102 - Colchester - Harwich

A bus service operated by First Essex


Harwich - Colchester

Harwich, o/s Bus Station 19:00
Harwich, adj Mayflower Avenue 19:01
Harwich, adj Barrack Lane 19:01
Dovercourt High Street (SW-bound) 19:03
Dovercourt, adj Brooklyn Road 19:03
Dovercourt, opp Mayflower School 19:04
Dovercourt, adj Highfield Avenue 19:05
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Dovercourt Hospital 19:06
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Scout Hut 19:06
Upper Dovercourt, opp Churchill Court 19:07
Parkeston, opp Morrisons Store 19:09
Harwich International Port, o/s Harwich International Station 19:11
Parkeston, opp Una Road 19:14
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Churchill Court 19:15
Upper Dovercourt, opp Scout Hut 19:15
Upper Dovercourt, opp Dovercourt Church 19:16
Upper Dovercourt, opp Bird in Hand 19:16
Upper Dovercourt, adj Ainger Road 19:16
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Tollgate Post Office 19:17
Upper Dovercourt, opp Valley Road 19:19
Upper Dovercourt, opp Clayton Road 19:20
Upper Dovercourt, opp Michaelstowe Drive 19:23
Ramsey, opp C of E Primary School 19:23
Little Oakley, opp Bay View Crescent 19:24
Little Oakley, opp Mayes Lane 19:24
Little Oakley, adj Foulton Hall 19:25
Little Oakley, adj Seaview Avenue 19:26
Little Oakley, opp The Cherry Tree 19:27
Little Oakley Hall (opp) 19:28
Great Oakley, opp The Soils 19:30
Great Oakley, adj Partridge Close 19:31
Great Oakley, adj The Memorial 19:32
Great Oakley, adj Hamford Drive 19:32
Wix, adj Oakley Road 19:36
Wix Cross (W-bound) 19:37
Wix Abbey (opp) 19:37
Bradfield, opp Carlson House Ind 19:39
Bradfield, o/s The Village Maid 19:41
Bradfield Heath, adj Cansey Lane 19:41
Bradfield Heath, opp Sparkes Stores 19:42
Mistley Heath, opp The Blacksmiths Arms 19:45
Mistley, adj Heath Road 19:46
Mistley Harwich Road (W-bound) 19:46
Mistley, adj Rigby Avenue 19:47
Mistley, adj Shrubland Road 19:47
Mistley, adj Chapel Cut 19:47
Mistley, o/s Post Office 19:49
Manningtree, adj Kiln Lane 19:51
Manningtree, opp The Skinners Arms 19:52
Manningtree, adj Bendalls Court 19:52
Manningtree, opp Riverview 19:53
Manningtree, opp Sports Centre 19:54
Lawford, opp Edgefield Avenue 19:55
Lawford, adj Waldegrave Way 19:55
Lawford, adj Milton Road 19:55
Lawford Place (opp) 19:57
Lawford, opp Church Hill 19:57
Lawford, adj Hungerdown Lane 19:58
Lawford, adj Garden City 19:58
Lawford, adj Bargate Lane 19:59
Ardleigh, adj Home Farm Lane 20:00
Dedham Heath The Heath (N-bound) 20:03
Dedham Heath, o/s The Anchor 20:03
Dedham, adj Coopers Lane 20:04
Dedham Kiln Cottages (N-bound) 20:04
Dedham, opp Forge Street 20:05
Dedham, opp The Marlborough Head 20:07
Ardleigh, nr The Lion 20:14
Ardleigh, opp St Mary's Primary School 20:14
Ardleigh, o/s The Wooden Fender 20:15
Colchester, opp Clover Way 20:17
Colchester, adj Springvalley Lane 20:17
Colchester, opp Hyundai Garage 20:18
Colchester, adj Welshwood Park 20:20
Colchester, opp St John's Road 20:21
Colchester, opp Bromley Road 20:21
Colchester, opp Hazelton Road 20:22
Colchester, opp Goring Road East 20:23
Colchester, adj Longcroft Road 20:23
Colchester, adj Greenstead Road 20:24
Colchester, opp The Surgery 20:26
Colchester Greyfriars (Stop Hb) 20:27
Colchester Stanwell Street (Stop Bc) 20:30

