X3 - Eastington - Stonehouse - The Stanleys - Frocester - Rednock School

A bus service operated by Taylors Travel


Monday to Friday, not Gloucestershire School Holidays

Eastington - Stonehouse - The Stanleys - Frocester - Rednock School

Eastington, by Alkerton Cross 07:30
Eastington, opp Old Badger Inn 07:30
Eastington, opp Springhill House 07:31
Eastington, before Pike Bridge 07:31
Nastend Lane (by) 07:32
Stonehouse, by Newtown 07:33
Stonehouse, opp Skf Works 07:33
Stonehouse, adj Dairy Crest 07:34
Stonehouse, nr Oldends Lane 07:35
Stonehouse, after Ryelands Road 07:38
Stonehouse, opp The Elms 07:39
Stonehouse, o/s Medical Centre 07:41
Stonehouse, opp Elgin Mall 07:41
Stonehouse Pearcroft Road (corner of) 07:41
King’s Stanley, after Ebley Bypass 07:43
King’s Stanley, opp Stanley Mills 07:43
King’s Stanley, by Elmlea Road 07:44
King’s Stanley, nr High Street North 07:45
King’s Stanley, after Bathleaze 07:46
Leonard Stanley, after Primary School 07:48
Leonard Stanley, nr Grange Farm 07:49
Leonard Stanley, opp St Swithun's Church 07:50
Leonard Stanley, opp Wesley Road 07:50
Leonard Stanley, opp Seven Waters 07:51
Frocester, opp Walnut Tree Cottage 07:52
Frocester, by Yew Tree Cottages 07:53
Frocester, by The George Inn 07:55
Frocester, by Broadmead 07:56
Eastington, by Sylvern 07:57
Eastington, opp Middle Street 07:58
Eastington, after Swallow Croft 07:59
Eastington, on Alkerton Cross 08:00
Claypits, by Puddleworth Turn 08:00
Claypits, before Hilltop Garage 08:01
Cambridge, opp Park's Farm 08:02
Cambridge, by Wickster's Bridge 08:03
Cambridge, by Elm Farm 08:04
Cambridge, after Ryalls Lane 08:05
Cambridge, opp The Rose Cottage 08:06
Slimbridge, by Wisloe Road 08:08
Draycott, by Coaley Junction 08:11
Draycott Business Park (before) 08:13
Draycott Crescent (opp) 08:14
Lower Cam, opp Jubilee Tree 08:16
Lower Cam Fairmead (corner of) 08:17
Tilsdown, after Cam Pitch 08:19
Tilsdown, after Orchard Rise 08:21
Kingshill, after Police Station & Courts 08:22
Kingshill, after Fire Station 08:23
Dursley, in Rednock School Grounds 08:25

Rednock School - Frocester - The Stanleys - Stonehouse - Eastington

Dursley, in Rednock School Grounds 15:10
Kingshill, opp Fire Station 15:10
Kingshill, before Police Station & Courts 15:11
Tilsdown, before Orchard Rise 15:11
Tilsdown, before Cam Pitch 15:12
Lower Cam, after Fairmead 15:13
Lower Cam, by Jubilee Tree 15:14
Draycott Crescent (before) 15:14
Draycott Business Park (after) 15:15
Draycott, opp Coaley Junction 15:16
Slimbridge, opp Wisloe Road 15:18
Slimbridge, after Crossroads 15:18
Cambridge, by Homeleigh 15:19
Cambridge, before Ryalls Lane 15:20
Cambridge, opp Elm Farm 15:20
Cambridge, opp Wickster's Bridge 15:21
Cambridge, by Park's Farm 15:22
Claypits, opp Hilltop Garage 15:23
Claypits, opp Puddleworth Turn 15:24
Eastington, by Alkerton Cross 15:25
Eastington, before Swallow Croft 15:25
Eastington, by Middle Street 15:26
Eastington, opp Sylvern 15:27
Frocester, opp Broadmead 15:28
Frocester, opp The George Inn 15:30
Frocester, opp Yew Tree Cottages 15:31
Frocester, by Walnut Tree Cottage 15:33
Leonard Stanley, o/s Seven Waters 15:35
Leonard Stanley, by Wesley Road 15:36
Leonard Stanley, opp St Swithun's Church 15:37
Leonard Stanley, by Grange Farm 15:37
Leonard Stanley, before Primary School 15:38
King’s Stanley, before Bathleaze 15:39
King’s Stanley, by High Street South 15:40
King’s Stanley, opp King's Head 15:40
King’s Stanley, opp Elmlea Road 15:40
King’s Stanley, by Stanley Mills 15:41
King’s Stanley, before Ebley Bypass 15:42
Stonehouse, by Wycliffe College 15:43
Stonehouse, opp Post Office 15:43
Stonehouse, opp Globe Inn 15:44
Stonehouse, by The Elms 15:46
Stonehouse, before Ryelands Road 15:46
Stonehouse, before Oldends Lane 15:47
Stonehouse, opp Dairy Crest 15:49
Stonehouse, o/s Skf Works 15:50
Stonehouse, nr Newtown 15:50
Nastend Lane (opp) 15:51
Eastington, after Pike Bridge 15:52
Eastington, nr Springhill House 15:53
Eastington, by Old Badger Inn 15:54
Eastington, on Alkerton Cross 15:55

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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