Bury Town Hall (Stop Nn)

On Knowsley Street, near Town Hall

Buses point north-east ↗︎


Angouleme Way, Bury

25 August–31 October 2021

Angouleme Way in Bury is closed from Monday 12 July until October. Entrances and exits to Market Street will also be closed for the duration of the works. As a result, a number of buses will be on diversion and may experience delays.

Services are on diversion entering and leaving Bury Interchange. Customers are advised to use stops in the Interchange or on Parliament Street.

Next departures

97 Bury 13:37
135 Bury 13:37
524 Bury 13:42
135 Bury 13:45
494 Bury 13:49
135 Bury 13:53
524 Bury 13:54
97 Bury 13:57
135 Bury 14:01
524 Bury 14:06