Higher Crumpsall North Manchester General Hospital (Stop H)

On Crescent Drive, near NHS Trust

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Rusholme - Heavy Congestion

Due to heavy congestion in Rusholme, causing lengthy delays to the 41 and 53 bus services, they will be diverting from 7pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings until end of service. This will be in place until further notice.

53 bus services will be diverting via Dickenson Road, Anson Road, Upper Brook Street, Upper Brook Street East and Booth Street West. Passengers are advised to visit the bus operator's website for live bus information.

53 Pendleton 15:20
52 Eccles 15:23
53 Pendleton 15:50
52 Eccles 15:53
52 Eccles 16:23
53 Pendleton 16:25
52 Eccles 16:53
53 Pendleton 17:00
52 Eccles 17:23
53 Pendleton 17:35

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