Loxley Road/Rodney Hill (opp)

On Loxley Road, near Rodney Hill, near Opp The Admiral Rodney

Buses point north-west ↖︎

Sheffield Adverse Weather - Snow Disruption

From 27 November 2021

Snowfall has caused disruption in Sheffield.

Poor road conditions mean some services are unable to run to normal routes.

Services 61/62 are currently suspended due to heavy snowfall and poor road conditions.

Service 52a towards Woodhouse is terminating at Furnace Lane roundabout, using main roads only and towards Hillsborough terminating at Brookhill roundabout. Using Clarkson Street and Glossop Road.

61 Hillsborough 10:07
52a Woodhouse 10:15
52a Woodhouse 10:45
61 Hillsborough 11:07
52a Woodhouse 11:15
52a Woodhouse 11:45
61 Hillsborough 12:07
52a Woodhouse 12:15
52a Woodhouse 12:45
61 Hillsborough 13:07

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