16 - Bideford - Westward Ho! & Appledore Circular

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South West


Bideford Quay (Stop C) 11:3013:50
Bideford Kingsley Road (W-bound) 11:3113:51
Bideford Morrisons (SE-bound) 11:3313:53
Orchard Hill The Dairy (NW-bound) 11:3413:54
Orchard Hill Raleigh Garage (N-bound) 11:3413:54
Orchard Hill Heywood Road (NE-bound) 11:3513:55
Buckleigh Kenwith Castle (E-bound) 09:1111:4114:01
Westward Ho! Francis Drive (SW-bound) 09:1611:4614:06
Westward Ho! Gainsborough Drive (E-bound) 09:1811:4814:08
Westward Ho! Francis Drive (NE-bound) 09:2011:4914:09
Westward Ho! Nelson Road (E-bound) 09:2311:5214:12
Westward Ho!, opp Car Park 09:2311:5214:12
Westward Ho! Avon Lane (E-bound) 09:2411:5314:13
Westward Ho! Aysha Gardens (E-bound) 09:2511:5414:14
Westward Ho! Eastbourne Terrace (E-bound) 09:2511:5414:14
Westward Ho!, opp Kingsley Park 09:2611:5514:15
Westward Ho!, opp The Links 09:2611:5514:15
Northam, opp Skern Way 09:2811:5714:17
West Appledore Shelter (E-bound) 09:3312:0214:22
Appledore, opp Seagate Hotel 09:3612:0514:25
Appledore Marine Parade (W-bound) 09:3712:0614:26
Appledore Pitt Hill (W-bound) 09:3812:0714:27
Appledore Kingsley Avenue (W-bound) 09:3812:0714:27
Appledore Football Ground (S-bound) 09:4012:0914:29
Northam Knapphouse (S-bound) 09:4212:1114:31
Northam J H Taylor Drive (SW-bound) 09:4412:1314:33
Northam Diddywell Road (SW-bound) 09:4412:1314:33
Northam Morwenna Park Road (NW-bound) 09:4512:1414:34
Northam, adj Sea View Road 09:4512:1414:34
Northam Windsor Road (W-bound) 09:4612:1514:35
Northam, opp Sea View Road 09:4612:1514:35
Northam Morwenna Park Road (SE-bound) 09:4712:1614:36
Northam Square (S-bound) 09:4812:1614:36
Northam Memorial (S-bound) 09:5012:1814:38
Northam Durrant House Hotel (S-bound) 09:5012:1814:38
Orchard Hill Limers Lane (S-bound) 09:5112:1914:39
Orchard Hill Heywood Road (SW-bound) 09:5212:2014:40
Orchard Hill Raleigh Garage (S-bound) 09:5312:2114:41
Orchard Hill The Dairy (SE-bound) 09:5412:2214:42
Bideford Kingsley Road (SE-bound) 09:5412:2214:42
Bideford Morrisons (SE-bound) 09:5512:2314:43

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 10 March 2023

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