14 - Foxwood Lane Shops - York Rail Station - Haxby West Nooks

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Foxwood Lane Shops - Haxby West Nooks

Foxwood Lane Shops (opp) 22:30
Foxwood Lane, opp The Gallops 22:30
Woodthorpe, o/s Quaker Wood 22:32
Woodthorpe, adj Girvan Close 22:33
Woodthorpe, adj Alness Drive 22:34
Woodthorpe, opp Acomb Park 22:34
Woodthorpe, adj Eden Close 22:35
Woodthorpe Shops (o/s) 22:37
Woodthorpe, opp Carrfield 22:39
Woodthorpe, opp Ashbourne Way 22:40
Woodthorpe Grassholme 22:41
Woodthorpe, adj Moorcroft Road 22:43
Dringhouses, adj Chaloner's Road 22:44
Askham Bar Tesco (opp Car Park) 22:47
Dringhouses, adj Old Moor Lane 22:48
Dringhouses, adj The Horseshoe 22:49
Dringhouses, adj Slingsby Grove 22:50
Dringhouses, o/s Cross Keys 22:51
Tadcaster Road, adj Nelson's Lane 22:52
Tadcaster Road, adj Pulleyn Drive 22:53
Tadcaster Road Mount Vale (o/s 186) 22:55
York The Mount (o/s 134) 22:57
York Blossom Street (BA) 22:58
York Rail Station (RA) 22:0023:00
York Rougier Street (CG) 22:0223:02
York Micklegate (CJ) 22:0323:03
York Stonebow (SC) 19:0720:0721:0722:0723:07
York Peasholme Green (adj Quilt Museum) 19:0720:0721:0722:0723:07
York Trinity Methodist Church 19:0820:0821:0822:0823:08
The Groves, adj Lowther Street 19:0920:0921:0922:0923:09
The Groves, adj Grove Terrace Lane 19:1020:1021:1022:1023:10
Clifton, adj Ramsay Close 19:1020:1021:1022:1023:10
Clifton, adj Kitchener Street 19:1120:1121:1122:1123:11
Heworth Yearsley Bridge (adj Mallard Landings) 19:1220:1221:1222:1223:12
Huntington, opp Bell Farm 19:1320:1321:1322:1323:13
Huntington Yearsley Grove (adj River Foss) 19:1420:1421:1422:1423:14
Huntington, adj Meadowfields Drive 19:1520:1521:1522:1523:15
Huntington, opp Alexander Avenue 19:1620:1621:1622:1623:16
New Earswick, o/s Folk Hall 19:1720:1721:1722:1723:17
New Earswick Shops (opp) 19:1820:1821:1822:1823:18
New Earswick, adj Rowan Avenue 19:1820:1821:1822:1823:18
New Earswick, opp Joseph Rowntree School 19:1920:1921:1922:1923:19
New Earswick, opp Crompton Terrace 19:2020:2021:2022:2023:20
Haxby Crossing (adj Hilbra Ave) 19:2120:2121:2122:2123:21
Haxby Eastfield Avenue (opp. 36) 19:2220:2221:2222:2223:22
Haxby, adj Old Dike Lands 19:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
Haxby Wheatfield Lane (o/s 54) 19:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
Haxby, adj Meadow Lane 19:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
Haxby, adj Ruddings Close 19:2620:2621:2622:2623:26
Haxby, opp Sandyland 19:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
Wigginton St Nicholas Way 19:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
Wigginton Westfield Road (o/s 2) 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Haxby, o/s Red Lion 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Haxby, o/s Memorial Hall 19:2920:2921:2922:2923:29
Haxby, opp Hall Rise 19:2920:2921:2922:2923:29
Haxby, opp Allotment Gardens 19:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
Haxby, adj Folks Close 19:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
Haxby Netherwindings 19:3120:3121:3122:3123:31
Haxby West Nooks 19:3220:3221:3222:3223:32