Colchester - Harwich

Colchester Stanwell Street (Stop Bc) 20:35
Colchester Head Street (Stop Eb) 20:39
Colchester The George (Stop Gd) 20:42
Colchester Greyfriars (Stop Ha) 20:43
Colchester, o/s The Surgery 20:43
Colchester, opp Brook Street 20:44
Colchester, opp Greenstead Road 20:44
Colchester, adj Fairfield Gardens 20:45
Colchester, adj Dilbridge Road 20:45
Colchester, adj Goring Road East 20:46
Colchester, adj Hazelton Road 20:46
Colchester, adj Bromley Road 20:47
Colchester, adj St John's Road 20:48
Colchester, opp Welshwood Park 20:48
Colchester, o/s Hyundai Garage 20:50
Colchester, opp Springvalley Lane 20:51
Colchester, adj Clover Way 20:51
Ardleigh, opp The Wooden Fender 20:52
Ardleigh, o/s St Mary's Primary School 20:54
Ardleigh, adj The Lion 20:55
Dedham, o/s The Marlborough Head 21:02
Dedham, adj Forge Street 21:03
Dedham, opp Kiln Cottages 21:04
Dedham, opp Coopers Lane 21:04
Dedham Heath, opp The Anchor 21:05
Dedham Heath The Heath (S-bound) 21:06
Ardleigh, opp Home Farm Lane 21:08
Lawford, opp Bargate Lane 21:09
Lawford, opp Garden City 21:10
Lawford, opp Hungerdown Lane 21:10
Lawford, adj Church Hill 21:11
Lawford Place (o/s) 21:12
Lawford, opp Milton Road 21:12
Lawford, opp Waldegrave Way 21:13
Lawford, adj Edgefield Avenue 21:13
Manningtree, o/s School 21:14
Manningtree, o/s Sports Centre 21:14
Manningtree, adj Riverview 21:15
Manningtree, opp Bendalls Court 21:16
Manningtree, o/s The Skinners Arms 21:17
Manningtree, opp Kiln Lane 21:18
Mistley, opp Post Office 21:19
Mistley, opp Chapel Cut 21:21
Mistley, opp Shrubland Road 21:21
Mistley, opp Rigby Avenue 21:22
Mistley, opp Heath Road 21:22
Mistley Heath, o/s The Blacksmiths Arms 21:23
Bradfield Heath, o/s Sparkes Stores 21:26
Bradfield Heath, opp Cansey Lane 21:27
Bradfield, opp The Village Maid 21:28
Bradfield, adj Carlson House Ind 21:29
Wix Abbey (o/s) 21:31
Wix Cross (E-bound) 21:32
Wix, opp Oakley Road 21:32
Great Oakley, opp Hamford Drive 21:35
Great Oakley, opp The Memorial 21:36
Great Oakley, opp Partridge Close 21:37
Great Oakley, adj The Soils 21:37
Little Oakley Hall (o/s) 21:40
Little Oakley, adj The Cherry Tree 21:42
Little Oakley, opp Seaview Avenue 21:43
Little Oakley, opp Foulton Hall 21:44
Little Oakley, adj Mayes Lane 21:44
Little Oakley, adj Bay View Crescent 21:45
Ramsey, o/s C of E Primary School 21:46
Ramsey, o/s Church 21:47
Upper Dovercourt, adj Michaelstowe Drive 21:48
Upper Dovercourt, adj Clayton Road 21:49
Upper Dovercourt, adj Valley Road 21:50
Upper Dovercourt, opp Tollgate Post Office 21:52
Upper Dovercourt, opp Ainger Road 21:52
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Bird in Hand 21:52
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Dovercourt Church 21:52
Upper Dovercourt War Memorial (NE-bound) 21:53
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Scout Hut 21:53
Upper Dovercourt, opp Churchill Court 21:53
Parkeston, adj Una Road 21:55
Harwich International Port, o/s Harwich International Station 21:58
Parkeston, adj Morrisons Store 22:00
Upper Dovercourt, o/s Churchill Court 22:02
Upper Dovercourt, opp Scout Hut 22:04
Upper Dovercourt, opp Dovercourt Hospital 22:06
Dovercourt, adj Ashley Road 22:07
Dovercourt, o/s Mayflower School 22:07
Dovercourt, opp Brooklyn Road 22:08
Dovercourt High Street (NE-bound) 22:09
Harwich, opp Barrack Lane 22:10
Harwich, opp Mayflower Avenue 22:10
Harwich, opp Lighthouse 22:11
Harwich, o/s Bus Station 22:12

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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