Y77 - Dewsnap Ln - Lancaster Rd/Mancunian Rd

A service operated by First Greater Manchester



Dukinfield, nr Richmond Road 07:38
Dukinfield, nr Richmond Road 07:40
Newton Wood, opp Thorncliffe Avenue 07:41
Dukinfield, opp Boyds Walk 07:41
Dukinfield, opp Pickford Lane 07:42
Dukinfield, nr Victoria Street 07:45
Dukinfield, at All Saints College 07:46
Dukinfield, nr Yew Tree Lane 07:48
Flowery Field, nr Gregory Street 07:49
Flowery Field, opp Cheshire Cheese 07:50
Newton Commercial Brow (Stop D) 07:53
Hyde, opp Morrisons 07:57
Hyde Last Orders (Stop AA) 08:00
Hyde Market Street (Stop EE) 08:01
Hyde Robert Street (Stop A) 08:03
Kingston, nr Manchester Road 08:05
Kingston, opp Layton Avenue 08:06
Haughton Green, opp Northstead Avenue 08:10
Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 08:10
Haughton Green, opp Two Trees Lane 08:10
Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 08:11
Haughton Green, o/s Post Office 08:11
Haughton Green, o/s Jolly Hatters 08:11
Haughton Green Terminus (at) 08:12
Haughton Green, o/s Boston Walk 08:15
Haughton Green, o/s Truro Walk 08:15
Haughton Green, opp The Cock 08:16
Haughton Green, nr Stockport Road 08:17
Circular Road Estate, nr Pendle Road 08:20
Denton, o/s St Lawrence's 08:25
Denton, o/s Police Station 08:27
Denton Crown Point (Stop F) 08:30
Denton Manchester Road (Stop A) 08:30
Denton, adj York Road 08:32
Denton, opp Frederick Street 08:33
Denton, opp Hartford Street 08:33
Audenshaw, nr Stanhope Avenue 08:35
Audenshaw Stamford Road (Stop C) 08:35
Hooley Hill (in) 08:36
Hooley Hill, o/s Queens Arms 08:36
Hooley Hill, nr Clinic 08:37
Guide Bridge (Stop C) 08:38
Guide Bridge, opp Oxford Park 08:38
Guide Bridge, at Trafalgar Square 08:39
Guide Bridge, nr Grosvenor Street 08:40
Ashton-under-Lyne, opp Crickets Lane 08:45
Cockbrook, nr Mount Pleasant Street 08:45
Hurst, o/s Halfway House 08:47
Hurst, opp Princess Street 08:49
Hurst, opp Palace Road 08:50
Hurst Cross (at) 08:53
Higher Hurst, opp St Christopher's 08:56
Smallshaw New Charter Academy 09:00
Higher Hurst, o/s St Christopher's 09:01
Hurst Cross (nr) 09:02
Hurst, nr Palace Road 09:02
Hurst, nr Claremont Street 09:03
Hurst, nr Post Office 09:04
Cockbrook, nr Crickets Lane 09:04
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Crickets Lane 09:05
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Penny Meadow 09:05
Dukinfield, opp Bow Street 09:07
Dukinfield, adj Wharf Street 09:07
Dukinfield, opp Old General 09:08
Dukinfield, on Crescent Road 09:08
Dukinfield, nr Chapel View 09:09
Dukinfield, o/s Morrisons 09:10
Dukinfield, opp Albion Hotel 09:10
Dukinfield, opp Maurice Close 09:11
Dukinfield, opp Lodge Hotel 09:12
Dukinfield, opp Heron Avenue 09:13
Dukinfield, by Yew Tree Lane 09:13
Flowery Field, nr Gregory Street 09:14
Flowery Field, adj Ashton Road 09:16
Flowery Field, o/s Hyde Park 09:16
Flowery Field, nr Park Drive 09:17
Flowery Field, opp Well Meadow 09:17
Hyde Robert Street (Stop A) 09:19
Kingston, opp Layton Avenue 09:19
Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 09:21
Haughton Green, opp Two Trees Lane 09:22
Haughton Green, opp Trowbridge Road 09:23
Haughton Green, o/s Boston Walk 09:24


Haughton Green, nr Mancunian Road 14:28
Haughton Green, nr Mancunian Road 14:30
Haughton Green, nr Trowbridge Road 14:31
Haughton Green, opp Library 14:32
Haughton Green, o/s Chapel House 14:33
Haughton Green, nr Two Trees Lane 14:34
Haughton Green, opp Manor Road 14:36
Haughton Green, nr Northstead Avenue 14:38
Kingston, nr Read Street 14:40
Hyde, nr Manchester Road 14:43
Flowery Field, nr Well Meadow 14:47
Flowery Field, opp Hyde Park 14:50
Flowery Field, nr Ashton Road 14:51
Flowery Field, o/s Cheshire Cheese 14:53
Dukinfield, opp Cheetham Hill Road 14:57
Dukinfield, opp Yew Tree Lane 14:58
Dukinfield Pool (o/s) 15:00
Dukinfield, by Boyds Walk 15:00
Dukinfield, opp Maurice Close 15:01
Dukinfield, opp Lodge Hotel 15:02
Stalybridge, opp Listons 15:02
Stalybridge, nr High Street 15:03
Cockbrook, nr Beaufort Road 15:06
Cockbrook, opp Sixth Form College 15:06
Hurst, nr Mossley Road 15:06
Hurst, opp Claremont Street 15:07
Hurst, opp Palace Road 15:08
Hurst Cross (at) 15:08
Smallshaw New Charter Academy 15:10
Smallshaw New Charter Academy 15:30
Higher Hurst, o/s St Christopher's 15:31
Hurst Cross (nr) 15:32
Hurst, nr Palace Road 15:33
Hurst, nr Claremont Street 15:33
Hurst, nr Post Office 15:34
Cockbrook, nr Crickets Lane 15:35
Chester Square (nr) 15:40
Guide Bridge, opp Grosvenor Street 15:40
Guide Bridge, in Trafalgar Square 15:41
Guide Bridge, o/s Oxford Park 15:41
Audenshaw, nr Stanhope Avenue 15:50
Denton Crown Point (Stop G) 15:55
Denton, opp Police Station 15:55
Circular Road Estate, opp St Lawrence's 15:56
Circular Road Estate, opp Pendle Road 15:58
Haughton Green, nr Vaudrey Lane 16:05
Haughton Green, o/s The Cock 16:06
Haughton Green, nr Leicester Avenue 16:08
Haughton Green, nr Mancunian Road 16:10
Haughton Green Terminus (opp) 16:13
Haughton Green, nr Northstead Avenue 16:15
Hyde, nr Manchester Road 16:17
Hyde Market Place (Stop CC) 16:20
Hyde, o/s Morrisons 16:22
Newton The Railway (Stop C) 16:26
Flowery Field, o/s Cheshire Cheese 16:30
Dukinfield, nr Victoria Street 16:35
Dukinfield, opp Astley Arms 16:35
Dukinfield, opp Brunswick Street 16:36
Dukinfield, nr Boyds Walk 16:38
Newton Wood, nr Thorncliffe Avenue 16:38
Dukinfield, opp Richmond Road 16:40

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 24 December 2020

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