14A - Dudley - Merry Hill

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Dudley - Merry Hill

Dudley Bus Station (Stand D) 08:1009:0610:02then hourly until16:02
Kates Hill, opp Dudley Citadel 08:1109:0710:0316:03
Kates Hill, after Wolverton Rd 08:1109:0810:0416:04
Kates Hill Hillcrest Road (adjacent) 08:1209:0810:0416:04
Burnt Tree, before Bunns Lane 08:1309:0910:0516:05
Burnt Tree, adj Cavell Rd 08:1309:1010:0616:06
Tividale Hall, before New Birmingham Rd 08:1409:1110:0716:07
Burnt Tree Walford Street (adjacent) 08:1409:1110:0716:07
Tividale Hall, after New Birmingham Rd 08:1509:1210:0816:08
Tividale Hall, adj Elm Terrace 08:1509:1310:0916:09
Tividale Hall, adj Birch Crescent 08:1609:1310:0916:09
Tividale Hall, adj Trafalgar Rd 08:1709:1510:1116:11
Grace Mary Estate, opp Poplar Rd 08:1809:1510:1116:11
Grace Mary Estate, before Mary Rd 08:1809:1610:1216:12
Grace Mary Estate, opp Poplar Rise 08:1909:1710:1316:13
Grace Mary Estate, adj Hawfield Rd 08:2009:1810:1416:14
Grace Mary Estate, opp Turners Hill 08:2109:1910:1516:15
Portway Walk (adj) 08:2209:2110:1716:17
Portway, after Four Ways 08:2309:2210:1816:18
Portway, adj Droicon Trading Estate 08:2409:2310:1916:19
Brickhouse Farm, before Dudley Rd 08:2509:2510:2116:21
Rowley Regis, opposite St Lukes Close 08:2609:2510:2116:21
Rowley Regis, adj Church Rd 08:2709:2710:2316:23
Rowley Regis, adj Bell End 08:2809:2810:2416:24
Blackheath Carlyle Rd (adjacent) 08:2809:2910:2516:25
Blackheath Sainsburys (adjacent) 07:2708:3009:3110:2716:27
Blackheath Darby St (near) 07:2708:3009:3110:2716:27
Blackheath, opp Regis Rd 07:2808:3109:3210:2816:28
Blackheath, after Waterfall Lane 07:2908:3209:3310:2916:29
Old Hill, opp Playing Field 07:2908:3209:3310:2916:29
Old Hill, opp Perry Park Rd 07:3008:3309:3410:3016:30
Old Hill, adj Grange Rd 07:3108:3409:3510:3116:31
Old Hill Station (near) 07:3208:3509:3610:3216:32
Haden Hill, adj High Avenue 07:3308:3609:3710:3316:33
Haden Hill Trejon Rd (adjacent) 07:3408:3709:3810:3416:34
Haden Hill, opposite The Parade 07:3508:3809:3910:3516:35
Haden Hill, adj Dingle Avenue 07:3608:3809:4010:3616:36
Cradley, opp Surfeit Hill 07:3608:3909:4010:3616:36
Cradley Heath, opposite Congreaves Rd 07:3708:3909:4110:3716:37
Cradley Heath, before Five Ways 07:3908:4009:4310:3916:39
Cradley Heath, after Five Ways 07:4008:4109:4410:4016:40
Cradley Heath Interchange (Stand C) 07:4108:4209:4510:4116:41
Cradley Heath, adj Cradley Forge 07:4108:4209:4510:4116:41
Quarry Bank, opp Woodland Avenue 07:4208:4309:4610:4216:42
Quarry Bank, adj New St 07:4308:4309:4710:4316:43
Quarry Bank, opp Church St 07:4408:4409:4810:4416:44
Quarry Bank, after Sun St 07:4408:4509:4810:4416:44
Merry Hill, adj Two Woods Lane 07:4608:4609:5010:4616:46
Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand F) 07:4808:4809:5210:4816:48

