X74 - Jedburgh - Newcastle upon Tyne

A bus service operated by Peter Hogg of Jedburgh

Jedburgh - Newcastle upon Tyne

Jedburgh Bus Station (At) 06:2310:1315:13
Ferniehirst, opp Lodge 06:2610:1615:16
Ferniehirst, at Mill Rd End 06:2710:1715:17
Mossburnford Jedforest Hotel (near) 06:2910:1915:19
Camptown, at Cottages 06:3310:2315:23
Edgerston, opp Church 06:3410:2415:24
Edgerston, opp Letham Rd End 06:3510:2515:25
Ramshope Carter Bar summit (southbound) 06:3910:2915:29
Ramshope Whitelee Farm (near) 06:4210:3215:32
Ramshope, adj Boathouse Cottage 06:4410:3415:34
Catcleugh, opp Reservoir Cottages 06:4510:3515:35
Byrness, opp Village Road 06:4710:3715:37
Byrness Hotel (o/s) 06:4710:3715:37
Byrness Cottonshopeburnfoot (southbound) 06:4810:3815:38
Rochester Redesdale Camp (near) 06:5310:4315:43
Rochester, adj Redewater View 06:5410:4415:44
Rochester, adj Holy Trinity Church 06:5510:4515:45
Rochester, o/s Redesdale Arms Hotel 06:5510:4515:45
Rochester Bennettsfield (near) 06:5710:4715:47
Otterburn Elishaw (southbound) 06:5710:4715:47
Otterburn Greenchesters (southbound) 07:0010:5015:50
Otterburn, o/s First School 07:0010:5015:50
Otterburn, opp Percy Arms 07:0210:5215:52
Otterburn, o/s Border Reiver 07:0210:5215:52
Monkridge Hall (sb) 07:0310:5315:53
Monkridge, opp Road End 07:0410:5415:54
Raylees, adj Elsdon Road End 07:0510:5515:55
Elsdon, adj Blaxter Cottages 07:0710:5715:57
Elsdon Ottercops (southbound) 07:0810:5815:58
Knowesgate Hotel (sb) 07:1411:0416:04
Kirkwhelpington Road End (sb) 07:1511:0516:05
Harle Newhouses (southbound) 07:1611:0616:06
Capheaton, opp Road End 07:1911:0916:09
Harnham Buildings (opp) 07:2211:1216:12
Harnham Road End (near) 07:2311:1316:13
Belsay, o/s The Arcade 07:2611:1616:16
Belsay, adj Red House 07:2611:1616:16
Ogle, opp Nunhill Farm 07:2811:1816:18
Ogle, opp The Highlander 07:2911:1916:19
Milbourne, o/s Waggon Inn 07:3011:2016:20
Ponteland Ladywell Way (eastbound) 07:3511:2516:25
Ponteland Main Street (eb) 07:3611:2616:26
Ponteland Clickemin Bridge (near) 07:3611:2616:26
Ponteland, opp Cheviot View 07:3711:2716:27
Prestwick, opp Elm Road 07:3811:2816:28
Prestwick Road End (near) 07:3911:2916:29
Newcastle Airport Ponteland Road (SE-Bound) 07:4111:3116:31
Callerton Parkway Ponteland Rd-Hawthorn Cottage (SE-Bound) 07:4211:3216:32
Woolsington Ponteland Road-Bee Croft (SE-Bound) 07:4311:3316:33
Woolsington Ponteland Road - The Paddock (S-Bound) 07:4311:3316:33
Woolsington Ponteland Road-South Drive (SE-Bound) 07:4411:3416:34
Kenton Bank Foot Ponteland Road-Bullock Steads (SE-Bound) 07:4511:3516:35
Kenton Bank Foot (SE-Bound) 07:4511:3516:35
Kenton Bank Foot (SE-Bound) 07:4611:3616:36
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Hazeldene Avenue (S-Bound) 07:5011:3916:39
Kenton Bar Hazeldene Avenue-Apperley Avenue (N-Bound) 07:5011:3916:39
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Kenton Lane (S-Bound) 07:5111:4016:40
Kenton Bar Cowgate-Ponteland Road (S-Bound) 07:5211:4016:40
Cowgate Ponteland Road-Eastern Way (S-Bound) 07:5411:4216:42
Cowgate Ponteland Road-St Peters Church (SE-Bound) 07:5611:4316:43
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Rd-Claremont Pl (F) 07:5811:4416:44
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Road-Museum (D) 08:0111:4616:46
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge (S-Bound) 08:0411:4816:48
Newcastle upon Tyne Eldon Square Bus Station (H) 08:0811:5116:51

