14A - Coventry - University of Warwick

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry

Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand T) 05:35then every 30 minutes until08:35
Coventry Well St (Stop BS7) 05:3708:37
Coventry St Johns Church (Stop CS1) 05:3808:38
Coventry Starley Rd (Stop CR4) 05:3908:39
Spon End, opp Vincent St 05:4108:41
Spon End, before The Arches 05:4208:42
Spon End, adj Craven St 05:4308:43
Chapel Fields, adj Mount St 05:4308:43
Chapel Fields, after The Maudsley 05:4508:45
Hearsall Common, opp Madeira Croft 05:4608:46
Hearsall Common, opp Maudslay Rd 05:4708:47
Hearsall Common, opp Billing Rd 05:4708:47
Whoberley Glendower Avenue (adjacent) 05:4808:48
Whoberley, opp Overdale Rd 05:4908:49
Whoberley Court (adj) 05:4908:49
Whoberley, opp Harewood Road 05:5008:50
Whoberley, adj Broadlands Close 05:5008:50
Whoberley, adj Kings Gardens 05:5108:51
Whoberley, adj Beech Tree Avenue 05:5208:52
Whoberley, adj Larch Tree Avenue 05:5308:53
Allesley Park, adj Ettington Road 05:5408:54
Allesley Park, adj Wilmcote Green Shops 05:5408:54
Allesley Park, adj Ladbrook Rd 05:5508:55
Allesley Green, opp Caithness Close 05:5608:56
Allesley Green, after Shetland Close 05:5608:56
Allesley Green, adj Alspath Lane 05:5708:57
Eastern Green, adj Windermere Ave 05:5808:58
Eastern Green, adj Osbaston Close 05:5808:58
Eastern Green, adj Rose Cottage Flats 05:5908:59
Eastern Green, adj Despard Rd 06:0009:00
Eastern Green, opp Church Lane 06:0109:01
Eastern Green, before William Bree Rd 06:0109:01
Eastern Green, opp Thornton Close 06:0209:02
Eastern Green, before Goldthorn Close 06:0309:03
Eastern Green, opp Farcroft Ave 06:0509:05
Eastern Green, opp Bannerbrook Park 06:0509:05
Eastern Green, opp The Venue 06:0609:06
Tanyard Farm, opp Avalon Court 06:0709:07
Tanyard Farm, adj Ashfield Avenue 06:0809:08
Tanyard Farm, opp The Auction House 06:0909:09
Tile Hill South, after Rex Close 06:1009:10
Tile Hill South, after Tile Hill Rail Station 06:1109:11
Tile Hill South, opp Dalmeny Rd 06:1109:11
Tile Hill South, opp Marina Close 06:1209:12
Westwood Heath, adj Bradney Green 06:1309:13
Westwood Heath, adj Warren Green 06:1309:13
Westwood Heath, adj Marler Rd 06:1409:14
Westwood Business Park, adj Wolfe Rd 06:1409:14
Westwood Business Park, opp Ten Shilling Wood 06:1509:15
Westwood Business Park, after Mitchell Ave 06:1609:16
Westwood Business Park, opp Hunt Terrace 06:1609:16
Canley, before Sheriff Ave 06:1709:17
Canley, adj Moat House Lane 06:1809:18
Cannon Park, after Lynchgate Rd 06:1909:19
Cannon Park, opposite Westwood Campus 06:2009:20
University of Warwick, before Westwood Way 06:2109:21
University of Warwick Varsity Pitches (Stop GH1) 06:2109:21
University of Warwick Scarman Rd (GH3) 06:2209:22
University of Warwick University Interchange (Stop UW1) 06:2309:23

Timetable data from National Express West Midlands/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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