Haxby West Nooks - Foxwood Lane Shops

Haxby West Nooks 18:3519:3520:3521:3522:35
Haxby, opp Folks Close 18:3519:3520:3521:3522:35
Haxby, o/s Allotment Gardens 18:3619:3620:3621:3622:36
Haxby, adj Hall Rise 18:3619:3620:3621:3622:36
Haxby, opp Memorial Hall 18:3719:3720:3721:3722:37
Haxby, opp Red Lion 18:3719:3720:3721:3722:37
Wigginton Westfield Road (o/s 6) 18:3819:3820:3821:3822:38
Haxby, adj Sandyland 18:3919:3920:3921:3922:39
Haxby, opp Ruddings Close 18:4019:4020:4021:4022:40
Haxby, opp Meadow Lane 18:4019:4020:4021:4022:40
Haxby Wheatfield Lane (o/s 41) 18:4119:4120:4121:4122:41
Haxby, opp Old Dike Lands 18:4219:4220:4221:4222:42
Haxby Eastfield Avenue (o/s 36) 18:4419:4420:4421:4422:44
Haxby Crossing (adj) 18:4519:4520:4521:4522:45
New Earswick, adj Crompton Terrace 18:4619:4620:4621:4622:46
New Earswick, o/s Joseph Rowntree School 18:4719:4720:4721:4722:47
New Earswick, opp Rowan Avenue 18:4819:4820:4821:4822:48
New Earswick Shops (o/s) 18:4919:4920:4921:4922:49
New Earswick Folk Hall (opp. Elm Tree Cottage) 18:4919:4920:4921:4922:49
Huntington, adj Alexander Avenue 18:5119:5120:5121:5122:51
Huntington, opp Meadowfields Drive 18:5219:5220:5221:5222:52
Huntington Yearsley Grove (opp River Foss) 18:5219:5220:5221:5222:52
Huntington, adj Bell Farm 18:5419:5420:5421:5422:54
Heworth Yearsley Bridge (opp Mallard Landings) 18:5419:5420:5421:5422:54
Clifton, opp Kitchener Street 18:5619:5620:5621:5622:56
Clifton, opp Ramsay Close 18:5619:5620:5621:5622:56
The Groves, opp Grove Terrace Lane 18:5719:5720:5721:5722:57
The Groves, opp Lowther Street 18:5819:5820:5821:5822:58
York Foss Bank 18:5919:5920:5921:5922:59
York Peasholme Green (opp Church) 19:0020:0021:0022:0023:00
York Stonebow (SE) 19:0120:0121:0122:0123:01
York Low Ousegate (TE) 22:0323:03
York Rougier Street (CB) 22:0623:06
York Rail Station (RG) 22:0823:08
York Blossom Street (BD) 22:0823:08
York The Mount (o/s 121) 22:1023:10
Tadcaster Road Mount Vale (opp 190) 22:1023:10
Tadcaster Road, opp Pulleyn Drive 22:1123:11
Tadcaster Road, opp Nelson's Lane 22:1223:12
Dringhouses, o/s The Marriott Hotel 22:1223:12
Dringhouses, o/s St Edward's Church 22:1323:13
Dringhouses, opp Slingsby Grove 22:1323:13
Dringhouses, opp The Horseshoe 22:1423:14
Dringhouses, opp Old Moor Lane 22:1423:14
Askham Bar Tesco (opp Car Park) 22:1723:17
Dringhouses, opp Chaloner's Road 22:1823:18
Woodthorpe, opp Moorcroft Road 22:1823:18
Woodthorpe Shops (o/s) 22:1923:19
Woodthorpe, opp Carrfield 22:2023:20
Woodthorpe, opp Ashbourne Way 22:2123:21
Woodthorpe Grassholme 22:2223:22
Woodthorpe, opp Eden Close 22:2223:22
Woodthorpe, adj Acomb Park 22:2323:23
Woodthorpe, opp Alness Drive 22:2323:23
Woodthorpe, opp Girvan Close 22:2423:24
Woodthorpe, opp Quaker Wood 22:2523:25
Woodthorpe, opp Bellwood Drive 22:2623:26
Foxwood Lane Bellhouse Way (o/s 147) 22:2723:27
Foxwood Lane Shops (opp) 22:2823:28

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