11 - Hillmorton - Bilton

A bus service operated by Flexibus

Monday to Saturday

Rugby Church Street (Stand K) 09:4412:1514:05
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand O) 09:4412:1514:05
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand O) 09:4612:1714:07
Rugby, adj Fawsley House 09:4612:1714:07
Rugby, adj Temple Street 09:4612:1714:07
Southfields Estate Faraday Road (Jcn) 12:2414:14
Southfields Estate, adj Naseby Road 09:4612:2414:14
Southfields Estate Faraday Road (Jcn) 09:4612:2414:14
Southfields Estate Pytchley Road (Jcn) 09:4612:2414:14
Southfields Estate Cromwell Road (Jcn) 09:4612:2414:14
Southfields Estate, opp Naseby Road 09:4612:24
Rugby, opp Timber Court 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, adj Paradise Street 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, opp Slade Road 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, opp Boundary Road 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, opp Dewar Grove 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, adj Dewar Grove 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, adj Wise Grove 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby, adj Loverock Crescent 09:4612:2414:14
Rugby Lower Hillmorton Road (Jcn) 09:51
Hillmorton, adj Shops 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, opp Rathbone Close 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, opp Hughes Close 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, opp Mellor Road 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, adj Landseer Close 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, opp Gainsborough Crescent 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, adj Coton Road 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, adj Gibson Drive 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, opp Linnell Road 09:5112:2414:14
Hillmorton, adj Vere Road 09:5112:2414:14
Rugby, adj Dewar Grove 12:3114:21
Rugby, opp Loverock Crescent 09:5112:3114:21
Rugby, opp Dewar Grove 09:5112:3114:21
Rugby, adj Dewar Grove 09:5112:3114:21
Rugby, adj Wise Grove 09:5112:3114:21
Hillmorton, adj Langton Road 09:5112:3114:21
Hillmorton, adj Shops 09:5512:3614:26
Hillmorton, opp Rathbone Close 09:5712:3914:29
Rugby, adj Boundary Road 09:5712:3914:29
Rugby, adj Timber Court 09:5712:3914:29
Southfields Estate, adj Naseby Road 09:5712:3914:29
Southfields Estate Faraday Road (Jcn) 09:5712:3914:29
Hillmorton, adj Landseer Close 10:0212:4314:32
Rugby, adj Wise Grove 10:07
Southfields Estate, opp Naseby Road 10:0712:4314:32
Rugby Lower Hillmorton Road (Jcn) 14:36
Rugby, opp Temple Street 10:0712:4314:36
Southfields Estate Pytchley Road (Jcn) 10:1312:54
Rugby, opp Fawsley House 10:1312:5414:36
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand B) 10:2213:0314:41
Rugby North Street (Stand E) 10:2413:0514:43
Rugby Lawrence Sheriff Street (Jcn) 10:2413:05
Rugby, opp Dickinson Court 10:2413:05
Rugby, adj St Cross Hospital 10:3113:12
Rugby, adj Bus Shelter 10:3113:12
Rugby, adj Celadon Road 10:3513:16
Rugby, adj Sainsburys 10:3813:19
Rugby Dunchurch Road (Jcn) 10:3813:19
Rugby, opp Tennyson Avenue 09:0710:4313:24
Bilton, adj Ash Court 09:0710:4313:24
Bilton, opp The Green 09:1210:4813:29
Bilton, opp The Green 09:1210:4813:29
Rugby, adj High School for Girls 09:1210:4813:29
Cawston, adj Lime Tree Village 09:1710:5313:34
Woodlands, nr Juliet Drive 09:2411:0013:41
Woodlands, adj Falstaff Drive 09:2411:0013:41
Rugby, adj Sainsburys 09:2911:0513:46
Rugby, opp Vermilion Way 09:3111:0713:48
Rugby, adj Bus Shelter 09:3111:0713:48
Rugby, opp St Cross Hospital 09:3611:1213:53
Rugby, adj Dickinson Court 09:3611:1213:53
Rugby Lawrence Sheriff Street (Jcn) 09:3611:1213:53
Rugby Church Street (Stand J) 09:3611:1213:53
Rugby Church Street (Stand K) 09:4411:2014:05
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand O) 09:4611:2214:07

Timetable data from A & M Group - Flexibus/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 13 March 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.