126 - Axbridge - Cheddar - Wells

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Axbridge - Cheddar - Wells

Axbridge Surgery (E-bound) 09:1510:5013:0514:4016:25
Axbridge The George House (E-bound) 07:3709:1810:5313:0814:4316:28
Axbridge Hippisley Drive Junction (E-bound) 07:3709:1810:5313:0814:4316:28
Axbridge Cheddar Road (E-bound) 07:3909:2010:5513:1014:4516:30
Warrens Hill Shipham Road Junction (E-bound) 07:4109:2210:5713:1214:4716:32
Cheddar Hannay Road Turn (S-bound) 07:4309:2410:5913:1414:4916:34
Cheddar The Barrows (SE-bound) 07:4409:2511:0013:1514:5016:35
Cheddar Greenhill House (SE-bound) 07:4509:2611:0113:1614:5116:36
Cheddar Tweentown (E-bound) 07:4609:2711:0213:1714:5216:37
Cheddar Union Street (S-bound) 07:4709:2811:0313:1814:5316:38
Draycott Calcott Farm (SE-bound) 07:5209:3311:0813:2314:5816:43
Draycott Back Lane (SE-bound) 07:5509:3611:1113:2615:0116:46
Rodney Stoke The Thatched Cottage (SE-bound) 07:5609:3711:1213:2715:0216:47
Rodney Stoke The Bus Shelter (SE-bound) 07:5709:3811:1313:2815:0316:48
Rodney Stoke Bucklegrove Caravan Park (SE-bound) 07:5909:4011:1513:3015:0516:50
Old Ditch The Post Office (S-bound) 08:0209:4311:1813:3315:0816:53
Westbury-sub-Mendip Edenmount (E-bound) 08:0209:4311:1813:3315:0816:53
Holly Brook Wellsway (SE-bound) 08:0209:4311:1813:3315:0816:53
Easton Sunset House (SE-bound) 08:0309:4411:1913:3415:0916:54
Easton St. Paul's Church (SE-bound) 08:0409:4511:2013:3515:1016:55
Wookey Bus Shelter (SE-bound) 08:1009:4911:2413:3915:1416:59
Haybridge, opp Touring Park 08:1209:5011:2513:4015:1517:00
Wells, opp Cemetery 08:1309:5111:2613:4115:1617:01
Wells, adj Charter Way 08:1409:5211:2713:4215:1717:02
Wells The Portway (E-bound) 08:1509:5311:2813:4315:1817:03
Wells Bubwith Almshouse (SW-bound) 08:1709:5411:2913:4415:1917:04
Wells Bus Station (Bay 4) 08:1809:5511:3013:4515:2017:05
Wells Chamberlain Street (NE-bound) 08:1915:21
Haybridge Wookey Hole Road (N-bound) 08:2115:23
Haybridge Wells Blue School (NW-bound) 08:2315:25

Wells - Cheddar - Axbridge

Haybridge Wells Blue School (SE-bound) 08:2515:35
Haybridge Cathedral View Nursing Home (S-bound) 08:2615:40
Wells Bubwith Almshouse (SW-bound) 08:2815:40
Wells Bus Station (Bay 4) 08:3010:0512:2013:5515:4017:50
Wells Chamberlain Street (NE-bound) 08:3010:0512:2013:5515:4017:50
Wells The Old Wheelwright Cottages (W-bound) 08:3110:0612:2113:5615:4117:51
Wells, opp Charter Way 08:3210:0712:2213:5715:4217:52
Wells, outside Cemetery 08:3310:0812:2313:5815:4317:53
Haybridge Villas (opp) 08:3410:0912:2413:5915:4417:54
Wookey Littley Bridge (W-bound) 08:3510:1012:2514:0015:4517:55
The Easton Inn (NW-bound) 08:4010:1512:3014:0515:5018:00
Easton Woodsmoke (NW-bound) 08:4010:1512:3014:0515:5018:00
Holly Brook Fairview Cottage (NW-bound) 08:4110:1612:3114:0615:5118:01
Westbury-sub-Mendip Wells Road (NW-bound) 08:4110:1612:3114:0615:5118:01
Westbury-sub-Mendip, opp Edenmount 08:4110:1612:3114:0615:5118:01
Old Ditch St. Lawrence Church (N-bound) 08:4210:1712:3214:0715:5218:02
Old Ditch Court House Farm (NW-bound) 08:4210:1712:3214:0715:5218:02
Rodney Stoke Bucklegrove Caravan Park (NW-bound) 08:4510:2012:3514:1015:5518:05
Rodney Stoke Wells Road (NW-bound) 08:4610:2112:3614:1115:5618:06
Rodney Stoke Smiths Close (NW-bound) 08:4710:2212:3714:1215:5718:07
Draycott Back Lane (NW-bound) 08:5010:2512:4014:1516:0018:10
Bradley Cross Katona Stone (NW-bound) 08:5310:2812:4314:1816:0318:13
Cheddar Church Street (N-bound) 08:5710:3212:4714:2216:0718:17
Cheddar Tweentown (W-bound) 08:5910:3412:4914:2416:0918:19
Cheddar Greenhill House (NW-bound) 08:5910:3412:4914:2416:0918:19
Cheddar The Barrows (NW-bound) 09:0010:3512:5014:2516:1018:20
Cheddar Round Oak Road Turn (N-bound) 09:0110:3612:5114:2616:1118:21
Warrens Hill Shipham Road Junction (W-bound) 09:0210:3712:5214:2716:1218:22
Axbridge Cheddar Road (W-bound) 09:0410:3912:5414:2916:1418:24
Axbridge Parkfield Road Junction (W-bound) 09:0610:4112:5614:3116:1618:26
Axbridge Town Hall (W-bound) 09:0710:4212:5714:3216:1718:27
Axbridge Surgery (W-bound) 09:1010:4513:0014:3516:2018:30

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