10 - Woodgate Valley North - Birmingham via Court Oak

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Dwellings School - Lloyd House

Woodgate Valley North Dwellings School (adjacent) 06:5707:2008:2015:2716:2517:20
Woodgate Valley North, opposite Dwellings School 06:5707:2008:2015:2716:2517:20
Woodgate Valley North, after Middle Leasow 06:5807:2108:2115:2816:2617:21
Woodgate Valley North, after Highfield Lane 06:5807:2108:2115:2816:2617:21
Worlds End Simmons Drive Terminus (E-bound) 06:5907:2208:2215:2916:2717:22
Worlds End, after Lower Higley Close 07:0007:2308:2315:3016:2717:22
California, opposite Rickyard Piece 07:0007:2308:2315:3016:2817:23
Worlds End, opp Dufton Road 07:0107:2408:2415:3116:2817:23
Worlds End, after Moat Meadows 07:0107:2408:2415:3116:2917:24
Worlds End, adj Mayswood Grove 07:0207:2508:2515:3216:2917:24
Woodgate Valley North, after Faraday Avenue 07:0307:2608:2615:3316:3017:25
Woodgate Valley North, adj Wedgewood Rd 07:0307:2608:2615:3316:3017:25
Worlds End, after Pitman Rd 07:0407:2708:2715:3416:3117:26
Worlds End, after Fleming Road 07:0507:2808:2815:3516:3117:26
Worlds End, opp Royal British Legion 07:0507:2808:2815:3516:3217:27
Worlds End, opp Gorsy Rd 07:0507:2808:2815:3516:3217:27
Worlds End, before Overdale Rd 07:0607:2908:2915:3616:3217:27
Worlds End, opposite Bolney Rd 07:0607:2908:2915:3616:3317:28
Court Oak, after Tennal Lane 07:0707:3008:3015:3716:3417:29
Court Oak, after Woodhouse Rd 07:0807:3108:3115:3816:3417:29
Court Oak, opp West Boulevard 07:0807:3108:3115:3816:3417:29
Court Oak, adj Tennal Drive 07:0907:3208:3215:3916:3517:30
The Court Oak (opposite) 07:1007:3308:3315:4016:3617:31
Court Oak, adj Fitz Roy Avenue 07:1107:3508:3415:4216:3817:32
Court Oak, adj Lordswood Rd 07:1207:3708:3515:4416:4017:33
Moor Pool, opp Oakham Rd 07:1307:3908:3615:4516:4117:34
Moor Pool, opp Pereira Rd 07:1507:4208:3815:4816:4417:36
Moor Pool, before Woodbourne Rd 07:1607:4308:4115:4916:4517:37
Moor Pool, before Augustus Rd 07:1607:4408:4315:5016:4617:38
Chad Valley, before Norfolk Rd 07:1807:4608:4715:5116:4817:39
Chad Valley, adj Christchurch Close 07:1807:4708:4915:5216:4917:40
Chad Valley, adj Heaton Drive 07:1907:4808:5215:5316:5017:41
Botanical Gardens, adj Chad Rd 07:2007:4908:5515:5416:5117:42
Botanical Gardens, adj Highfield Rd 07:2107:5108:5815:5516:5317:44
Five Ways Embassy Drive (Stop FL) 07:2207:5209:0115:5616:5417:45
Five Ways Metro Stop (Stop FC) 07:2407:5409:0515:5816:5617:47
Five Ways, before Sheepcote St 07:2507:5409:0515:5916:5817:49
Centenary Square Brindley Place Metro Stop (Stop BR5) 07:2607:5509:0616:0117:0017:50
Centenary Square Library Metro Stop (Stop BR4) 07:2707:5609:0616:0317:0217:52
Birmingham Newhall St (Stop GC3) 07:2907:5709:0716:0617:0517:56
Birmingham Railway Bridge (GC4) 07:3007:5809:0716:0817:0717:58
Birmingham Lloyd House (Stop SQ4) 16:10
Birmingham Lloyd House (Stop SQ5) 07:3107:5909:0817:0918:00
Birmingham Colmore Row (Stop SH3) 07:3308:0009:0917:1218:02

