100 - the Wave - Conquest Hospital - Rye

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hastings


Conquest Hospital - Rye

St Helens, o/s Conquest Hospital 08:53then hourly until16:5317:55
Baldslow, adj St Anne's House 08:5416:5417:56
Baldslow Post Office (adj) 08:5616:5617:58
Baldslow, adj Recreation Ground 08:5616:5617:58
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 08:5816:5818:00
Silverhill Park, adj Little Ridge Avenue West 08:5816:5818:00
Silverhill Park, adj Towerscroft Avenue 08:5916:5918:01
Silverhill Park, opp Hollinghurst Road 08:5916:5918:01
Silverhill Park, opp Clarendon Close 09:0017:0018:02
Silverhill, adj Radcliffe Close 09:0117:0118:03
Silverhill, adj Burry Road 09:0217:0218:04
Silverhill, opp Filling Station 09:0317:0318:05
Silverhill London Road (o/s 383) 06:4207:4709:0417:0418:06
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 53) 06:4307:4809:0517:0518:07
Bohemia, opp St Peter's Church 06:4407:4909:0617:0618:08
Bohemia, adj Fire Station 06:4507:5009:0817:0818:10
Bohemia, o/s Summerfields Leisure Centre 06:4607:5109:0917:0918:11
Bohemia, opp White Rock Gardens 06:4707:5209:1017:1018:12
Hastings Cambridge Gardens (Stop S) 06:4807:5309:1117:1118:13
Hastings Railway Station (arrivals) 06:5007:5509:1317:1318:15
Hastings Railway Station (Stop F) 06:5008:0009:1717:1718:1519:30
Hastings Harold Place (Stop Q) 06:5008:0109:1817:1818:1619:31
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop U) 06:5108:0209:1917:1918:1619:31
Old Town, opp The Stade 06:5208:0509:2217:2218:1819:33
Old Town, adj Roebuck Street 06:5308:0609:2317:2318:1919:34
Old Town, opp Market Cross 06:5408:0709:2417:2418:2019:35
Belmont, opp Sacred Heart School 06:5408:0909:2617:2618:2119:36
Halton, adj Robertsons Hill 06:5508:1009:2717:2718:2119:36
Halton, adj Richmond Street 06:5608:1109:2817:2818:2219:37
Ore, opp Ashburnham Road 06:5608:1209:2917:2918:2319:38
Ore, adj Graystone Lane 06:5708:1409:3117:3118:2419:39
Ore, adj Post Office 06:5808:1509:3217:3218:2519:40
Ore, adj Rye Road Red Lake Terrace 06:5808:1509:3217:3218:2519:40
Ore, adj Winchelsea Road 06:5808:1509:3217:3218:2519:40
Ore, opp The Hastings Academy 06:5908:1609:3317:3318:2619:41
Ore, opp Hillcrest Sports Centre 06:5908:1609:3317:3318:2619:41
Bachelor’s Bump, opp Martineau Lane 07:0008:1709:3417:3418:2719:42
Bachelor’s Bump, opp Mill Lane 07:0108:1809:3517:3518:2819:43
Guestling Green, adj White Hart 07:0208:1909:3617:3618:2919:44
Guestling Green, o/s Primary School 07:0308:2009:3717:3718:3019:45
Guestling Green, opp Buckswood School 07:0408:2209:3917:3918:3219:47
Guestling Thorn, adj Butcher's Lane 07:0508:2209:3917:3918:3219:47
Guestling Thorn, adj Stocks Farm 07:0508:2309:4017:4018:3319:48
Icklesham, adj Broad Street 07:0808:2609:4317:4318:3619:51
Icklesham, opp The Robin Hood 07:0808:2609:4317:4318:3619:51
Icklesham, adj Goldhurst Green 07:0908:2709:4417:4418:3719:52
Icklesham, adj Manor Close 07:0908:2709:4417:4418:3719:52
Winchelsea, adj The New Inn 07:1308:3209:4917:4918:4219:57
Winchelsea, opp Strand House 07:1408:3309:5017:5018:4319:58
Rye New Winchelsea Road South (opp 124) 07:1808:3709:5417:5418:4720:02
Rye New Winchelsea Road North (opp 68) 07:1908:3809:5517:5518:4820:03
Rye, opp Harbour Road 07:2008:3909:5617:5618:4920:04
Rye, adj Tillingham Bridge 07:2108:4009:5717:5718:5020:05
Rye Railway Station (Stop B) 07:2208:4109:5817:5818:5120:06

