Burnage, opposite School Lane

On Kingsway, near House 673

Buses point south ↓

Road closed

The Quays - Road Closure

From Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd December, there will be no exit from The Quays permitted between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm. Entering The Quays is still permitted. Due to this, a number of bus services will be on diversion during this time.

Please check with the operator before you travel and allow more time for your journey.

50 to MediaCityUK:
Normal route.

50 to East Didsbury:
From the Temporary Stand the service will continue onto the Quays, turn left onto Trafford Road and left onto Broadway to resume normal route.

Customers should alight/board on Broadway.

50 East Didsbury 00:30
50 East Didsbury 01:00
50 East Didsbury 05:18
50 East Didsbury 06:04
50 East Didsbury 06:34
50 East Didsbury 06:54
50 East Didsbury 07:18
50 East Didsbury 07:35
750 John Leigh Park 07:37
50 East Didsbury 07:52
50 East Didsbury 08:04