Lloyd House - Dwellings School

Birmingham Colmore Row (Stop SH3) 07:3508:0515:4016:3017:1418:03
Birmingham Art Gallery 07:3608:0615:4116:3117:1618:04
Birmingham Newhall St (Stop GC1) 07:3608:0615:4216:3217:1718:05
Centenary Square Library Metro Stop (Stop BR1) 07:3808:0815:4316:3417:1918:07
Centenary Square Brindley Place Metro Stop (Stop BR7) 07:3908:0915:4516:3617:2218:09
Five Ways, opp Sheepcote St 07:4008:1015:4616:3817:2418:10
Five Ways Metro Stop (Stop FD) 07:4208:1215:4816:4017:2618:12
Five Ways St James Rd (Stop FH) 07:4308:1215:4916:4017:2718:12
Botanical Gardens, opp St George's Church 07:4408:1415:5016:4117:2818:13
Botanical Gardens (adj) 07:4508:1415:5116:4217:2918:14
Chad Valley, before Harborne Rd 07:4608:1515:5216:4217:3018:14
Botanical Gardens, opp Greenfell Drive 07:4608:1615:5216:4317:3018:15
Chad Valley, opp Heaton Drive 07:4708:1615:5316:4317:3118:15
Chad Valley, opp Christchurch Close 07:4708:1715:5316:4417:3118:16
Chad Valley, after Norfolk Rd 07:4808:1815:5416:4417:3218:16
Moor Pool, opp Strutt Close 07:4908:1915:5516:4517:3318:17
Moor Pool, adj Gillhurst Rd 07:5008:1915:5616:4617:3418:18
Moor Pool, adj Pereira Rd 07:5208:2115:5816:4717:3618:19
Moor Pool, adj Oakham Rd 07:5308:2215:5916:4817:3718:19
Moor Pool, adj Lordswood Rd 07:5408:2316:0016:4817:3818:20
Court Oak, opp Fitz Roy Avenue 07:5508:2416:0216:4917:3918:21
Court Oak Grove (adj) 07:5708:2616:0416:5117:4118:22
Court Oak, opp Tennal Drive 07:5708:2616:0416:5117:4118:22
Court Oak, before West Boulevard 07:5808:2616:0416:5217:4218:23
Court Oak Woodhouse Rd (near) 07:5808:2716:0516:5317:4218:23
Court Oak, before Woodhouse Rd 07:5908:2716:0516:5417:4318:24
Worlds End Bolney Rd (adjacent) 08:0008:2816:0516:5417:4418:25
Worlds End, after Overdale Rd 08:0008:2816:0616:5517:4518:25
Worlds End, after Gorsy Rd 08:0108:2916:0616:5617:4618:26
Worlds End, adj Royal British Legion 08:0108:2916:0616:5617:4618:26
Worlds End, before Fleming Road 08:0108:2916:0716:5717:4618:26
Worlds End, before Pitman Rd 08:0208:2916:0716:5717:4718:27
Woodgate Valley North, opp Wedgewood Rd 08:0308:3016:0716:5817:4818:28
Woodgate Valley North, opp Hopedale Rd 08:30
Woodgate Valley North, opposite Dwellings School 08:31
Woodgate Valley North Hopedale Rd (adjacent) 08:31
Woodgate Valley North, before Faraday Avenue 08:0308:3216:0816:5917:4818:28
Worlds End, opp Mayswood Grove 08:0408:3316:0817:0017:4918:29
Worlds End, before Moat Meadows 08:0508:3416:0917:0117:5018:30
Worlds End, adj Dufton Road 08:0508:3516:0917:0217:5118:30
Woodgate Valley North, before Middle Leasow 08:0808:3816:1117:0517:5418:33
Woodgate Valley North Dwellings School (adjacent) 08:1008:4016:1217:0717:5618:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 21 June 2024

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