10 - Darlington - Whinbush

A bus service operated by Arriva North East


Darlington Northgate (Stand C) 08:56then hourly until17:5618:5619:56then hourly until22:56
Darlington Prebend Row (Stand F) 08:5917:5918:5919:5922:59
Darlington Town Hall (Stand T) 18:5919:5922:59
Haughton Road Bannatyne's Health Club (O) 09:0118:0119:0220:0223:02
Haughton Road East Mount Road (O) 09:0218:0219:0220:0223:02
Haughton Road Darlington College (O) 09:0318:0319:0320:0323:03
Haughton Road Westgarth Terrace (O) 09:0418:0419:0420:0423:04
Haughton Road Alexander Street (O) 09:0418:0419:0420:0423:04
Haughton Road Blackett Road (O) 09:0518:0519:0520:0523:05
Haughton Road McMullen Road (O) 09:0518:0519:0520:0523:05
Haughton le Skerne The Green (O) 09:0618:0619:0620:0623:06
Haughton le Skerne Haughton Village Nursing Home (O) 09:0718:0719:0720:0723:07
Haughton le Skerne Winchester Way (O) 09:0718:0719:0720:0723:07
Whinfield Rivergarth (O) 09:0818:0819:0820:0823:08
Whinfield Beech Road (O) 09:0918:0919:0920:0923:09
Whinfield Torrance Drive (O) 09:0918:0919:0920:0923:09
Whinfield Barmpton Mews (O) 09:0918:0919:0920:0923:09
Whinfield Rossway (I) 09:1018:1019:1020:1023:10
Whinfield Caledonian Way (I) 09:1018:1019:1020:1023:10
Whinfield Gleneagles Road (I) 09:1118:1119:1120:1123:11
Whinfield Asda (I) 09:1218:1219:1220:1223:12
Whinfield Shuttle & Loom (O) 09:1218:1219:1220:1223:12
Whinfield Jesmond Road (O) 09:1318:1319:1220:1223:12
Whinfield Welbeck Avenue (O) 09:1318:1319:1320:1323:13
Haughton le Skerne Winchester Way (I) 09:1418:1419:1320:1323:13
Haughton le Skerne Haughton Village Nursing Home (I) 09:1518:1519:1420:1423:14
Haughton le Skerne The Green (I) 09:1518:1519:1420:1423:14
Haughton Road McMullen Road (I) 09:1718:1719:1520:1523:15
Haughton Road Blackett Road (I) 09:1718:1719:1620:1623:16
Haughton Road Alexander Street (I) 09:1818:1819:1620:1623:16
Haughton Road Westgarth Terrace (I) 09:1918:1919:1720:1723:17
Haughton Road Darlington College (I) 09:2018:2019:1820:1823:18
Haughton Road East Mount Road (I) 09:2118:2119:1820:1823:18
Haughton Road Bannatyne's Health Club (I) 09:2118:2119:1920:1923:19
Haughton Road Coburg Street (I) 09:2218:2219:2020:2023:20
Darlington Northgate (Stand C) 19:22
Darlington Crown Street (Stand D) 09:2518:2520:2223:22
Darlington Prebend Row (Stand F) 19:24

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARDU/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 17 November 2022

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