17A - Callands - Birchwood via Westbrook, Hilden Island

A bus service operated by Warrington's Own Buses

Monday to Friday until Friday 12 April 2024

Old Hall, opp Asda 07:1307:3508:05
Old Hall, opp UCI Cinema 07:1307:3508:05
Old Hall, o/s Seven Woods 07:1407:3608:06
Old Hall Kingswood Road (cnr) 07:1407:3608:06
Old Hall Europa Boulevard (N-bound) 07:1507:3708:07
Old Hall, o/s Marks & Spencer 07:1607:3908:09
Callands, o/s IKEA 07:1707:4008:10
Callands, opp Toys R Us 07:1707:4108:11
Callands, opp Royal London 07:1807:4208:12
Callands, opp Comdisco 07:1907:4308:13
Warrington, o/s Callands Road North 07:2007:4408:14
Callands St Davids Drive (cnr) 07:2107:4508:15
Callands Barmouth Close (cnr) 06:5607:2407:4808:18
Callands Lydbury Close (cnr) 06:5707:2507:4908:19
Old Hall, o/s Pensarn Gardens 06:5707:2507:5008:20
Old Hall, opp Stanner Close 06:5807:2607:5008:20
Old Hall Cardigan Close (cnr) 06:5807:2607:5008:20
Old Hall, nr Memphis Belle 06:5907:2707:5108:21
Old Hall, opp Kingswood Road 07:0007:2807:5208:22
Old Hall, opp Seven Woods 07:0007:2807:5308:23
Old Hall, o/s UCI Cinema 07:0107:2907:5408:24
Old Hall, o/s Asda 07:0207:3007:5508:25
Old Hall Ladywood (cnr) 07:0207:3007:5508:25
Old Hall Tasman Close (cnr) 07:0307:3107:5608:26
Old Hall Morton Close (S-bound) 07:0407:3207:5708:27
Old Hall, opp Gregory Close 07:0407:3207:5708:27
Old Hall, opp Spar Shop 07:0607:3407:5908:29
Old Hall, o/s Bewsey Farm 07:0607:3408:0008:30
Old Hall, nr Nansen Close 07:0707:3508:0108:31
Sankey Bridges, o/s St Gregorys School 07:1007:3808:0508:35
Bank Quay, opp Crosfields 07:1307:4208:1008:40
Warrington, nr Town Hall 07:1407:4308:1208:42
Warrington, o/s Garven Place Alighting Only 07:1507:4408:1308:43
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 15) 07:1807:4808:1808:48
Howley, o/s Buttermarket Street 06:2407:2407:5508:2508:55
Howley Cockhedge Lane (cnr) 06:2507:2507:5608:2608:56
Howley, o/s The Albion 06:2707:2707:5808:2808:58
Orford, opp Battersby Lane 06:2807:2807:5908:2908:59
Orford Godfrey Street (cnr) 06:2807:2908:0008:3009:00
Bruche, opp Matthews Street 06:2907:3008:0108:3109:01
Bruche, nr Beresford Street 06:3007:3108:0208:3209:02
Bruche, nr Briarwood Avenue 06:3007:3108:0208:3209:02
Bruche, opp Padgate Stores 06:3107:3208:0308:3309:03
Orford Brian Avenue (N-bound) 06:3207:3308:0408:3409:04
Orford, opp Hilden Place 06:3207:3308:0408:3409:04
Blackbrook Anson Close (cnr) 06:3307:3408:0508:3509:05
Blackbrook Blenheim Close (cnr) 06:3407:3508:0608:3609:06
Blackbrook, o/s Waddington Court 06:3407:3508:0608:3609:06
Fearnhead, opp Valiant Close 06:3507:3608:0708:3709:07
Fearnhead, o/s Farmers Arms 06:3507:3708:0808:3809:08
Fearnhead, opp Barnes Avenue 06:3607:3808:0908:3909:09
Fearnhead, nr Padgate Campus 06:3707:3908:1108:4109:11
Birchwood, o/s Thomson House 06:4007:4308:2108:4609:16
Risley Road (opp) 06:4107:4508:2308:4809:18
Risley Leacroft Road (W-bound) 06:4207:4608:2408:4909:19
Warrington, nr Fujitsu 06:4407:4808:2708:51
Birchwood, opp Chadwick House 09:20
Birchwood, opp Kelvin Close 06:4607:5008:2908:53
Birchwood, opp Heathfield House 09:22
Birchwood, opp Carphone Warehouse 09:22
Oakwood, opp Fire Station 06:4907:5408:3308:5709:25
Oakwood, opp Foxwood School 06:5007:5508:3408:5809:27
Birchwood, opp Library 06:5107:5608:3508:5909:28
Birchwood Centre (o/s) 06:5307:5908:3809:0209:31
Birchwood Railway Station (O\S) 06:5408:0008:3909:0309:32
Birchwood Ainscough Road (cnr) 06:5408:0108:4009:0409:33
Oakwood Whinchat Drive (cnr) 06:5508:0108:4009:0409:33
Oakwood, opp Nelsons Quarterdeck 06:5508:0208:4109:0509:34
Oakwood Jay Close (cnr) 06:5608:0308:4209:0609:35
Oakwood, opp Keyes Close 06:5708:0408:4309:0709:36
Oakwood Keyes Close (cnr) 06:5808:0508:4409:0809:37
Service observes the stops at Risley Kelvin Close. Operate via Birchwood Way, Faraday St, Cavendish Ave, Risley Rd, Daten Ave and Birchwood Park Avenue.

Timetable data from Warringtons Own Buses, 9 February 2024

Warrington's Own Buses


Contactless payment or cash accepted

Get around for £2 – single fares are capped at £2 on this service