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Waterloo Road (Hillside)

Waterloo Road, Hillside will be closed in both directions from the junction of Lynton Road to the junction of Hastings Road on Saturday and Sunday on 7th/8th May; 14th/15th May and 21st/22nd May 2022 from 1900 until 0700

Route 47
From Liverpool as normal to Birkdale, Liverpool Road then Liverpool Road, Weld Road, Lulworth Road and resume normal route to Southport and Crossens. (Omits Waterloo Road and a section of Lulworth Road).
From Crossens and Southport as normal to Birkdale, Weld Road then via Liverpool Road and resume normal route to Liverpool. (Omits a section of Lulworth Road and Waterloo Road).

47 Crossens 20:42
47 Crossens 21:02
47 Crossens 22:02
47 Crossens 23:02

Thursday 19 May

47 Crossens 07:07
47 Crossens 07:27
47 Crossens 07:56
47 Crossens 08:16
47 Crossens 08:46
47 Crossens 09:16

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