Y77 - Dukinfield - Samuel Laycock SEN School

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Read Street/Alfred Street, Hyde - Road Closure
From 6 July 2024

Due to a sinkhole at Read Street/Alfred Street, the road will be closed.

Services will divert from Read Street to Rhodes Street and Manchester Road. Services heading towards Haughton Green are unaffected and will follow the usual route.

Monday to Friday, Samuel Laycock SEN School days

Dukinfield to Samuel Laycock SEN School

Dukinfield, opp Armadale Road 07:20
Dukinfield, nr Richmond Road 07:21
Newton Wood, opp Thorncliffe Avenue 07:23
Dukinfield, opp Boyds Walk 07:25
Dukinfield, at All Saints College 07:26
Dukinfield, nr Yew Tree Lane 07:27
Flowery Field, nr Gregory Street 07:28
Flowery Field, opp Cedar Street 07:30
Newton Newman Street (Stop D) 07:32
Hyde, opp Morrisons 07:36
Hyde Market Place (Stop BB) 07:40
Hyde Great Norbury Street (Stop A) 07:42
Kingston, opp Wellington Street 07:45
Kingston, nr Frances Street West 07:47
Kingston, opp Layton Avenue 07:49
Haughton Green, opp Northstead Avenue 07:50
Haughton Green, nr Forrest Road 07:50
Haughton Green, opp Portal Grove 07:50
Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 07:51
Haughton Green, nr Gibraltar Lane 07:51
Haughton Green, o/s Jolly Hatters 07:51
Haughton Green Terminus (at) 07:52
Haughton Green, nr Wordsworth Road 07:53
Haughton Green, opp Manor Green Primary Academy 07:54
Haughton Green, opp Oakham Road 07:55
Haughton Green, opp Leicester Avenue 07:55
Haughton Green, opp The Cock 07:56
Haughton Green, opp Vaudrey Lane 07:57
Circular Road Estate, nr Pendle Road 08:00
Denton, o/s St Lawrence's Church 08:03
Denton, opp Pitt Street 08:06
Denton Crown Point (Stop F) 08:10
Denton Crown Point (Stop A) 08:11
Denton, opp York Road 08:12
Denton, opp Frederick Street 08:13
Denton, opp Hartford Street 08:14
Audenshaw, nr Stanhope Avenue 08:15
Audenshaw Stamford Road (Stop C) 08:16
Hooley Hill, nr Enville Street 08:17
Hooley Hill, o/s Queens Arms 08:18
Hooley Hill, opp Tame Street 08:19
Guide Bridge (Stop C) 08:20
Guide Bridge, opp Oxford Park Sports Centre 08:21
Guide Bridge Trafalgar Square (cnr) 08:22
Guide Bridge, nr Grosvenor Street 08:23
Chester Square (adj) 08:24
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Old Street 08:24
Ashton-under-Lyne Wimpole Street (Stop CC) 08:25
Hurst Brook, opp Miller Street 08:28
Hurst Knoll, opp Smallshaw Lane 08:31
Smallshaw Broadoak Hotel (Stop C) 08:34
Smallshaw, nr Laburnum Avenue 08:35
Smallshaw, opp Coronation Road 08:37
Smallshaw, o/s Samuel Laycock School 08:39

Samuel Laycock SEN School to Dukinfield

Smallshaw, o/s Samuel Laycock School 15:30
Smallshaw, nr Coronation Road 15:33
Smallshaw, opp Laburnum Avenue 15:34
Smallshaw Broadoak Hotel (Stop D) 15:35
Higher Hurst, nr St Christopher's Road 15:35
Hurst Knoll, o/s Old Ball Inn 15:35
Hurst Brook, adj Miller Street 15:35
Ashton-under-Lyne, opp Lord Street 15:35
Ashton-under-Lyne Wimpole Street (Stop CC) 15:35
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Cavendish Street 15:36
Chester Square, nr Margaret Street 15:37
Chester Square (opp) 15:38
Guide Bridge, opp Grosvenor Street 15:39
Guide Bridge, opp Trafalgar Square 15:40
Guide Bridge, o/s Oxford Park Sports Centre 15:41
Guide Bridge (Stop D) 15:42
Guide Bridge Station (Stop E) 15:44
Hooley Hill, nr Tame Street 15:46
Hooley Hill, opp Enville Street 15:47
Audenshaw Stamford Road (Stop D) 15:48
Audenshaw, opp Stanhope Avenue 15:50
Denton, nr Hartford Street 15:51
Denton, adj Tame Street 15:52
Denton, nr York Road 15:53
Denton Crown Point (Stop B) 15:54
Denton Crown Point (Stop G) 15:55
Denton, nr Pitt Street 15:56
Circular Road Estate, opp St Lawrence's Church 15:57
Circular Road Estate, opp Pendle Road 15:58
Haughton Green, nr Vaudrey Lane 16:05
Haughton Green, o/s The Cock 16:07
Haughton Green, nr Leicester Avenue 16:09
Haughton Green, nr Mancunian Road 16:10
Haughton Green, o/s Manor Green Primary Academy 16:11
Haughton Green, opp Wordsworth Road 16:12
Haughton Green Terminus (opp) 16:13
Haughton Green, opp Jolly Hatters 16:13
Haughton Green, opp Gibraltar Lane 16:13
Haughton Green, opp Manor Road 16:14
Haughton Green, nr Portal Grove 16:14
Haughton Green, opp Forrest Road 16:14
Haughton Green, nr Northstead Avenue 16:15
Kingston, nr Layton Avenue 16:16
Hyde, adj Frances Street 16:17
Hyde Market Place (Stop DD) 16:20
Hyde, o/s Morrisons 16:24
Hyde, opp Boston Street 16:26
Newton Newman Street (Stop C) 16:28
Flowery Field, adj Tetlow Street 16:30
Flowery Field, nr Markham Street 16:31
Dukinfield, opp Cheetham Hill Road 16:32
Dukinfield, opp Yew Tree Lane 16:33
Dukinfield, nr Dewsnap Lane 16:34
Dukinfield, adj Boyds Walk 16:34
Dukinfield, nr Victoria Street 16:35
Dukinfield, nr Pickford Lane 16:36
Dukinfield, opp Oval Drive 16:37
Newton Wood, nr Thorncliffe Avenue 16:38
Dukinfield, opp Richmond Road 16:40

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 11 April 2024

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