17A - Callands - Birchwood via Westbrook, Hilden Island

A bus service operated by Warrington's Own Buses

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays) until Friday 28 June 2024

Old Hall, opp Asda 07:1307:3508:05
Old Hall, opp UCI Cinema 07:1307:3508:05
Old Hall, o/s Seven Woods 07:1407:3608:06
Old Hall Kingswood Road (cnr) 07:1407:3608:06
Old Hall Europa Boulevard (N-bound) 07:1507:3708:07
Old Hall, o/s Marks & Spencer 07:1607:3908:09
Callands, o/s IKEA 07:1707:4008:10
Callands, opp Toys R Us 07:1707:4108:11
Callands, opp Royal London 07:1807:4208:12
Callands, opp Comdisco 07:1907:4308:13
Warrington, o/s Callands Road North 07:2007:4408:14
Callands St Davids Drive (cnr) 07:2107:4508:15
Callands Barmouth Close (cnr) 06:5607:2407:4808:18
Callands Lydbury Close (cnr) 06:5707:2507:4908:19
Old Hall, o/s Pensarn Gardens 06:5707:2507:5008:20
Old Hall, opp Stanner Close 06:5807:2607:5008:20
Old Hall Cardigan Close (cnr) 06:5807:2607:5008:20
Old Hall, nr Memphis Belle 06:5907:2707:5108:21
Old Hall, opp Kingswood Road 07:0007:2807:5208:22
Old Hall, opp Seven Woods 07:0007:2807:5308:23
Old Hall, o/s UCI Cinema 07:0107:2907:5408:24
Old Hall, o/s Asda 07:0207:3007:5508:25
Old Hall Ladywood (cnr) 07:0207:3007:5508:25
Old Hall Tasman Close (cnr) 07:0307:3107:5608:26
Old Hall Morton Close (S-bound) 07:0407:3207:5708:27
Old Hall, opp Gregory Close 07:0407:3207:5708:27
Old Hall, opp Spar Shop 07:0607:3407:5908:29
Old Hall, o/s Bewsey Farm 07:0607:3408:0008:30
Old Hall, nr Nansen Close 07:0707:3508:0108:31
Sankey Bridges, o/s St Gregorys School 07:1007:3808:0508:35
Bank Quay, opp Crosfields 07:1307:4208:1008:40
Warrington, nr Town Hall 07:1407:4308:1208:42
Warrington, o/s Garven Place Alighting Only 07:1507:4408:1308:43
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 15) 07:1807:4808:1808:48
Howley, o/s Buttermarket Street 06:2407:2407:5508:2508:55
Howley Cockhedge Lane (cnr) 06:2507:2507:5608:2608:56
Howley, o/s The Albion 06:2707:2707:5808:2808:58
Orford, opp Battersby Lane 06:2807:2807:5908:2908:59
Orford Godfrey Street (cnr) 06:2807:2908:0008:3009:00
Bruche, opp Matthews Street 06:2907:3008:0108:3109:01
Bruche, nr Beresford Street 06:3007:3108:0208:3209:02
Bruche, nr Briarwood Avenue 06:3007:3108:0208:3209:02
Bruche, opp Padgate Stores 06:3107:3208:0308:3309:03
Orford Brian Avenue (N-bound) 06:3207:3308:0408:3409:04
Orford, opp Hilden Place 06:3207:3308:0408:3409:04
Blackbrook Anson Close (cnr) 06:3307:3408:0508:3509:05
Blackbrook Blenheim Close (cnr) 06:3407:3508:0608:3609:06
Blackbrook, o/s Waddington Court 06:3407:3508:0608:3609:06
Fearnhead, opp Valiant Close 06:3507:3608:0708:3709:07
Fearnhead, o/s Farmers Arms 06:3507:3708:0808:3809:08
Fearnhead, opp Barnes Avenue 06:3607:3808:0908:3909:09
Fearnhead, nr Padgate Campus 06:3707:3908:1108:4109:11
Birchwood, o/s Thomson House 06:4007:4308:2108:4609:16
Risley Road (opp) 06:4107:4508:2308:4809:18
Risley Leacroft Road (W-bound) 06:4207:4608:2408:4909:19
Warrington, nr Fujitsu 06:4407:4808:2708:51
Birchwood, opp Chadwick House 09:20
Birchwood, opp Kelvin Close 06:4607:5008:2908:53
Birchwood, opp Heathfield House 09:22
Birchwood, opp Carphone Warehouse 09:22
Oakwood, opp Fire Station 06:4907:5408:3308:5709:25
Oakwood, opp Foxwood School 06:5007:5508:3408:5809:27
Birchwood, opp Library 06:5107:5608:3508:5909:28
Birchwood Centre (o/s) 06:5307:5908:3809:0209:31
Birchwood Railway Station (O\S) 06:5408:0008:3909:0309:32
Birchwood Ainscough Road (cnr) 06:5408:0108:4009:0409:33
Oakwood Whinchat Drive (cnr) 06:5508:0108:4009:0409:33
Oakwood, opp Nelsons Quarterdeck 06:5508:0208:4109:0509:34
Oakwood Jay Close (cnr) 06:5608:0308:4209:0609:35
Oakwood, opp Keyes Close 06:5708:0408:4309:0709:36
Oakwood Keyes Close (cnr) 06:5808:0508:4409:0809:37
Service observes the stops at Risley Kelvin Close. Operate via Birchwood Way, Faraday St, Cavendish Ave, Risley Rd, Daten Ave and Birchwood Park Avenue.

Timetable data from Warringtons Own Buses, 20 March 2024

Warrington's Own Buses


Contactless payment or cash accepted

Get around for £2 – single fares are capped at £2 on this service