105 - Brunton Lane-Farm Cottages - St Cuthberts Rc Lower School

Operated by Arriva Northumbria


Monday to Friday, school days

Great Park Sir Bobby Robson Way (N-Bound) 07:16
Great Parkway - Sage Offices (W-Bound) 07:18
Great Park Wagonway Drive (NW-Bound) 07:20
Great Park Wagonway Drive (S-Bound) 07:23
Great Park Roseden Way (E-Bound) 07:24
Great Park Roseden Way (E-Bound) 07:25
Great Park Brunton Lane (E-Bound) 07:26
Great Park Brunton Lane-Farm Cottages (E-Bound) 07:28
Gosforth Great North Road-Glamis Avenue (S-Bound) 07:30
Gosforth Great North Road-Norwood Avenue (S-Bound) 07:31
Gosforth Brunton Park (S-Bound) 07:32
Gosforth Great North Road-Three Mile Inn (S-Bound) 07:33
Gosforth Great North Road-Broadway East (S-Bound) 07:34
Gosforth Great North Road-Park Avenue (S-Bound) 07:35
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange (D) 07:37
Gosforth Lansdowne Terrace (S-Bound) 07:39
Gosforth High Street - S Cross Street (S-Bound) 07:40
Gosforth High Street-Rosewood Terrace (S-Bound) 07:40
Gosforth High Street-The Grove (S-Bound) 07:41
Gosforth Great North Road-Moorfield (S-Bound) 07:41
West Jesmond Grandstand Road-Blue House (W-Bound) 07:42
Kenton Road-Montagu Avenue (N-Bound) 07:46
Kenton Road-Kenton Avenue (N-Bound) 07:48
Kenton Road-Northumberland Avenue (NW-Bound) 07:50
Kenton Park Shops (N-Bound) 07:52
Kenton Lane-Eastwood Gardens (W-Bound) 07:54
Kenton Lane-The Crossway (W-Bound) 07:55
Kenton Lane-The Ridgeway (W-Bound) 07:56
Kenton Lane-Creighton Avenue (W-Bound) 07:57
Kenton Bar Kenton Lane-Moor Lane (W-Bound) 08:00
Kenton Bar Kenton Lane - Ashover Road (W-Bound) 08:02
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Kenton Lane (S-Bound) 08:03
Kenton Bar Cowgate-Ponteland Road (S-Bound) 08:04
Cowgate Ponteland Road-Eastern Way (S-Bound) 08:06
Cowgate Ponteland Road-St Peters Church (SE-Bound) 08:08
Cowgate Two Ball Lonnen (SW-Bound) 08:11
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen-Cypress Avenue (SW-Bound) 08:13
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen - Lonnen Avenue (S-Bound) 08:16
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen - Cedar Road (S-Bound) 08:18
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen-West Road (SW-Bound) 08:21
Benwell Pease Avenue (S-Bound) 08:23
Benwell St Cuthberts Rc Lower School (SE-Bound) 08:25

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ANUM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 May 2023

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