X54 - Weymouth King's Statue - Wool Station - Poole Bus Station

A bus service operated by First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset

Weymouth King's Statue - Wool Station - Poole Bus Station

Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K5) 07:1009:43
Weymouth Prince Regent Hotel (N-bound) 07:1409:4712:0217:07
Melcombe Regis Greenhill Gardens (NE-bound) 07:1509:4812:0317:08
Melcombe Regis Melcombe Avenue (NE-bound) 07:1609:4912:0417:09
Melcombe Regis Sealife Centre (NE-bound) 07:1709:5012:0517:10
Overcombe Corner (opp) 07:2009:5312:0817:13
Overcombe Sunningdale Rise (N-bound) 07:2109:5412:0917:14
Preston Chalbury Corner (NE-bound) 07:2309:5612:1117:16
Preston Cedar Drive (NE-bound) 07:2309:5612:1117:16
Preston Weymouth Bay Holiday Park (E-bound) 07:2409:5712:1217:17
Preston The Spice Ship (E-bound) 07:2509:5812:1317:18
Osmington Shortlake Lane (E-bound) 07:2910:0212:1717:22
Osmington Chapel Lane (E-bound) 07:3010:0312:1817:23
Osmington Garage (NE-bound) 07:3110:0412:1917:24
Warmwell Poxwell (N-bound) 07:3310:0612:2117:26
Warmwell Cross (N-bound) 07:3510:0812:2317:28
Owermoigne Kit Lane (E-bound) 07:3810:1112:2617:31
Portway The Red Lion (S-bound) 07:4410:1712:3217:37
Winfrith Newburgh, opp Post Office 07:4510:1812:3317:38
Winfrith Newburgh Pigeon Close (SW-bound) 07:4610:1912:3417:39
West Lulworth Durdle Door Park Entrance (E-bound) 07:5310:2612:4117:46
Lulworth Cove (NE-bound) 07:5710:3012:4517:50
West Lulworth War Memorial (E-bound) 08:0410:3712:5217:57
West Lulworth Castle Inn (NE-bound) 08:0510:3812:5317:58
Lulworth Camp (N-bound) 08:0710:4012:5518:00
Coombe Keynes Turn (NE-bound) 08:1210:4513:0018:05
Wool, opp Primary School 08:1610:4913:0418:09
Wool Station (E-bound) 08:1710:5013:0518:10
Wool Bridge (N-bound) 08:2010:5313:0818:13
East Stoke Church (E-bound) 08:2610:5813:1318:18
East Stoke Middlefield (E-bound) 08:2710:5913:1418:19
Holmebridge Sunnydown (E-bound) 08:2911:0213:1718:22
Wareham Purbeck School & Leisure Centre (E-bound) 08:3311:0513:2018:25
Wareham Purbeck School Grounds (W-bound) 08:33
Wareham Police Station (E-bound) 08:3611:0613:2118:26
Wareham Red Lion (N-bound) 08:3911:0713:2218:27
