10A - Folkestone Bus Station - Ashford Catholic Church

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South East

Folkestone Bus Station - Ashford Catholic Church

Folkestone Bus Station (Bay A2) 07:5118:40
Folkestone Bouverie Road West (W-bound) 07:5218:41
Folkestone, adj Castle House 07:5218:41
Folkestone, opp Trinity Gardens 07:5418:42
Folkestone, adj The Metropole 07:5518:43
Folkestone Dixwell Road (W-bound) 07:5618:44
Folkestone, opp Coolinge Lane 07:5618:44
Sandgate, opp War Memorial 07:5818:46
Sandgate, opp The Crescent 07:5918:47
Sandgate, opp Wilberforce Road 07:5918:47
Sandgate, opp Brewer's Hill 08:0018:48
Sandgate, opp Castle Bay 08:0118:49
Sandgate, opp Battery Point 08:0218:50
Seabrook, opp The Fountain 08:0318:51
Seabrook, opp Cliff Road 08:0418:52
Seabrook, opp St Saviour's Hospital 08:0518:53
Seabrook, adj Saxon Close 08:0618:54
Seabrook, opp Cannongate Road 08:0818:55
Hythe, opp Mill Road 08:0918:56
Hythe, opp Douglas Avenue 08:1018:57
Hythe, opp Old Prospect Road 08:1218:58
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop B) 07:0208:1318:59
Hythe Light Railway Station (Stop D) 07:0408:1519:00
Saltwood Brockhill Road (N-bound) 07:0608:17
Hythe Barrack Hill (Stop E) 19:00
Saltwood, opp Seaton Avenue 07:0708:18
Hythe, opp Turnpike Hill 19:01
Saltwood, adj Bartholomew Lane 07:0808:19
Pedlinge Farm (opp) 19:03
Saltwood, adj Brockhill Park 07:10
Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 08:22
Sandling, o/s Railway Station 07:12
Sandling Turning (NW-bound) 07:13
Newingreen, opp Holiday Extras 07:1719:06
Sellindge, opp Barrow Hill Farm 07:2219:11
Sellindge, adj Meadow Grove 07:2419:12
Sellindge, opp Swan Lane 07:2519:13
Sellindge, o/s Village Hall 07:2619:13
Sellindge, opp Primary School 07:2619:13
Sellindge, opp Dukes Head 07:2719:14
Sellindge, adj Harringe Lane 07:2919:15
Sellindge, adj Cooper's Lane 07:31
Brabourne Lees, opp Andrews' Garage 07:34
Brabourne Lees, opp Pound Lane 07:35
Brabourne Lees, adj Ramstone Close 07:37
Brabourne Lees, opp Bridge Road 07:38
Brabourne Lees, adj The Woolpack 07:39
Smeeth, adj Ridgeway Terrace 07:40
Smeeth, opp Joe Farm 07:40
Smeeth, opp Hatch Park 07:41
Mersham, opp Business Village 07:4219:19
Mersham Turn (adj) 07:4319:20
Mersham, opp Bockham Lane 07:4419:21
Willesborough, adj Tesco Crooksfoot 07:4619:23
Willesborough, adj Yeoman Gardens 07:51
Willesborough, o/s William Harvey Hospital 07:53
Willesborough, opp Yeoman Gardens 07:54
Willesborough, adj Church Road 08:0019:26
Willesborough, adj Waterside 08:0119:27
Willesborough, adj Hythe Road The New Fox Inn 08:0219:28
Ashford, opp The Norton Knatchbull School 08:0419:28
Ashford, adj Mabledon Avenue 08:0519:29
Ashford, opp Star Road 08:0619:30
Ashford, adj East Hill 08:0719:30
Ashford Wellesley Road (Stop T) 08:0919:31
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 08:1219:33s
Ashford Elwick Road (Stop J) 19:34
Ashford County Square (Stop K) 08:1719:36
Ashford, adj Catholic Church 08:21

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Ashford County Square - Folkestone Cemetery

