X7 - Hade Edge - Huddersfield

A bus service operated by Stotts Coaches


Hade Edge Dunford Road Greave Rd (stop) 07:33
Hade Edge Dunford Road Bay Horse PH (stop) 07:33
Hade Edge Penistone Road 07:33
Hade Edge Penistone Road 07:34
Hade Edge, after Scholes Moor Rd Penistone Rd 07:35
Hade Edge Scholes Moor Road 07:35
Hade Edge, at Scholes Moor Rd Dyson Lane 07:36
Scholes Moor Rd Cross Lane (before) 07:37
Scholes Moor Rd Cross Lane (stop) 07:37
Scholes Moor Road The Heights 07:38
Scholes, adj Moorlands 07:38
Scholes Moor Road (N-bound) 07:38
Scholes Moor Road Sandy Gate (stop) 07:38
Scholes, after Chapelgate Paris Rd 07:39
Scholes, before Chapelgate White Wells Rd 07:39
Hepworth, on Dean Bridge Lane 07:41
Hepworth Butt Ln Carr View Road (stop) 07:42
Hepworth Rd Butt Lane Bridge 07:43
Jackson Bridge, before The White Horse PH 07:43
Jackson Bridge Sheffield Rd Mearhouse Terrace (stop) 07:44
New Mill Sheffield Rd Butterley Lane 07:45
New Mill Sheffield Rd Spring Lane 07:46
New Mill Sheffield Road Spring Wood (stop) 07:47
New Mill Sheffield Road Water Hall Court 07:48
New Mill, adj Holmfirth Road Greenhill Bank Rd 07:49
New Mill, at Holmfirth Rd Moorcroft Park Dr 07:49
Wooldale, adj Holmfirth Rd Kirkroyds Lane 07:50
Wooldale, adj New Mill Rd Bromley Avenue 07:51
Wooldale New Mill Rd Robert Lane 07:52
Thongsbridge Springwood Rd Luke Lane 07:53
Thongsbridge, adj Luke Lane Elm Ave 07:54
Thongsbridge Luke Lane Mytholm Bridge 07:56
Brockholes, at New Mill Rd Lancaster Lane 07:58
New Mill Rd Brockholes Lane (opp) 07:59
Brockholes New Mill Rd Smithy Place Ln 08:00
Brockholes New Mill Road Cliff Wood (N-bound) 08:02
Honley New Mill Road Forrester's Buildings (N-bound) 08:02
Honley New Mill Road Neiley Playing Fields 08:03
Honley New Mill Rd Station Road 08:04
Honley Huddersfield Rd Woodhead Road 08:05
Honley, adj Huddersfield Rd Reins Terrace 08:06s
Honley Huddersfield Rd Hanging Stone Road 08:07s
Berry Brow Parkgate Holme Park Court 08:09s
Berry Brow Parkgate Waingate 08:09s
Berry Brow Woodhead Rd Station Lane 08:09s
Taylor Hill Dodd Royd (stop) 08:10s
Taylor Hill Woodhead Rd Rail Bridge 08:11s
Lockwood Woodhead Rd Taylor Hill Road 08:11s
Lockwood, at Bridge Street Waterside 08:12s
Lockwood Rd Swan Lane 08:12s
Lockwood Rd Mount Street (adj) 08:14s
Lockwood Rd St Stephen Road 08:14s
Lockwood Rd Albert Street 08:17s
Huddersfield, opp Chapel Hill Colne Road 08:21s
Huddersfield Bus Station stand K 08:25

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Stotts Coaches