Wareham North Causeway (N-bound) 08:4011:0813:2318:28
Wareham Station (NW-bound) 08:4311:1113:2618:31
Northport Wareham Golf Club (NE-bound) 08:4411:1213:27
Northport Morden Road (NE-bound) 08:4511:1313:28
Sandford Hotel (NE-bound) 08:4611:1413:29
Sandford Terrace (NE-bound) 08:4611:1413:29
Sandford Garage (opp) 08:4711:1513:30
Sandford Primary School (NE-bound) 08:4711:1513:30
Sandford Home Farm (NE-bound) 08:4811:1613:31
Sandford Drive (NE-bound) 08:4911:1713:32
Sandford Holton Heath (NE-bound) 08:5011:1813:33
Sandford Blackhill Road Way (E-bound) 08:5111:1913:34
Organford Holton Heath Garage (NE-bound) 08:5111:1913:34
Lytchett Minster Romany Centre (NE-bound) 08:5211:2013:35
Lytchett Minster Bakers Arms (E-bound) 08:5411:2213:37
Lytchett Minster Post Green Road (E-bound) 08:5411:2213:37
Lytchett Minster St. Peters Finger (NE-bound) 08:5511:2313:38
Lytchett Minster South Lytchett Manor (NE-bound) 08:5711:2513:40
Upton Beacon Park Road (E-bound) 08:5811:2613:41
Upton British Legion (E-bound) 08:5911:2713:42
Upton Roberts Way (E-bound) 08:5911:2713:42
Upton Triangle Shops (E-bound) 09:0011:2813:43
Upton Community Centre (SE-bound) 09:0111:2913:44
Upton Pine View Close (SE-bound) 09:0111:2913:44
Turlin Moor Sandy Lane (SE-bound) 09:0211:3013:45
Turlin Moor Willow Close (SE-bound) 09:0311:3113:46
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Recreation Ground (SE-bound) 09:0411:3213:47
Hamworthy Fire Station (SE-bound) 09:0511:3313:48
Hamworthy Dawkins Road (SE-bound) 09:0511:3313:48
Hamworthy Red Lion (S-bound) 09:0611:3413:49
Lake, opp Burngate Road 09:0711:3513:50
Lake Hamworthy Co-op (SE-bound) 09:0811:3613:51
Lower Hamworthy Ashmore Avenue (E-bound) 09:0911:3713:52
Lower Hamworthy Rigler Road (NE-bound) 09:1011:3813:53
Poole Terrace Row (NE-bound) 09:1411:4213:57
Poole, opp St Aubyns Court 09:1511:4313:58
Poole Old Orchard (SE-bound) 09:1611:4413:59
Poole Dolphin Quays (S-bound) 09:1611:4413:59
Poole Quay Hotel (E-bound) 09:1711:4514:00
Poole Ballard Close (NE-bound) 09:1811:4614:01
Poole Lander Close (N-bound) 09:1911:4714:02
Poole Quarter (N-bound) 09:2011:4814:03
Poole Bus Station (Stand F) 09:2211:5014:05