Rye - Conquest Hospital

Rye Railway Station (Stop A) 07:2508:44then hourly until15:4416:4917:4918:4919:4420:24
Rye Wish Street (SW-bound) 07:2508:4415:4416:4917:4918:4919:4420:24
Rye, adj Harbour Road 07:2608:4515:4516:5017:5018:5019:4520:25
Rye New Winchelsea Road North (o/s 70) 07:2708:4615:4616:5117:5118:5019:4520:25
Rye New Winchelsea Road South (o/s 132) 07:2708:4615:4616:5117:5118:5119:4620:26
Winchelsea, adj Strand House 07:3108:5015:5016:5517:5518:5419:4920:29
Winchelsea, opp The New Inn 07:3408:5315:5316:5817:5818:5619:5120:31
Icklesham, adj Recreation Ground 07:3808:5715:5717:0218:0219:0019:5520:35
Icklesham, opp Manor Close 07:3808:5715:5717:0218:0219:0019:5520:35
Icklesham, opp Goldhurst Green 07:3908:5815:5817:0318:0319:0119:5620:36
Icklesham, adj The Robin Hood 07:3908:5815:5817:0318:0319:0119:5620:36
Icklesham, opp Broad Street 07:4008:5915:5917:0418:0419:0119:5620:36
Guestling Thorn, opp Stocks Farm 07:4209:0116:0117:0618:0619:0319:5820:38
Guestling Thorn, opp Butcher's Lane 07:4309:0216:0217:0718:0719:0419:5920:39
Guestling Green, o/s Buckswood School 07:4409:0316:0317:0818:0819:0419:5920:39
Guestling Green, opp Primary School 07:4609:0516:0517:1018:1019:0520:0020:40
Guestling Green, opp White Hart 07:4809:0716:0717:1218:1219:0720:0220:42
Bachelor’s Bump, adj Mill Lane 07:4809:0716:0717:1218:1219:0720:0220:42
Bachelor’s Bump, adj Martineau Lane 07:4909:0816:0817:1318:1319:0820:0320:43
Ore, adj The Hastings Academy 07:5009:0916:0917:1418:1419:0920:0420:44
Ore, opp Winchelsea Road 07:5109:1016:1017:1518:1519:1020:0520:45
Ore, opp Rye Road Red Lake Terrace 07:5109:1016:1017:1518:1519:1020:0520:45
Ore, opp Post Office 07:5209:1116:1117:1618:1619:1120:0620:46
Ore, adj Ashburnham Road 07:5309:1216:1217:1718:1719:1220:0620:46
Ore, adj Mount Road 07:5409:1316:1317:1818:1819:1320:0720:47
Halton, opp Richmond Street 07:5509:1416:1417:1918:1919:1320:0820:48
Halton, opp Robertsons Hill 07:5609:1516:1517:2018:2019:1420:0820:48
Belmont, adj Sacred Heart School 07:5709:1616:1617:2118:2119:1520:0920:49
Old Town, adj Market Cross 07:5809:1716:1717:2218:2219:1620:1020:50
Old Town, opp Roebuck Street 08:0009:1916:1917:2418:2419:1820:1120:51
Old Town, adj The Stade 08:0109:2016:2017:2518:2519:1920:1220:52
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop Z) 08:0209:2116:2117:2618:2619:2020:1220:52
Hastings Harold Place (Stop P) 08:0409:2316:2317:2818:2819:2120:1420:54
Hastings Railway Station (arrivals) 08:0609:2516:2517:3018:3019:2320:1520:55
Hastings Railway Station (Stop C) 08:0709:2716:2717:3220:1520:55
Hastings Cambridge Road (Stop R) 08:0809:2816:2817:3320:1520:55
Bohemia, adj White Rock Gardens 08:0909:2916:2917:3420:1720:57
Bohemia, opp Summerfields Leisure Centre 08:1009:3016:3017:3520:1720:57
Bohemia, adj Magdalen Road 08:1109:3116:3117:3620:1820:58
Bohemia, opp Fire Station 08:1209:3216:3217:3720:1920:59
Bohemia, adj St Peter's Church 08:1309:3316:3317:3820:2021:00
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 50) 08:1309:3316:3317:3820:2021:00
Bohemia, adj St Matthew's Road 08:1409:3416:3417:3920:2121:01
Silverhill, on Chatham Road 20:2321:03
Silverhill, adj Filling Station 08:1609:3616:3617:41
Silverhill, adj Filling Station 08:18 09:38 16:38 17:43
Silverhill, opp Burry Road 08:1909:3916:3917:44
Silverhill, opp Radcliffe Close 08:2109:4016:4017:45
Silverhill Park, adj Clarendon Close 08:2209:4116:4117:46
Silverhill Park, adj Hollinghurst Road 08:2309:4216:4217:47
Silverhill Park, opp Towerscroft Avenue 08:2409:4216:4217:47
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 08:2609:4416:4417:49
Baldslow Post Office (opp) 08:2709:4516:4517:50
Baldslow, opp St Anne's House 08:2909:4716:4717:52
St Helens, o/s Conquest Hospital 08:3109:4916:4917:54

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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