Merry Hill - Dudley

Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand F) 08:3509:38then hourly until15:3816:3817:35
Merry Hill, opp Two Woods Lane 08:3609:3915:3916:3917:36
Quarry Bank, before Sun St 08:3809:4115:4116:4117:38
Quarry Bank, adj Victoria Rd 08:3909:4215:4216:4217:39
Quarry Bank, opp New St 08:4009:4315:4316:4317:40
Quarry Bank, adj Woodland Avenue 08:4009:4315:4316:4317:40
Cradley Heath, opp Cradley Forge 08:4209:4515:4516:4517:42
Cradley Heath Interchange (Stand E) 08:4309:4615:4616:4617:43
Cradley Heath, before Five Ways 08:4309:4615:4616:4617:43
Cradley Heath, opposite Station St 08:4409:4715:4716:4717:44
Cradley Heath, after Congreaves Rd 08:4509:4815:4816:4817:45
Cradley, adj Surfeit Hill 08:4609:4915:4916:4917:46
Haden Hill, opp Dingle Avenue 08:4709:5015:5016:5017:47
Haden Hill The Parade (adjacent) 08:4809:5115:5116:5117:48
Haden Hill, opposite Trejon Rd 08:4809:5115:5116:5117:48
Haden Hill, opp High Avenue 08:4909:5215:5216:5217:49
Haden Hill Halesowen Rd (near) 08:5009:5315:5316:5317:50
Old Hill, adj Waterfall Lane 08:5209:5515:5516:5517:52
Old Hill, before Perry Park Rd 08:5209:5515:5516:5517:52
Old Hill, adj Playing Field 08:5309:5615:5616:5617:53
Blackheath, adj Waterfall Lane 08:5409:5715:5716:5717:54
Blackheath, adj Regis Rd 08:5509:5815:5816:5817:55
Blackheath Market (opposite) 08:5810:0116:0117:0117:58
Blackheath, before Carlyle Rd 08:5810:0116:0117:0217:58
Rowley Regis, opp Bell End 09:0010:0316:0317:0318:00
Rowley Regis Church (opp) 09:0110:0416:0417:0518:01
Rowley Regis, before St Lukes Close 09:0110:0416:0417:0518:01
Brickhouse Farm, after Dudley Rd 09:0210:0516:0517:0618:02
Portway, opp Droicon Trading Estate 09:0310:0616:0617:0818:03
Portway, before Four Ways 09:0410:0716:0717:0918:04
Portway, adj Four Ways 09:0410:0716:0717:1018:04
Portway Walk (opp) 09:0510:0816:0817:1018:05
Grace Mary Estate, opp Portway Hill 09:0710:1016:1017:1218:07
Grace Mary Estate, opp Hawfield Rd 09:0810:1116:1117:1418:08
Grace Mary Estate, opposite Mary Rd 09:0910:1216:1217:1518:09
Grace Mary Estate, adj Poplar Rd 09:1010:1316:1317:1618:10
Tividale Hall, opp Trafalgar Rd 09:1110:1416:1417:1618:10
Tividale Hall, opp Birch Crescent 09:1210:1516:1517:1718:11
Tividale Hall, opp Elm Terrace 09:1310:1616:1617:1818:12
Tividale Hall, before New Birmingham Rd 09:1310:1616:1617:1818:13
Tividale Hall, after New Birmingham Rd 09:1510:1816:1817:2018:14
Burnt Tree, opp Cavell Rd 09:1510:1816:1817:2018:15
Burnt Tree, after Bunns Lane 09:1610:1916:1917:2118:16
Kates Hill, opposite Hillcrest Road 09:1710:2016:2017:2118:16
Kates Hill, before Wolverton Rd 09:1810:2116:2117:2218:17
Kates Hill, adj Dudley Citadel 09:1810:2116:2117:2318:18
Dudley Churchill Centre (adjacent) 09:1910:2216:2217:2418:19
Dudley Bus Station (Stand P) 09:2110:2416:2417:2518:20

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