Poole Bus Station - Wool Station - Weymouth King's Statue

Poole Bus Station (Stand F) 09:4512:0514:17
Poole Old Library (S-bound) 09:4712:0714:19
Poole, opp Citizens Advice Bureau 09:4812:0814:20
Poole Nelson Court (SW-bound) 09:4812:0814:20
Poole Old Orchard (NW-bound) 09:4912:0914:21
Poole St Aubyns Court (NW-bound) 09:5012:1014:22
Poole Queen Mary (S-bound) 09:5012:1014:22
Lower Hamworthy Rigler Road (SW-bound) 09:5412:1414:26
Lower Hamworthy Ashmore Avenue (W-bound) 09:5512:1514:27
Lake Hamworthy Liberal Club (NW-bound) 09:5612:1614:28
Lake The Rectory (NW-bound) 09:5712:1714:29
Hamworthy Red Lion (N-bound) 09:5812:1814:30
Hamworthy Dawkins Road (NW-bound) 09:5912:1914:31
Hamworthy Fire Station (NW-bound) 09:5912:1914:31
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Recreation Ground (NW-bound) 10:0112:2114:33
Turlin Moor Sandy Lane (NW-bound) 10:0112:2114:33
Turlin Moor Old Bound Road (N-bound) 10:0212:2214:34
Upton Pine View Close (NW-bound) 10:0312:2314:35
Upton The Bakery (NW-bound) 10:0312:2314:35
Upton, opp Triangle Shops 10:0412:2414:36
Upton, opp Roberts Way 10:0512:2514:37
Upton Beacon Park Road (W-bound) 10:0612:2614:38
Lytchett Minster South Lytchett Manor (SW-bound) 10:0712:2714:39
Lytchett Minster St. Peters Finger (SW-bound) 10:0912:2914:41
Lytchett Minster Post Green Road (W-bound) 10:1012:3014:42
Lytchett Minster Bakers Arms (W-bound) 10:1012:3014:42
Lytchett Minster Romany Centre (SW-bound) 10:1112:3114:43
Organford, opp Holton Heath Garage 10:1212:3214:44
Sandford Holton Heath (SW-bound) 10:1312:3314:45
Sandford Drive (SW-bound) 10:1512:3514:47
Sandford Home Farm (SW-bound) 10:1512:3514:47
Sandford, opp Primary School 10:1612:3614:48
Sandford Garage (SW-bound) 10:1712:3714:49
Sandford Terrace (SW-bound) 10:1712:3714:49
Sandford Hotel (SW-bound) 10:1812:3814:50
Northport Wareham Golf Club (SW-bound) 10:1912:3914:51
Wareham Station (NW-bound) 10:2012:4014:5218:40
Wareham North Causeway (S-bound) 10:2312:4314:5518:43
Wareham Dollins Lane (SE-bound) 10:2312:4314:5518:43
Wareham, o/s Post Office 10:2412:4414:5618:44
Wareham Police Station (W-bound) 10:2512:4515:0118:45
Wareham Purbeck School Grounds (W-bound) 15:06
Wareham Purbeck School & Leisure Centre (W-bound) 10:2612:4615:0618:46
Holmebridge Sunnydown (W-bound) 10:2912:4915:0918:49
East Stoke Opposite Middlefield (W-bound) 10:3112:5115:1118:51
East Stoke Church (W-bound) 10:3212:5215:1218:51
Wool Bridge (S-bound) 10:3712:5715:1718:56
Wool Station (E-bound) 10:3712:5715:1718:56
Wool The Cross (S-bound) 10:4113:0115:2118:59
Wool Primary School (S-bound) 10:4113:0115:2118:59
Coombe Keynes Turn (SW-bound) 10:4413:0415:2419:02
Lulworth Camp (S-bound) 10:4913:0915:2919:07
West Lulworth Castle Inn (SW-bound) 10:5113:1115:3119:09
West Lulworth War Memorial (W-bound) 10:5213:1215:3219:10
Lulworth Cove (NE-bound) 10:5613:1615:3619:13
West Lulworth Durdle Door Park Entrance (W-bound) 11:0313:2315:4319:18
Winfrith Newburgh Pigeon Close (NE-bound) 11:1013:3015:5019:25
Winfrith Newburgh Post Office (NW-bound) 11:1113:3115:5119:26
Portway The Red Lion (SW-bound) 11:1213:3215:5219:27
Owermoigne Kit Lane (W-bound) 11:1813:3815:5819:33
Warmwell Cross (S-bound) 11:2113:4116:0119:36
Warmwell Poxwell (S-bound) 11:2313:4316:0319:38
Osmington Garage (SW-bound) 11:2513:4516:0519:40
Osmington Chapel Lane (SW-bound) 11:2613:4616:0619:41
Osmington, opp Shortlake Lane 11:2613:4616:0619:41
Preston The Spice Ship (W-bound) 11:3013:5016:1119:45
Preston Fisherbridge (SW-bound) 11:3013:5016:1119:45
Preston Weymouth Bay Holiday Park (W-bound) 11:3113:5116:1219:46
Preston Chalbury Corner (SW-bound) 11:3213:5216:1319:47
Overcombe Sunningdale Rise (S-bound) 11:3313:5316:1419:48
Overcombe Corner (S-bound) 11:3413:5416:1519:49
Melcombe Regis Sealife Centre (SW-bound) 11:3713:5716:1819:51
Melcombe Regis Melcombe Avenue (SW-bound) 11:3713:5716:1819:52
Melcombe Regis Greenhill Gardens (SW-bound) 11:3813:5816:1919:52
Weymouth Lennox Street (S-bound) 11:3913:5916:2019:53
Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K5) 11:4014:0016:2119:54

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