X52 - Weymouth King's Statue - Bridport Bus Station

Operated by First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset

Weymouth King's Statue - Bridport Bus Station

Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K6) 09:1513:11
Weymouth Railway Station (NE-bound) 09:2211:1813:1815:1817:18
Westham Holland Road (W-bound) 09:2511:2113:2115:2217:22
Westham Holly Road (W-bound) 09:2611:2213:2315:2317:23
Westham Cromwell Road (W-bound) 09:2711:2313:2415:2417:24
Westham The Adelaide (W-bound) 09:2711:2313:2415:2417:25
Westham Dennis Road (S-bound) 09:2811:2413:2515:2517:26
Westham Quibo Lane (W-bound) 09:2911:2513:2615:2617:27
Lanehouse Fiveways (W-bound) 09:3111:2713:2815:2817:30
Lanehouse Marquis of Granby (W-bound) 09:3211:2813:2915:2917:31
Charlestown Budmouth School (W-bound) 09:3411:3013:3015:3117:33
Charlestown Army Camp (N-bound) 09:3511:3113:3115:3117:33
Chickerell Glennie Way (N-bound) 09:3611:3213:3315:3317:35
Chickerell, opp Dental Surgery 09:3711:3313:3315:3317:35
Chickerell, opp Meadow Close 09:3811:3413:3415:3417:36
Chickerell Courage Way (NW-bound) 09:3911:3513:3515:3517:37
Langton Herring Knights in the Bottom (NW-bound) 09:4111:3713:3715:3717:38
Portesham, opp Kings Arms 09:4611:4213:4315:4317:44
Portesham, opp Village Hall 09:4711:4313:4415:4417:45
Abbotsbury Swan Inn (W-bound) 09:5111:4713:4715:4717:49
Abbotsbury Ilchester Arms (NW-bound) 09:5311:4913:4915:4917:50
Abbotsbury West Street (W-bound) 09:5511:5113:5215:5117:52
East Bexington Abbotsbury Hill (W-bound) 09:5911:5513:5515:5517:56
Swyre, opp The Lemon Tree 10:0311:5914:0015:5918:01
Burton Bradstock Cogden Beach (W-bound) 10:0712:0314:0316:0318:04
Burton Bradstock Hive Beach (NW-bound) 10:0912:0514:0516:0518:06
Burton Bradstock The Garage (W-bound) 10:0912:0514:0616:0518:06
Burton Bradstock Three Horseshoes (N-bound) 10:1112:0714:0716:0718:08
West Bay Freshwater Caravan Park (W-bound) 10:1512:1114:1116:1018:11
West Bay Marsh Barn Farm (W-bound) 10:1512:1114:1216:1118:12
West Bay The George (S-bound) 10:1912:1514:1716:1618:16
West Bay Meadowlands (N-bound) 10:2112:1714:1916:1818:17
Bridport Opposite Roundham Gardens (N-bound) 10:2212:1814:2016:1918:18
Bridport The Crown Inn (N-bound) 10:2312:1914:2016:2018:19
Bothenhampton Hollow Way (N-bound) 10:2412:2014:2116:2118:19
Bothenhampton Pasture Way (N-bound) 10:2512:2114:2216:2218:20
Bridport East Bridge (W-bound) 10:2612:2214:2416:2418:22
Bridport Natwest Bank (W-bound) 10:3012:2614:2716:2718:23
Bridport Town Centre (W-bound) 10:3212:2814:3016:3018:25
Bridport Bus Station (Stop 1) 10:3512:3114:3316:3318:28

Bridport Bus Station - Weymouth King's Statue

Bridport Bus Station (Stop 1) 09:28
Bridport Town Centre (E-bound) 09:3211:3113:3115:3117:30
Bridport, opp Natwest Bank 09:3411:3313:3315:3317:32
Bridport East Street Bridge (E-bound) 09:3511:3413:3415:3417:33
Bothenhampton Pasture Way (S-bound) 09:3611:3613:3615:3617:34
Bothenhampton Hollow Way (S-bound) 09:3711:3813:3715:3717:35
Bridport Roundham Gardens (S-bound) 09:3811:3913:3815:3817:36
West Bay Meadowlands (S-bound) 09:3911:4013:3915:4017:37
West Bay The George (S-bound) 09:4311:4513:4415:4417:42
West Bay Marsh Barn Farm (E-bound) 09:4611:4813:4815:4717:45
West Bay Freshwater Caravan Park (SE-bound) 09:4811:4913:4915:4817:46
Burton Bradstock Anchor Inn (SE-bound) 09:5111:5313:5315:5117:49
Burton Bradstock Hive Beach (SE-bound) 09:5411:5513:5515:5317:51
Burton Bradstock Cogden Beach (E-bound) 09:5611:5713:5715:5517:53
Swyre The Lemon Tree (SE-bound) 10:0012:0114:0015:5917:57
East Bexington Abbotsbury Hill (E-bound) 10:0412:0514:0516:0418:02
Abbotsbury West Street (E-bound) 10:0612:0714:0716:0618:04
Abbotsbury Ilchester Arms (SE-bound) 10:0912:1014:1016:0918:06
Abbotsbury Swan Inn (E-bound) 10:1112:1214:1216:1018:08
Portesham Village Hall (NE-bound) 10:1412:1514:1516:1318:11
Portesham Kings Arms (SE-bound) 10:1612:1614:1616:1418:12
Langton Herring, opp Knights in the Bottom 10:2212:2214:2216:1918:18
Chickerell Courage Way (SE-bound) 10:2412:2414:2316:2118:19
Chickerell Meadow Close (SE-bound) 10:2512:2514:2516:2218:20
Chickerell Dental Surgery (SE-bound) 10:2512:2614:2516:2218:20
Chickerell Elziver Close (S-bound) 10:2612:2614:2516:2318:21
Charlestown Army Camp (SE-bound) 10:2712:2714:2716:2418:23
Charlestown The Alex (E-bound) 10:2812:2814:2816:2518:23
Lanehouse Marquis of Granby (E-bound) 10:2912:3014:2916:2718:25
Lanehouse Fiveways (E-bound) 10:3012:3014:3016:2818:26
Lanehouse Fiveways (E-bound) 10:3112:3214:3216:2918:27
Westham Quibo Lane (E-bound) 10:3212:3214:3216:3018:27
Westham Dennis Road (N-bound) 10:3212:3314:3316:3018:28
Westham The Adelaide (E-bound) 10:3412:3414:3416:3118:29
Westham Cromwell Road (E-bound) 10:3412:3514:3416:3218:30
Westham Holland Road (E-bound) 10:3512:3614:3616:3318:31
Weymouth Bus Garage (S-bound) 10:3912:3914:3916:3618:34
Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K6) 10:4412:4514:4516:4218:39

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