129 - Ashby - Loughborough

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Ashby to Loughborough

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Market Street (E Bound) 07:3009:3311:3314:0316:03
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, adj North Street 07:3009:3311:3314:0316:03
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, opposite School 07:3009:3311:3314:0316:03
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, opp Birch Road 07:3109:3411:3414:0416:04
Lount, outside Ferrers Arms 07:3609:3911:3914:0916:09
Newbold School Lane (E bound) 07:3909:4211:4214:1216:12
Peggs Green, adj Clay Lane 07:4309:4611:4614:1616:16
Peggs Green, adj Kellys Barn 07:4309:4611:4614:1616:16
Griffydam, adj The Tentas 07:4509:4811:4814:1816:18
Griffydam, adj The Stables 07:4509:4811:4814:1816:18
Osgathorpe, adj Orchard Close 07:4809:5111:5114:2116:21
Osgathorpe, opp Snarrows Road 07:4809:5111:5114:2116:21
Osgathorpe, opp Ashby Road 07:4909:5211:5214:2216:22
Belton, opp Tylers Road 07:5209:5511:5514:2516:25
Belton, opp The George 07:5309:5611:5614:2616:26
Belton Bromley Lane (adjacent) 07:5309:5611:5614:2616:26
Shepshed, adj Radnor Drive 07:5810:0112:0114:3116:31
Shepshed, adj Woodlands Drive 07:5910:0212:0214:3216:32
Shepshed, adj Countrymans Way 07:5910:0212:0214:3216:32
Shepshed, adj Market Place 08:0110:0412:0414:3416:34
Shepshed, outside Bull Ring 08:0310:0612:0614:3616:36
Shepshed, adj Harrington Road 08:0310:0612:0614:3616:36
Shepshed, adj Cumbrian Way 08:0410:0712:0714:3716:37
Shepshed, opp Pennine Close 08:0610:0912:0914:3916:39
Shepshed, opp Temple Close 08:0610:0912:0914:3916:39
Shepshed, opp Ingleberry Road 08:0710:1012:1014:4016:40
Shepshed, adj Highways Department 08:0810:1112:1114:4116:41
Nanpantan, adj Priory 08:1310:1612:1614:4616:46
Nanpantan, adj Nursery School 08:1410:1712:1714:4716:47
Loughborough, opp Private Estate 08:1510:1812:1814:4816:48
Loughborough, adj Thirlmere Drive 08:1710:1912:1914:4916:49
Loughborough, adj Kirkstone Drive 08:1910:2012:2014:5016:50
Loughborough, adj Benscliffe Drive 08:2010:2112:2114:5116:51
Loughborough, adj Ashleigh Drive 08:2110:2212:2214:5216:52
Loughborough, outside Oaklands Avenue 08:2210:2312:2314:5316:53
Loughborough, opp Wallace Road 08:2310:2412:2414:5416:54
Loughborough, adj Emmanuel Church 08:2410:2512:2514:5516:55
Loughborough, adj New Street 08:2510:2612:2614:5616:56
Loughborough Baxter Gate (Stand BB) 08:2710:2712:2714:5716:57
Loughborough Baxter Gate (Stand BD) 08:2810:2812:2814:5816:58

Loughborough to Ashby

Loughborough Baxter Gate (Stand BD) 08:3510:3513:0515:0517:30
Loughborough Fennel Street (Stand FA) 08:3510:3513:0515:0517:30
Loughborough Swan Street (Stand SA) 08:3610:3613:0615:0617:31
Loughborough Ashby Square (Stand AA) 08:3610:3613:0615:0617:31
Loughborough, adj Wards End 08:3710:3713:0715:0717:32
Loughborough, opp Emmanuel Church 08:3810:3813:0815:0817:33
Loughborough, adj Wallace Road 08:3910:3913:0915:0917:34
Loughborough, opposite Oaklands Avenue 08:4010:4013:1015:1017:35
Loughborough, opp Ashleigh Drive 08:4010:4013:1015:1017:35
Loughborough, opp Benscliffe Drive 08:4110:4113:1115:1117:36
Loughborough, opp Kirkstone Drive 08:4110:4113:1115:1117:36
Loughborough, opp Thirlmere Drive 08:4210:4213:1215:1217:37
Loughborough, adj Private Estate 08:4310:4313:1315:1317:38
Nanpantan, opp Nursery School 08:4410:4413:1415:1417:39
Nanpantan, opp Priory 08:4510:4513:1515:1517:40
Shepshed, opp Highways Department 08:4910:4913:1915:1917:44
Shepshed, outside Warehouse 08:5010:5013:2015:2017:45
Shepshed, adj Temple Close 08:5010:5013:2015:2017:45
Shepshed, outside Fairway Road 08:5210:5213:2215:2217:47
Shepshed, opp Cumbrian Way 08:5210:5213:2215:2217:47
Shepshed, opp Harrington Road 08:5310:5313:2315:2317:48
Shepshed, opp Bull Ring 08:5410:5413:2415:2417:49
Shepshed, adj Bull Ring 08:5510:5513:2515:2517:50
Shepshed, opp Market Place 08:5610:5613:2615:2617:51
Shepshed, opp Countrymans Way 08:5710:5713:2715:2717:52
Shepshed, opp Boundary Way 08:5810:5813:2815:2817:53
Shepshed, adj Highfield Close 08:5910:5913:2915:2917:54
Shepshed, adj Piper Close 08:5910:5913:2915:2917:54
Belton, opp Church Street 09:0311:0313:3315:3317:58
Belton, opp Bromley Lane 09:0411:0413:3415:3417:59
Belton, outside The George 09:0511:0513:3515:3518:00
Belton, adj Tylers Road 09:0511:0513:3515:3518:00
Osgathorpe, opp Stock Yard 09:0711:0713:3715:3718:02
Osgathorpe, adj Ashby Road 09:0811:0813:3815:3818:03
Osgathorpe, adj Snarrows Road 09:0911:0913:3915:3918:04
Osgathorpe, opp Orchard Close 09:1011:1013:4015:4018:05
Griffydam, opp The Stables 09:1211:1213:4215:4218:07
Griffydam, opp The Tentas 09:1311:1313:4315:4318:08
Peggs Green, opp Kellys Barn 09:1411:1413:4415:4418:09
Peggs Green, opp Clay Lane 09:1511:1513:4515:4518:10
Newbold, adj School Lane 09:1911:1913:4915:4918:14
Lount, adj Nottingham Road 09:2111:2113:5115:5118:16
Lount, opp Ferrers Arms 09:2311:2313:5315:5318:18
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, adj Birch Road 09:2611:2613:5615:5618:21
Ashby-de-la-Zouch School (adjacent) 09:2711:2713:5715:5718:22
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, opp North Street 09:2711:2713:5715:5718:22
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, adj Market Street 09:2811:2813:5815:5818:23

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