Ashford County Square (Stop L) 06:5514:04
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 06:5814:10
Ashford Wellesley Road (Stop S) 07:0014:12
Ashford, opp East Hill 07:0114:13
Ashford, adj Star Road 07:0314:14
Ashford, opp Mabledon Avenue 07:0314:15
Ashford, adj The Norton Knatchbull School 07:0414:16
Willesborough, opp Hythe Road The New Fox Inn 07:0514:16
Willesborough, opp Waterside 07:0614:17
Willesborough, opp Church Road 07:0714:18
Willesborough, adj Yeoman Gardens 07:1114:22
Willesborough, o/s William Harvey Hospital 07:1214:23
Willesborough, opp Yeoman Gardens 07:1314:24
Willesborough, opp Tesco Crooksfoot 07:1514:26
Mersham, adj Bockham Lane 07:1714:27
Mersham Turn (opp) 07:1914:29
Mersham, adj Business Village 07:2014:29
Smeeth, adj Hatch Park 07:2014:30
Smeeth, adj Joe Farm 07:2214:31
Smeeth, opp Ridgeway Terrace 07:2214:31
Brabourne Lees, opp The Woolpack 07:2314:32
Brabourne Lees, adj Bridge Road 07:2414:33
Brabourne Lees, opp Ramstone Close 07:2414:33
Brabourne Lees, adj Pound Lane 07:2614:34
Brabourne Lees, adj Andrews' Garage 07:2614:35
Sellindge, opp Cooper's Lane 07:2914:37
Sellindge, opp Harringe Lane 07:3014:38
Sellindge, adj Dukes Head 07:3214:39
Sellindge, adj Primary School 07:3214:40
Sellindge, adj Downs Way 07:3314:40
Sellindge, adj Recreation Ground 07:3414:42
Sellindge, adj Greenfields 07:3514:42
Sellindge, at Greenfields Shelter 07:3614:43
Sellindge, opp Recreation Ground 07:3714:44
Sellindge, opp Downs Way 07:3914:46
Sellindge, opp Siegfried Close 07:3914:46
Sellindge, opp Meadow Grove 07:4014:47
Sellindge, adj Barrow Hill Farm 07:4114:48
Lympne, adj Industrial Estate 07:4314:50
Lympne, opp Reach Road 07:4514:52
Lympne Place (opp) 07:4514:52
Lympne, opp The County Members 07:4614:53
Lympne, adj Harman Avenue 07:4714:54
Lympne, adj Belcaire Close 07:4814:54
Newingreen Stone Street (NE-bound) 07:5114:57
Sandling Turning (SE-bound) 07:5615:02
Sandling, o/s Railway Station 07:5715:03
Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 08:0415:10
Saltwood, adj The Green 08:0915:15
Saltwood, adj Seaton Avenue 08:1115:17
Saltwood Brockhill Road (S-bound) 08:1215:18
Hythe Sir John Moore Avenue (Stop G) 08:1515:21
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop A) 08:1715:23
Hythe, adj Old Prospect Road 08:1815:24
Hythe, adj Douglas Avenue 08:1915:25
Hythe, adj Mill Road 08:2015:26
Seabrook, adj Cannongate Road 08:2015:26
Seabrook, opp Saxon Close 08:2115:27
Seabrook, adj St Saviour's Hospital 08:2215:28
Seabrook, adj Cliff Road 08:2315:29
Seabrook, adj The Fountain 08:2415:30
Sandgate, adj Battery Point 08:2515:31
Sandgate, adj Castle Bay 08:2515:31
Sandgate, adj Brewer's Hill 08:2615:32
Sandgate, adj Wilberforce Road 08:2715:33
Sandgate, adj The Crescent 08:2715:33
Sandgate, adj War Memorial 08:2815:34
Folkestone, adj Coolinge Lane 08:3015:36
Folkestone Dixwell Road (E-bound) 08:3115:38
Folkestone, opp The Metropole 08:3215:39
Folkestone, adj Trinity Gardens 08:3415:41
Folkestone Sandgate Road (E-bound) 08:3515:43
Folkestone Bus Station (Bay A1) 08:37
Folkestone, at Bus Station Arrivals 15:44
Folkestone, adj Cemetery 08:42

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 1 March 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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