119 - Framlingham - Ipswich

A bus service operated by Ipswich Buses


Framlingham to Ipswich

Ipswich to Framlingham

Framlingham White Horse Mews (Adjacent) 07:1509:3017:1518:00
Framlingham, opposite Fulchers Field 07:1509:3117:1618:01
Framlingham, opposite Kings Avenue 07:1609:3217:1718:02
Saxtead Green, adj Old Mill House 07:1909:3417:1918:04
Earl Soham, opp School 07:2209:3617:2118:06
Earl Soham, o/s Bus Shelter 07:2309:3817:2318:08
Earl Soham, o/s The Victoria 07:2309:3917:2418:09
Earl Soham, opp Windwhistle Farm 07:2409:4017:2518:10
Ashfield cum Thorpe, opp Sunnyside Corner 07:2709:4217:2718:12
Ashfield cum Thorpe, opp Church 07:2709:4317:2818:13
Framsden, opp Peats Corner 07:3009:4517:3018:15
Framsden, opp Tollgate Bus Shelter 07:3309:4817:3318:18
Helmingham, o/s School 07:3309:4917:3418:19
Helmingham, opp New Road 07:3409:5017:3518:20
Helmingham, opp Hall 07:3609:5117:3618:21
Helmingham, opp Otley Turn 07:3709:5217:3718:22
Helmingham, outside Shelter 07:3709:5317:3818:23
Ashbocking, opposite Millfield 07:4009:5517:4018:25
Ashbocking, opposite Nelson Close 07:4209:5717:4218:27
Gibraltar Forge Cottage (S-bound) 07:44
Swilland High Road (S-bound) 09:5817:4318:28
Swilland, opposite Church Lane 07:47
Swilland, opp School 07:48
Swilland Ipswich Road (W-bound) 07:49
Witnesham, opp Weyland Road 07:5010:0017:4518:30
Witnesham Burwash (Adjacent) 07:5010:0117:4618:31
Witnesham, opp Village Sign 07:5110:0217:4718:32
Witnesham, opp Post Office 07:5210:0317:4818:33
Westerfield, opp Cockfield Hall Lane 07:5410:0417:4918:34
Westerfield The Rectory (Adjacent) 07:5510:0517:5018:35
Westerfield, adj Railway Station 07:5610:0617:5118:36
Ipswich, adj Chelsworth Avenue 07:5810:0717:5218:37
Ipswich, adj Borrowdale Avenue 07:5910:0817:5318:38
Ipswich, opp Park North 07:5910:0917:5418:39
Ipswich, adj Manor Road 08:0010:1017:5518:40
Ipswich, opp Park Gates 08:0010:1117:5618:41
Ipswich, adj Woolpack 08:0110:1217:5718:42
St Margarets, opp Soane Street 08:0210:1317:5818:43
Ipswich Tower Ramparts Bus Station (Stand FF) 08:0310:1518:0018:45
Ipswich Museum Street (Stand 1) 08:0410:1618:0118:46
Ipswich Willis Building (S-bound) 08:05
Ipswich, opp Willis Building 10:1818:0318:48
Ipswich, adj St Clare House 08:06
Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand H) 10:2018:0518:50
Ipswich, opposite Fire Station 08:08
Ipswich Railway Station (Stand R1) 08:10

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Ipswich_Buses/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 27 September 2022

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