181 - MANCHESTER Piccadilly - Smallbrook Road/Wrens Nest

A bus service operated by First Greater Manchester


MANCHESTER Piccadilly - Smallbrook Road/Wrens Nest

Piccadilly Gardens (Stop F) 06:5708:14then hourly until14:1415:1416:1417:1418:14
Manchester New Cross (Stop EF) 06:5808:1514:1515:1516:1517:1518:15
Ancoats, nr Thompson Street 06:5908:1614:1615:1716:1717:1718:17
Ancoats, o/s Royal Mail Office 07:0008:1614:1615:1716:1717:1718:17
Miles Platting, opp Butler Street 07:0108:1714:1715:1816:1817:1818:18
Miles Platting, opp Naylor Street 07:0208:1814:1815:1916:1917:1918:19
Miles Platting, opp Fir Street 07:0208:1914:1915:2016:2017:2018:20
Miles Platting, opp Varley Street 07:0308:2014:2015:2116:2117:2118:21
Miles Platting Queens Road (Stop B) 07:0408:2114:2115:2216:2217:2218:22
Newton Heath, opp Grimshaw Lane 07:0608:2214:2215:2516:2517:2518:25
Newton Heath, nr Baltimore Street 07:0608:2314:2315:2516:2517:2518:25
Newton Heath Ten Acres Lane (Stop F) 07:0708:2414:2415:2616:2617:2618:26
Newton Heath, nr Thorp Road 07:0808:2414:2415:2716:2717:2718:27
Newton Heath Post Office (o/s) 07:0908:2514:2515:2816:2817:2818:28
Newton Heath & Moston Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:1008:2714:2715:3016:3017:3018:30
Moston, opp Williams Road 07:1108:2814:2815:3116:3117:3118:31
Moston, opp Dean Brook Inn 07:1208:2814:2815:3216:3217:3218:32
Moston, o/s St Mary's Nursing Home 07:1208:2914:2915:3316:3317:3318:33
Moston, opp Tymm Street 07:1308:3014:3015:3416:3417:3418:34
Moston, opp Arden Grove 07:1408:3014:3015:3516:3517:3518:35
Moston, nr Nuthurst Road 07:1408:3114:3115:3616:3617:3618:36
Moston, o/s St Matthew's High School 07:1508:3114:3115:3716:3717:3718:37
New Moston, opp The Fairway 07:1508:3214:3215:3816:3817:3818:38
New Moston, nr Nuthurst Road 07:1608:3314:3315:3816:3817:3818:38
New Moston, opp Annesley Road 07:1708:3314:3315:3916:3917:3918:39
New Moston, o/s Leisure Centre 07:1708:3414:3415:4016:4017:4018:40
White Gate Hollinwood Avenue (Stop A) 07:1808:3514:3515:4116:4117:4118:41
White Gate, nr Mough Lane 07:1908:3614:3615:4216:4217:4218:42
White Gate, o/s Boat & Horses 07:2008:3814:3815:4416:4517:4518:45
White Gate, nr Whitegate Lane 07:2108:3914:3915:4516:4617:4618:46
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop C) 07:2308:4114:4115:4716:4817:4818:48
Thatch Leach, o/s Newman RC College 07:2408:4214:4215:4816:5017:5018:50
Chadderton, nr Milton Drive 07:2508:4414:4415:5016:5117:5118:51
Chadderton, nr Middleton Road 07:2808:4614:4615:5216:5317:5318:53
Chadderton Precinct (Stop B) 07:3008:4714:4715:5316:5517:5518:55
Chadderton Town Hall (by) 07:3108:4914:4915:5516:5717:5718:57
Chadderton, opp Falcon Drive 07:3208:4914:4915:5616:5817:5818:58
Busk, nr Burnley Lane 07:3308:5114:5115:5717:0018:0019:00
Chadderton, opp Fernhurst Street 07:3408:5214:5215:5917:0118:0119:01
Fitton Park (nr) 07:3508:5314:5316:0017:0318:0319:03
Royley, o/s Retail Park 07:3808:5614:5616:0217:0518:0519:05
Boundary Park, nr Holden Fold 07:3908:5614:5616:0317:0618:0619:06
Holden Fold Oldham Academy North (Stop A) 07:4108:5814:5816:0417:0818:0819:08
Royton Shaw Road (Stop C) 07:4208:5914:5916:0617:0918:0919:09
Royton Radcliffe Street (Stop B) 09:0115:01
Royton High Barn Street (Stop G) 07:4316:0717:1118:1119:11
Royton Park Street (Stop E) 07:4416:0717:1118:1119:11
Royton, nr Pennine View 07:4416:0817:1218:1219:12
Luzley Brook, opp Pennine View 07:4516:0917:1318:1319:13
Heyside, nr Shaw Road 07:4616:1017:1418:1419:14
Heyside, opp Cornish Way 07:4716:1017:1418:1419:14
Heyside, opp Perth Street 07:4816:1117:1518:1519:15
Heyside, opp Bull's Head 07:4816:1217:1618:1619:16
Shaw Side, o/s St Josephs 07:4916:1317:1718:1719:17
Shaw Side, nr Cowlishaw Lane 07:5016:1417:1818:1819:18
Shaw, opp Longley Street 07:5116:1417:1818:1819:18
Shaw Town Centre (Stop C) 07:5316:1717:2118:2119:21
Shaw, opp King Albert Street 07:5316:1817:2218:2219:22
Shaw, opp Chancery Lane 07:5416:1917:2318:2319:23
Wrens Nest (nr) 07:5516:2017:2418:2419:24
Wrens Nest (at) 07:5516:2017:2418:2419:24

