1S - High Wycombe, Bus Station - Chesham, Townsend Road

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High Wycombe, Bus Station to Chesham, Townsend Road

High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 3) 14:50
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop J) 14:51
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop V) 14:54
High Wycombe, opp Maybrook Gardens 14:57
High Wycombe, opp Amersham Hill Drive 14:58
High Wycombe, o/s Royal Grammar School 15:00
Terriers Crossroads (o/s 169) 15:01
Terriers, opp De Havilland Drive 15:03
Hazlemere, opp St John's Road 15:03
Hazlemere, opp Holy Trinity Church 15:04
Hazlemere Holmer Green Road (o/s 5) 15:06
Hazlemere, opp Park Lane 15:06
Hazlemere, adj Park Parade 15:07
Hazlemere Sawpit Hill (o/s 49) 15:09
Holmer Green, opp Copners Drive 15:10
Holmer Green Browns Road (NE-bound) 15:11
Holmer Green, opp The Pond 15:11
Holmer Green, opp The Bat & Ball PH 15:13
Holmer Green, adj Winters Way 15:13
Beamond End Sheepcote Dell Road (Eastbound) 15:15
Penn Street, opp Penn Wood 15:17
Winchmore Hill, opp New Road 15:21
Old Amersham, o/s Crematorium 15:22
Old Amersham, adj Amersham Hospital 15:23
Old Amersham, adj Gilbert Scott Court 15:24
Old Amersham Whielden Street (Stop C) 15:25
Old Amersham Broadway (Stop A) 15:26
Amersham, adj The Chequers PH 15:26
Amersham Stanley Hill Schools (Stop S1) 15:29
Amersham, adj Blackhorse Bridge 15:30
Amersham, opp Plantation Road 15:31
Amersham, opp Green Lane 15:32
Amersham, adj Leisure Centre 15:33
Amersham Station (Stop A) 15:36
Amersham Oakfield Corner (Stop B) 15:36
Amersham, adj Hervines Road 15:37
Amersham, adj Copperkins Lane 15:38
Chesham Bois Amersham Road (NW-bound) 15:38
Chesham Bois, adj Bois Avenue 15:39
Chesham Bois, o/s The Beacon School 15:40
Chesham, opp The Wild Rover PH 15:44
Chesham Red Lion Street (Northbound) 15:45
Chesham Broadway (Stop B) 15:47
Chesham, opp Townsend Road 15:51

Chesham, Townsend Road to High Wycombe, Bus Station

Chesham, opp Townsend Road 07:3615:51
Chesham, adj Fire Station 07:3715:52
Chesham, adj Valley View 07:3815:53
Chesham Hivings Hill (Opp 117) 07:3915:54
Chesham, opp Hope Church 07:4215:57
Chesham, adj Windsor Road 07:4215:57
Chesham Lyndhurst Road (o/s 47) 07:4415:59
Chesham Lansdowne Road (o/s 7) 07:4516:00
Chesham Addison Road (Eastbound) 07:4616:01
Chesham Berkhampstead Road (o/s 273) 07:4616:01
Chesham, o/s The Jolly Sportsman PH 07:4716:02
Chesham, adj Police Station 07:4816:03
Chesham Broadway (Stop A) 07:5016:05
Chesham Red Lion Street (Southbound) 07:5216:12
Chesham, o/s The Wild Rover PH 07:5316:12
Chesham Bois, opp The Beacon School 07:5816:16
Chesham Bois, opp Bois Avenue 07:5916:17
Chesham Bois Amersham Road (SE-bound) 08:0016:18
Amersham, opp Copperkins Lane 08:0116:19
Amersham, opp Hervines Road 08:0216:20
Amersham Oakfield Corner (Stop C) 08:0416:21
Amersham Station (Stop J) 08:0516:22
Amersham, opp Leisure Centre 08:0716:23
Amersham, adj Green Lane 08:0916:25
Amersham, adj Plantation Road 08:1016:26
Amersham Stanley Hill Schools (Stop S1) 08:1416:29
Amersham, opp The Chequers PH 08:1816:31
Old Amersham Broadway (Stop D) 08:2016:33
Old Amersham Whielden Street (Stop G) 08:2016:33
Old Amersham, opp Gilbert Scott Court 08:2116:34
Old Amersham, opp Amersham Hospital 08:2216:35
Old Amersham, opp Crematorium 08:2316:36
Winchmore Hill, adj New Road 08:2316:36
Winchmore Hill, opp Whielden Gate 08:2416:37
Penn Street, adj Penn Wood 08:2716:40
Beamond End Sheepcote Dell Road (Westbound) 08:2816:41
Holmer Green, opp Winters Way 08:3016:43
Holmer Green, adj The Bat & Ball PH 08:3116:44
Holmer Green, adj The Pond 08:3216:45
Holmer Green Browns Road (SW-bound) 08:3316:45
Holmer Green, adj Copners Drive 08:3416:46
Hazlemere Sawpit Hill (o/s 70) 08:3716:48
Hazlemere, opp Park Parade 08:3916:49
Hazlemere, adj Park Lane 08:4016:50
Hazlemere Crossroads (Opp 323) 08:4316:52
Hazlemere, o/s Holy Trinity Church 08:4416:52
Hazlemere, adj St John's Road 08:4416:53
Terriers, adj De Havilland Drive 08:4516:54
Terriers Crossroads (o/s 160) 08:4716:55
High Wycombe, opp Royal Grammar School 08:4916:57
High Wycombe, adj Amersham Hill Drive 08:5016:58
High Wycombe, adj Maybrook Gardens 08:5216:59
High Wycombe Station Interchange (Stop X2) 08:5517:02
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop W) 08:5617:03
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop K) 08:5917:06
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 3) 09:0217:08

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