X79 - Irvine Cross, Irvine - Kilmarnock

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Irvine Cross, Irvine - Kilmarnock

Irvine, before Carron Place 06:34
Irvine, after Etive Place 06:34
Irvine, before Leven Place 06:35
Irvine, before Maree Place 06:36
Irvine, before Morar Place 06:36
Irvine, before Rannoch Place 06:37
Irvine, after Shiel Place 06:37
Irvine, opp Castlepark Community Centre 06:38
Irvine, opp Castlepark Crescent 06:38
Irvine, after Castlepark 06:39
Irvine, opp Sandy Road 06:39
Irvine, before Fleming Terrace 06:40
Irvine, before James Crescent 06:40
Irvine, opp Academy Gardens 06:41
Irvine, before East Road 06:44
Irvine, opp Ballot Road 06:45
Irvine, opp Galt Avenue 06:46
Irvine, after Clark Drive 06:47
Stanecastle Roundabout (before) 06:48
Stanecastle, after Middleton Road 06:50
Bourtreehill, opp Fencedyke School 06:52
Bourtreehill, before Towerlands Farm Road 06:52
Bourtreehill, opp Towerlands Farm Centre 06:53
Bourtreehill, opp Cairnsmore Way 06:53
Bourtreehill, opp Towerlands Gate 06:54
Bourtreehill, opp Blairdennon Way 06:54
Broomlands, opp Station Brae 06:55
Dreghorn, after Station Brae 06:57
Dreghorn Main Street (at 131) 06:57
Dreghorn, at Millbank Row 06:57
Dreghorn Main Street (opp 116) 06:58
Springside Terrace (at 12) 06:59
Springside, nr Station Road 06:59
Springside, nr Kirkland Terrace 06:59
Springside, nr Overtoun Road 07:00
Springside, opp Greenside Avenue 07:00
Crosshouse, after Paddock View 07:02
Crosshouse, after Fisher Way 07:04
Crosshouse, before Kilmaurs Road 07:04
Crosshouse, opp Playingfield Road 07:05
Crosshouse, after Woodbank Road 07:05
Bonnyton, opp Annandale Industrial Estate 07:08
Bonnyton Irvine Road (at 87) 07:09
Bonnyton, before Munro Avenue 07:09
Bonnyton, before Peace Avenue 07:10
Kilmarnock, before Fullarton Street 07:11
Kilmarnock, after North Hamilton Street 07:11
Kilmarnock, before Nelson Street 07:12
Kilmarnock, at Dunlop Street 07:13
Kilmarnock Bus Station (Stance) 07:15

Kilmarnock - Irvine Cross, Irvine

Kilmarnock Bus Station (Stance) 18:18
Kilmarnock, after Waterside Road 18:20
Kilmarnock, opp Fullarton Street 18:21
Bonnyton, opp Stevenston Street 18:22
Bonnyton, opp Munro Avenue 18:23
Bonnyton, opp Annanhill Avenue 18:23
Bonnyton, at Annandale Industrial Estate 18:24
Crosshouse, opp Woodbank Road 18:27
Crosshouse, opp Annandale Lane 18:28
Crosshouse, before Carmel Place 18:28
Crosshouse, opp Paddock View 18:30
Springside, at Greenside Avenue 18:32
Springside, opp Kirkland Terrace 18:33
Springside, opp Station Road 18:33
Springside, before Corsehill Terrace 18:34
Dreghorn Main Street (Outside 120) 18:35
Dreghorn, opp Millbank Row 18:36
Dreghorn Main Street (at 50) 18:36
Dreghorn, opp Station Brae 18:37
Broomlands Busway (before) 18:37
Bourtreehill, nr Blairdennon Way 18:38
Bourtreehill, at Towerlands Gate 18:38
Bourtreehill, nr Bencleuch Place 18:39
Bourtreehill, at Towerlands Farm Centre 18:39
Bourtreehill, opp Towerlands farm 18:39
Bourtreehill, before Fencedyke school 18:40
Stanecastle Cottage (at) 18:41
Stanecastle Roundabout (after) 18:42
Irvine, before Clark Drive 18:43
Irvine, after Galt Avenue 18:44
Irvine, after Ballot Road 18:45
Irvine, after Bank Street 18:46
Irvine, before Bridgegate 18:47
Irvine, before Marress Road 18:48
Irvine, before Academy Gardens 18:48
Irvine, opp James Crescent 18:49
Irvine, opp Fleming Terrace 18:50
Irvine, after Sandy Road 18:50
Irvine, after Castlepark Crescent 18:51
Irvine, before Castlepark Community centre 18:51
Irvine, before Carron Place 18:52
Irvine, after Etive Place 18:52
Irvine, before Leven Place 18:53
Irvine, before Maree Place 18:54
Irvine, before Morar Place 18:54
Irvine, before Rannoch Place 18:55
Irvine, after Shiel Place 18:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 18 November 2020

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