Smallbrook Road/Wrens Nest - MANCHESTER Piccadilly

Wrens Nest (at) 05:2805:53then hourly until
Wrens Nest (by) 05:3005:5507:0308:0316:0417:04
Shaw, nr Chancery Lane 05:3005:5507:0308:0316:0417:04
Shaw Travis Street (Stop A) 05:3005:5507:0408:0416:0517:05
Shaw Town Centre (Stop D) 05:3105:5607:0508:0516:0617:06
Shaw, o/s Crompton Health Centre 05:3205:5707:0608:0616:0717:07
Shaw, nr Longley Street 05:3205:5707:0608:0616:0717:07
Shaw Side, opp Cowlishaw Lane 05:3205:5707:0708:0716:0817:08
Shaw Side, opp St Josephs 05:3305:5807:0808:0816:0917:09
Heyside, o/s Bull's Head 05:3405:5907:0908:0916:1017:10
Heyside, nr Perth Street 05:3405:5907:0908:0916:1017:10
Heyside, nr Cornish Way 05:3506:0007:1008:1016:1117:11
Luzley Brook, nr Shaw Road 05:3506:0007:1208:1216:1317:13
Luzley Brook, opp Junior School 05:3606:0107:1308:1316:1417:14
Royton, nr John Hogan Close 05:3706:0207:1408:1416:1517:15
Royton Park Street (Stop H) 05:3706:0207:1508:1516:1617:16
Royton High Barn Street (Stop F) 05:3806:0307:1608:1609:1415:1416:1717:17
Royton Shaw Road (Stop D) 05:3806:0307:1708:1709:1615:1616:1717:17
Holden Fold Oldham Academy North (Stop B) 05:4006:0507:1808:1809:1815:1816:1917:19
Boundary Park, opp Holden Fold 05:4106:0607:1908:1909:1915:1916:2017:20
Royley, opp Retail Park 05:4206:0707:2008:2009:1915:1916:2017:20
Fitton Park (o/s) 05:4306:0807:2108:2109:2015:2016:2117:21
Busk, nr Bamford Street 05:4506:1007:2308:2309:2215:2216:2317:23
Busk, opp Congregational Church 05:4606:1107:2408:2409:2315:2316:2417:24
Chadderton Town Hall (at) 05:4706:1207:2508:2509:2415:2416:2517:25
Chadderton Town Hall (opp) 05:4706:1207:2508:2509:2415:2416:2517:25
Chadderton Precinct (Stop A) 05:4806:1307:2608:2609:2515:2516:2617:26
Chadderton, nr Dalton Street 05:4806:1307:2708:2709:2515:2516:2617:26
Chadderton, adj Middleton Road 05:4906:1407:2808:2809:2615:2616:2717:27
Chadderton, opp Derwent Drive 05:5006:1507:2908:2909:2715:2716:2817:28
Chadderton, opp Milton Drive 05:5106:1607:3008:3009:2815:2816:2917:29
Thatch Leach, opp Newman RC College 05:5206:1707:3208:3209:2915:2916:3017:30
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop D) 05:5306:1807:3308:3309:3015:3016:3117:31
