216 - Sheffield Intc - Dinnington, Monksbridge Farm

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/C6 (C6) 04:57
Sheffield Centre Suffolk Road/Turner Street (SS4) 04:57
Norfolk Park, opp Granville Road/Farm Bank Road 04:59
Norfolk Park, opp Granville Road/Farm Bank Road 04:59
Norfolk Park, nr Granville Road/Claywood Road 04:59
Norfolk Park, adj Granville Road/Ingram Road 05:00
City Road/Manor Lane (adj) 05:01
Manor, adj City Road/Dovercourt Road 05:01
Skye Edge, adj City Road/Cemetery 05:01
Manor, adj City Road/City Road Cemetery 05:01
Manor, opp City Road/Park Grange Road 05:02
Manor, adj City Road/Wulfric Road 05:03
Manor Top, opp City Road/Eastern Avenue 05:03
Manor Top, at City Road/Elm Tree 05:04
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive 05:04
Intake, adj Woodhouse Road/Mansfield Road 05:04
Woodthorpe, opp Woodhouse Road/Glenmore Croft 05:05
Richmond Road/Audrey Road (adj) 05:06
Richmond Road/Hastilar Road South (opp) 05:06
Richmond Road/Lamb Hill Close (adj) 05:07
Richmond Road/Richmond Park Road (at) 05:08
Handsworth, opp Richmond Park Road/Wheatley Grove 05:09
Handsworth, opp Richmond Park Road/Athelstan Road 05:09
Handsworth, adj Richmond Park Road/Richmond Park Avenue 05:10
Handsworth, adj Richmond Park Road/Richmond Park Crescent 05:10
Handsworth Road/Oakley Road (Opp) 05:12
Handsworth Road/Richmond Park Road (opp) 05:12
Handsworth Road/Dodson Drive (adj) 05:13
Handsworth Road/Fitzalan Road (adj) 05:13
Handsworth Road/Richmond Road (opp) 05:14
Handsworth Road/Handsworth Grange Road (opp) 05:14
Handsworth, adj Retford Road/Orgreave Lane 05:14
Handsworth, at Retford Road/Kirkdale Crescent 05:15
Handsworth, adj Retford Road/Rotherham Road 05:15
Handsworth, opp Retford Road/Beaver Hill Road 05:16
Woodhouse Mill, opp Retford Road/Old Retford Road 05:16
Woodhouse Mill, adj Retford Road/Coalbrook Road 05:17
Woodhouse Mill, adj Retford Road/St James Walk 05:17
Woodhouse Mill, opp Retford Road/Furnace Lane 05:18
Woodhouse Mill, opp Retford Road/Furnace Lane 05:18
Fence, adj Sheffield Road/Falconer Road 05:19
Fence, opp Sheffield Road/B6200 05:19
Sheffield Road/The Fence (at) 05:20
Fence, adj Sheffield Road/Park Hill 05:20
Swallownest, opp Sheffield Road/West Park Drive 05:20
Swallownest, opp Sheffield Road/Park Hill 05:21
Swallownest, nr Main Street/High Street 05:22
Swallownest, nr Worksop Road/Eden Grove 05:23
Swallownest, adj Worksop Road/Wesley Avenue 05:23
Aston, adj Lodge Lane/School Grove 05:24
Aston, opp Lodge Lane/Shaldon Grove 05:25
Aston, adj Lodge Lane/Nickerwood Drive 05:26
Aston, adj Mansfield Road/Waleswood View 05:26
Aston, adj Mansfield Road/Osprey Road 05:26
Wales Bar, opp Mansfield Road/Aston Way 05:28
Wales Bar, opp Mansfield Road/Waleswood Road 05:29
Wales Bar, opp Mansfield Road/Cricket Field Lane 05:29
Wales Bar, opp School Road/Almond Tree Road 05:30
Wales, opp School Road/Cherry Tree Road 05:31
Wales, adj School Road/School Close 05:32
Wales Road/Lodge Hill Drive (adj) 05:32
Wales Road/Limetree Avenue (adj) 05:33
Wales Road/Chestnut Avenue (adj) 05:34
Kiveton Park, opp Wales Road/Colliery Road 05:34
Kiveton Park, adj Station Road/Wesley Road 05:34
Kiveton Park, adj Station Road/Anston Avenue 05:34
Kiveton Park, adj Station Road/Chantry Place 05:35
Kiveton Park, adj Redhill/Trinity Road 05:35
Kiveton Park, opp Dog Kennels Lane/Redhill 05:39
Kiveton Park, at Dog Kennels Lane/Dog Kennel Hill 05:40
Kiveton Park, at Dog Kennels Lane/B6059 05:40
South Anston, opp Crowgate/Windsor Walk 05:41
South Anston, adj Crowgate/Axle Lane 05:41
South Anston, adj Sheffield Road/Yeomans Way 05:41
South Anston, opp Ryton Road/Sheffield Road 05:42
North Anston, nr Ryton Road/Sikes Road 05:42
North Anston, adj Ryton Road/Sikes Road 05:43
North Anston, nr Nursery Road/Back Lane 05:43
North Anston, adj Nursery Road/Quarry Lane 05:44
North Anston, adj Nursery Road/Nursery Crescent 05:44
North Anston, adj Nursery Road/Falcon Way 05:45
Dinnington, opp Nursery Road/Walnut Drive 05:46
Dinnington, adj New Road/Nursery Road 05:47
Dinnington Interchange/A3 (A3) 05:49
Dinnington, adj Church Lane/Limelands Road 05:50
Dinnington, adj Church Lane/Brooklands Way 05:50
Dinnington, nr Church Lane/Monksbridge Road 05:51
Laughton Common, adj Monks Bridge Road/Outgang Lane 05:52

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