Dukinfield, opposite Heron Avenue

On Cheetham Hill R, near House 245

Buses point south-west ↙︎

Tameside bus stop accessibility upgrade

From 1 March 2021

A number of bus stops in Tameside are due to be upgraded to be more accessible. As a result, bus stops will be closed in a rolling progress for works to take place.

If your usual bus stop is closed then please use the next or previous stop available.

Please plan ahead before you travel.

Next departures

346 Hyde 14:19⚡
346 Hyde 14:39⚡
346 Hyde 14:59⚡
721 Broadbent Fold 15:07
346 Hyde 15:20
346 Hyde 15:40
127 Gee Cross 16:00
346 Hyde 16:00
346 Hyde 16:20
346 Hyde 16:40

⚡ denotes ‘live’ times guessed (sometimes badly) from buses’ actual locations