White Gate, opp Whitegate Lane 05:5406:1907:3408:3409:3115:3116:3217:32
White Gate, opp Boat & Horses 05:5406:2007:3508:3509:3215:3216:3317:33
White Gate, opp Mough Lane 05:5606:2207:3708:3709:3415:3416:3517:35
White Gate Hollinwood Avenue (Stop B) 05:5706:2307:3808:3809:3515:3516:3617:36
New Moston, opp Leisure Centre 05:5806:2407:3908:3909:3615:3616:3717:37
New Moston, nr Annesley Road 05:5806:2407:4008:4009:3615:3616:3717:37
New Moston, nr The Fairway 06:0006:2607:4208:4209:3815:3816:3917:39
Moston, nr St Mary's Road 06:0006:2707:4308:4309:3915:3916:4017:40
Moston, nr Arden Grove 06:0206:2807:4508:4509:4015:4016:4117:41
Moston, nr Tymm Street 06:0206:2907:4608:4609:4115:4116:4217:42
Moston, nr Dresden Street 06:0306:3007:4708:4709:4215:4216:4317:43
Moston, opp St Mary's Nursing Home 06:0406:3107:4808:4809:4315:4316:4417:44
Moston, o/s Dean Brook Inn 06:0406:3207:4908:4909:4415:4416:4517:45
Moston, nr Williams Road 06:0506:3207:5008:5009:4415:4416:4517:45
Newton Heath Dean Lane (Stop C) 06:0706:3507:5208:5209:4715:4716:4817:48
Newton Heath Post Office (opp) 06:0706:3507:5308:5309:4715:4716:4817:48
Newton Heath, opp Thorp Road 06:0806:3607:5408:5409:4815:4816:4917:49
Newton Heath Ten Acres Lane (Stop G) 06:0906:3707:5508:5509:4915:4916:5017:50
Newton Heath, opp Baltimore Street 06:1006:3807:5608:5609:5015:5016:5117:51
Newton Heath, nr Grimshaw Lane 06:1006:3807:5708:5709:5015:5016:5117:51
Miles Platting Queens Road (Stop E) 06:1206:4007:5908:5909:5215:5216:5317:53
Miles Platting, nr Varley Street 06:1306:4108:0009:0009:5315:5316:5417:54
Miles Platting, opp New Allen Street 06:1406:4208:0209:0209:5415:5416:5517:55
Miles Platting, nr Naylor Street 06:1406:4208:0209:0209:5415:5416:5517:55
Miles Platting, nr Butler Street 06:1506:4308:0309:0309:5515:5516:5617:56
Ancoats, opp Royal Mail Office 06:1606:4408:0409:0409:5615:5616:5717:57
Ancoats, opp Thompson Street 06:1606:4408:0509:0509:5615:5616:5717:57
Manchester Warwick Street (Stop EE) 06:1806:4608:0609:0609:5815:5816:5917:59
Manchester, opp Thomas Street 06:1906:4708:0709:0709:5915:5917:0018:00
Piccadilly Gardens (Stop F) 06:2206:5008:0809:0810:0216:0217:0318:03

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