12A - Bridlington - Hunmanby - Filey - Eastfield Ind Est - Scarborough

A bus service operated by East Yorkshire


Bridlington BS (Bay A2) 06:30
Bridlington Promenade 06:30
Bridlington Flamborough Rd 06:31
Bridlington Flamborough Rd 06:31
Bridlington Fortyfoot 06:32
Bridlington Fortyfoot 06:32
Bridlington Marton Road 06:33
Bridlington Marton Road 06:34
Bridlington Marton Road 06:35
Bridlington Marton Road 06:35
Bridlington Scarborough Rd 06:37
Grindale, opp Huntow Cottages 06:40
Reighton The Dotterel (N-bound) 06:45
Reighton Watson's Lane (NW-bound) 06:46
Hunmanby Arie Hill (N-bound) 06:48
Hunmanby Primrose Valley Holiday Village (N-bound) 06:49
Hunmanby Primrose Valley Garage (NW-bound) 06:49
Hunmanby Sheep Dyke (SW-bound) 06:52
Hunmanby Horseshoe Inn (W-bound) 06:52
Hunmanby Hungate Court (S-bound) 06:53
Hunmanby Cross Hill (NW-bound) 06:54
Hunmanby Muston Road End (N-bound) 06:54
Muston Wold View (NE-bound) 06:57
Muston Anabry Cottage (N-bound) 06:58
Muston Greame Cottage (E-bound) 06:58
Muston Pond Farm (E-bound) 06:59
Muston Mill Farm (NE-bound) 07:00
Filey, adj Secondary School 07:01
Filey Grange Avenue (NE-bound) 07:01
Filey Wharfedale (NE-bound) 07:02
Filey, adj Bus Station 07:03
Filey, adj Bus Station 07:05
Filey, adj The Croft 07:05
Filey, adj Grove Road 07:06
Filey Rowan Avenue (W-bound) 07:06
Filey Copse Hill (NW-bound) 07:07
Gristhorpe, adj Filey Bird Centre 07:07
Gristhorpe Muston Crossing (W-bound) 07:08
Gristhorpe Carless Lane (NW-bound) 07:10
Gristhorpe Electricity Works (W-bound) 07:11
Lebberston, adj Touring Park 07:12
Lebberston The Ox (N-bound) 07:13
Lebberston Killerby Lane (S-bound) 07:14
Cayton, opp East Lea View 07:16
Cayton, opp Beck Hole 07:16
Cayton Main Street (W-bound) 07:17
Cayton, adj Carr House Lane 07:17
Cayton, opp Havers Hill 07:18
Eastfield Police Station (N-bound) 07:20
Eastfield Forge House (S-bound) 07:21
Eastfield, adj Dunslow Road 07:23
Eastfield Seamer Station (W-bound) 07:25
Crossgates, opp Byward Drive 07:25
Crossgates, adj Burtondale Road 07:26
Eastfield, adj Stoney Haggs Rise 07:29
Weaponness The Mere B&Q (N-bound) 07:30
Weaponness Edgehill Road (N-bound) 07:31
Weaponness Football Stadium (N-bound) 07:32
Weaponness Rosebery Avenue (N-bound) 07:33
Falsgrave Seamer Street (N-bound) 07:34
Falsgrave, opp Westbourne Park 07:36
Falsgrave St John's Road (E-bound) 07:37
Scarborough Railway Station (NE-bound) 07:40

Timetable data from East Yorkshire, 19 March 2021

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