Bury, near Maxwell Street

On WILLOW Street, near House 124

Buses point south ↓


Wash Lane, Bury

1 March–15 June 2021

Due to works, Wash Lane in Bury will be closed from 1 March until 15 June which will affect bus services, a diversion will be in place and some stops closed.

The B4 service will be unable to serve Wash Lane and Willow Street in both directions. It will divert via Parsonage Street and Bell Lane. The bus will pick up and drop off passengers at all stops on the diversion route.

Next departures

B4 Bury 12:46
B4 Bury 13:46
B4 Bury 14:46
B4 Bury 15:46
B4 Bury 16:56
B4 Bury 17:46


B4 Bury 09:46
B4 Bury 10:46
B4 Bury 11:46
B4 Bury 12:46