195 - Waldron - Heathfield - Pevensey Bay - Eastbourne

A bus service operated by Cuckmere Buses



Waldron - Heathfield - Pevensey Bay - Eastbourne

Waldron, opp The Star Inn 09:30
Cross-in-Hand, opp Holy Cross 09:35
Cross-in-Hand, opp Fir Grove Road 09:37
Cross-in-Hand, opp Uplye 09:37
Cross In Hand (opp) 09:38
Heathfield, opp Little London Road 09:42
Heathfield, opp Pages Hill 09:43
Heathfield, opp Fire Station 09:46
Heathfield, adj Streatfield Road 09:48
Heathfield, opp Marshlands Lane 09:48
Heathfield, opp Tower Street 09:50
Cade Street, adj Heathfield Community College 09:53
Cade Street, adj Hugletts Lane 09:54
Punnetts Town, adj North Street 09:56
Three Cups Corner The Three Cups (S-bound) 09:59
Rushlake Green, opp Post Office 10:02
Bodle Street Green, adj The White Horse Inn 10:12
Windmill Hill, adj Victoria Road 10:16
Windmill Hill, adj Post Office 10:17
Wartling, opp Herstmonceux Castle 10:22
Wartling, o/s The Lamb Inn 10:25
Pevensey Roundabout (SW-bound) 10:31
Pevensey, opp Church Lane 10:31
Pevensey Level Crossing (SE-bound) 10:32
Pevensey Bay Wallsend Road (SE-bound) 10:33
Pevensey Bay, adj Coast Road 10:33
Pevensey Bay, adj St Wilfrid's Church 10:34
Pevensey Bay, adj Val Prinseps Road 10:34
Pevensey Bay, adj Timberlaine Road 10:35
Pevensey Bay, adj Martello Beach Holiday Park 10:36
Pevensey Bay, opp Cannon Camp Site 10:36
Langney, adj Old Martello Road 10:37
Langney, adj Pacific House 10:38
Langney, opp Tanbridge Road 10:39
Langney, adj Asda 10:40
Langney Green (opp) 10:40
Langney Point, nr Ramsay Way 10:41
Langney, opp Middleton Drive 10:42
Roselands, adj Sovereign Centre 10:43
Roselands, o/s Car Park 10:44
Roselands, opp Desmond Road 10:44
Roselands, o/s Fishermans Club 10:45
Roselands, opp Beamsley Road 10:46
Eastbourne, opp Cambridge Road 10:46
Eastbourne, opp Marine Road 10:47
Eastbourne, adj Pier 10:48
Eastbourne, opp Burlington Road 10:48
Eastbourne, adj Trinity Place 10:48
Eastbourne Memorial Roundabout (Stop M1) 10:49
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (Stop G2) 10:50

Eastbourne - Pevensey Bay - Heathfield - Waldron

Eastbourne Cornfield Road (Stop C1) 13:30
Eastbourne, opp Trinity Place 13:30
Eastbourne, opp Pier 13:31
Eastbourne, adj Marine Road 13:32
Eastbourne, adj St Aubyn's Road 13:32
Eastbourne, adj Cambridge Road 13:33
Roselands, adj Beamsley Road 13:33
Roselands, opp Fishermans Club 13:34
Roselands, adj Desmond Road 13:34
Roselands, opp Car Park 13:35
Roselands, opp Sovereign Centre 13:36
Langney, adj Middleton Drive 13:37
Langney Point, opp Ramsay Way 13:38
Langney Green (adj) 13:39
Langney, opp Asda 13:40
Langney, adj Tanbridge Road 13:40
Langney, opp Pacific House 13:41
Langney, opp Old Martello Road 13:42
Pevensey Bay, adj Cannon Camp Site 13:43
Pevensey Bay, opp Martello Beach Holiday Park 13:44
Pevensey Bay, opp Timberlaine Road 13:44
Pevensey Bay, opp Val Prinseps Road 13:45
Pevensey Bay, opp St Wilfrid's Church 13:46
Pevensey Bay Richmond Road (NE-bound) 13:46
Pevensey Bay Wallsend Road (NW-bound) 13:46
Pevensey Level Crossing (NW-bound) 13:46
Pevensey, adj Church Lane 13:47
Pevensey Roundabout (E-bound) 13:47
Wartling, opp The Lamb Inn 13:52
Wartling, adj Herstmonceux Castle 13:55
Windmill Hill, opp Post Office 14:01
Windmill Hill, opp Victoria Road 14:01
Bodle Street Green, opp The White Horse Inn 14:04
Rushlake Green, adj Post Office 14:13
Three Cups Corner The Three Cups (N-bound) 14:16
Punnetts Town, opp North Street 14:18
Cade Street, opp Hugletts Lane 14:19
Cade Street, adj The Half Moon Inn 14:20
Cade Street, opp Heathfield Community College 14:21
Broad Oak Vines Corner (NW-bound) 14:22
Heathfield, opp St Catherine's Church 14:23
Heathfield, adj Marshlands Lane 14:24
Heathfield, opp Streatfield Road 14:25
Heathfield, adj Fire Station 14:25
Heathfield, adj Pages Hill 14:27
Heathfield, adj Little London Road 14:28
Cross In Hand (adj) 14:31
Cross-in-Hand, adj Uplye 14:31
Cross-in-Hand, adj Fir Grove Road 14:31
Cross-in-Hand, adj Holy Cross 14:33
Waldron, adj The Star Inn 14:38

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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