:5417:02
Caxton Gibbet, opp St Neots Road 12:5817:06
Papworth Everard Ermine Street (N-bound) 13:0117:10
Papworth Everard, opp Papworth Hospital 13:0117:11
Papworth Everard Elm Way (near) 13:0217:12
Papworth Everard, opp Wood Lane 13:0417:14
Lattenbury Hill, opp Wood Green Animal Shelter 13:1017:20
Godmanchester, opp Baumgartner 13:1217:22
Godmanchester, opp Sursham Avenue 13:1217:22
Godmanchester Meadow Way (near) 13:1617:26
Godmanchester, opp York Close 13:1617:26
Godmanchester, opp Fairey Avenue 13:1717:27
Godmanchester Windsor Road (near) 13:1717:27
Godmanchester Dovehouse Close (near) 13:1817:28
Godmanchester Lions Cross (near) 13:1817:28
Godmanchester Sweetings Road (near) 13:1917:29
Godmanchester London Road (o/s 14) 13:1917:29
Godmanchester Silver Street (near) 13:2017:30
Godmanchester, opp Church Place 13:2117:31
Godmanchester, opp Park Lane 13:2217:32
Huntingdon Bus Station (Bay 7) 13:2517:35
Huntingdon Millfield Park (near) 13:27
Hinchingbrooke Park Playing Field (near) 13:28
Hinchingbrooke Park Snowdonia Way (near) 13:30
Hinchingbrooke Park, o/s Hinchingbrooke Hospital 13:32

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