107 - Liscard - Liscard

A bus service operated by A2B Travel


Liscard Monk Road (Stop C) 09:1510:4512:1513:4515:1517:05
Liscard Road (Stop E) 09:1510:4512:1513:4515:1517:05
Liscard, opp Eric Road 09:1710:4712:1713:4715:1717:07
Liscard, opp Love Lane 09:1710:4712:1713:4715:1717:07
Poulton, adj Mostyn Street 09:1810:4812:1813:4815:1817:08
Poulton Hall Road (opp) 09:1810:4812:1813:4815:1817:08
Poulton, opp Hillcrest Court 09:1910:4912:1913:4915:1917:09
Poulton, adj Fox Hey Road 09:2010:5012:2013:5015:2017:10
Wallasey, opp Westbourne Road 09:2010:5012:2013:5015:2017:10
Wallasey, opp Wallacre Road 09:2110:5112:2113:5115:2117:11
Wallasey, nr Kelmscott Drive 09:2110:5112:2113:5115:2117:11
Wallasey, adj Burton Avenue 09:2210:5212:2213:5215:2217:12
Wallasey, opp Sandy Lane 09:2310:5312:2313:5315:2317:13
Wallasey, opp Bangor Road 09:2410:5412:2413:5415:2417:14
Wallasey, adj Green Lane 09:2410:5412:2413:5415:2417:14
Wallasey, opp Asbury Road 09:2510:5512:2513:5515:2517:15
Wallasey, opp Newport Avenue 09:2510:5512:2513:5515:2517:15
Harrison Park, adj Mockbeggar Drive 09:2610:5612:2613:5615:2617:16
Harrison Park Wallasey Grove Road Station (Stop A) 09:2810:5812:2813:5815:2817:18
Harrison Park, adj Coniston Avenue 09:2810:5812:2813:5815:2817:18
Wallasey, opp Beresford Road 09:2910:5912:2913:5915:2917:19
Wallasey, opp Lyndhurst Road 09:2910:5912:2913:5915:2917:19
New Brighton, opp Zetland Road 09:3111:0112:3114:0115:3117:21
New Brighton, opp Ennerdale Road 09:3111:0112:3114:0115:3117:21
New Brighton, o/s No. 69b 09:3211:0212:3214:0215:3217:22
New Brighton, adj Portland Street 09:3311:0312:3314:0315:3317:23
New Brighton, adj Warren Drive 09:3311:0312:3314:0315:3317:23
New Brighton, nr Portland Street 09:3311:0312:3314:0315:3317:23
New Brighton Morrisons (Stop B) 09:3511:0512:3514:0515:3517:25
New Brighton, opp Cressingham Road 09:3611:0612:3614:0615:3617:26
New Brighton, adj Seymour Place West 09:3711:0712:3714:0715:3717:27
Vale Park, opp Maitland Road 09:3811:0812:3814:0815:3817:28
Vale Park, nr Dalmorton Road 09:3911:0912:3914:0915:3917:29
Vale Park, opp Maitland Road 09:4011:1012:4014:1015:4017:30
New Brighton, adj Magazine Lane 09:4111:1112:4114:1115:4117:31
Vale Park (adj) 09:4211:1212:4214:1215:4217:32
Vale Park, opp Mariners Road 09:4311:1312:4314:1315:4317:33
N Egremont, opp Denton Drive 09:4311:1312:4314:1315:4317:33
N Egremont, adj Seabank Road 09:4411:1412:4414:1415:4417:34
N Egremont, opp Hale Road 09:4511:1512:4514:1515:4517:35
Liscard, adj Seabank Road 09:4511:1512:4514:1515:4517:35
Liscard, adj Steel Avenue 09:4511:1512:4514:1515:4517:35
Liscard, nr Strathcona Road 09:4611:1612:4614:1615:4617:36
Liscard, adj Manor Lane 09:4711:1712:4714:1715:4717:37
Egremont, opp Manor Road 09:4811:1812:4814:1815:4817:38
Egremont, adj Lea Road 09:4911:1912:4914:1915:4917:39
Liscard, adj Martin's Lane 09:5011:2012:5014:2015:5017:40
Liscard, adj The Mount 09:5111:2112:5114:2115:5117:41
Liscard, adj Bryn Bank 09:5111:2112:5114:2115:5117:41
Liscard, opp Martins Lane 09:5211:2212:5214:2215:5217:42
Liscard Road (Stop E) 09:5311:2312:5314:2315:5317:43
Liscard Dominick House (Stop F) 09:5411:2412:5414:2415:5417:44

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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