Newcastle upon Tyne - Jedburgh

Newcastle upon Tyne Eldon Square Bus Station (H) 08:2513:2517:35
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge (N-Bound) 08:2513:2517:35
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Road-University (C) 08:2613:2617:36
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Rd-Claremont Pl (NW-Bound) 08:2613:2617:36
Cowgate Jedburgh Road (W-Bound) 08:3113:3117:41
Cowgate Ponteland Road - Greenhill View (N-Bound) 08:3213:3217:42
Cowgate Ponteland Road-Springfield Road (NW-Bound) 08:3213:3217:42
Blakelaw Ponteland Road-Fuchsia Place (N-Bound) 08:3313:3317:43
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Antrim Close (N-Bound) 08:3513:3517:45
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - St Buryan Crescent (N-Bound) 08:3613:3617:46
Kenton Bank Foot (NW-Bound) 08:3913:3917:49
Kenton Bank Foot Ponteland Road-Bullock Steads (N-Bound) 08:3913:3917:49
Woolsington Ponteland Road-South Drive (W-Bound) 08:4013:4017:50
Woolsington Ponteland Road - Green Lane (N-Bound) 08:4013:4017:50
Woolsington Ponteland Road-Bee Croft (NW-Bound) 08:4113:4117:51
Callerton Parkway Ponteland Rd-Hawthorn Cottage (NW-Bound) 08:4213:4217:52
Ponteland Road - Newcastle Airport (NW-Bound) 08:4413:4417:54
Prestwick Road End (opp) 08:4513:4517:55
Prestwick, nr Elm Road 08:4613:4617:56
Ponteland Cheviot View (near) 08:4713:4717:57
Ponteland, adj Bell Villas 08:4813:4817:58
Ponteland Main Street (wb) 08:4913:4917:59
Ponteland Ladywell Way (westbound) 08:4913:4917:59
Milbourne, opp Waggon Inn 08:5413:5418:04
Ogle, adj The Highlander 08:5513:5518:05
Ogle, adj Nunhill Farm 08:5513:5518:05
Belsay, opp Red House 08:5813:5818:08
Belsay, opp The Arcade 08:5913:5918:09
Harnham, opp Road End 09:0114:0118:11
Harnham Buildings (adj) 09:0214:0218:12
Capheaton, adj Road End 09:0514:0518:15
Harle Newhouses (northbound) 09:0814:0818:18
Kirkwhelpington Road End (nb) 09:1014:1018:20
Knowesgate Hotel (nb) 09:1114:1118:21
Elsdon Ottercops (northbound) 09:1614:1618:26
Elsdon, opp Blaxter Cottages 09:1714:1718:27
Raylees, opp Elsdon road end 09:1914:1918:29
Monkridge, nr Road end 09:2014:2018:30
Monkridge Hall (nb) 09:2114:2118:31
Otterburn, opp Border Reiver 09:2214:2218:32
Otterburn, o/s Percy Arms 09:2314:2318:33
Otterburn Greenchesters (northbound) 09:2414:2418:34
Otterburn Elishaw (northbound) 09:2614:2618:36
Rochester, opp Bennettsfield 09:2714:2718:37
Rochester, opp Redesdale Arms Hotel 09:2914:2918:39
Rochester, opp Holy Trinity Church 09:2914:2918:39
Rochester, opp Redewater View 09:3114:3118:41
Rochester, opp Redesdale Camp 09:3114:3118:41
Byrness Cottonshopeburnfoot (northbound) 09:3514:3518:45
Byrness Hotel (opp) 09:3714:3718:47
Byrness, adj Village Road 09:3814:3818:48
Catcleugh, adj Reservoir Cottages 09:3914:3918:49
Ramshope, opp Boathouse Cottage 09:4014:4018:50
Ramshope, opp Whitelee Farm 09:4214:4218:52
Edgerston Carter Bar Layby (N-Bound) 09:4514:4518:55
Edgerston, at Letham Rd End 09:4914:4918:59
Edgerston Church (near) 09:5014:5019:00
Camptown, opp Cottages 09:5214:5219:02
Mossburnford, opp Jedforest Hotel 09:5514:5519:05
Ferniehirst, opp Mill Rd End 09:5714:5719:07
Ferniehirst, at Lodge 09:5814:5819:08
Jedburgh Bus Station (At) 10:0215:0219:12

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 16 April 2024

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