22 - pink - Central Reading - Caversham Heights via Caversham Bridge

A bus service operated by Reading Buses


Central Reading - Caversham Heights via Caversham Bridge

Caversham Heights - Central Reading via Caversham Bridge

Caversham Heights, adj St Andrews Church 06:1007:1008:1009:10then hourly until18:1019:1020:50
Caversham Heights Richmond Road (adj 9) 06:1007:1008:1109:1118:1119:1020:50
Caversham Heights, in Uplands Road 06:1107:1108:1209:1218:1219:1120:51
Caversham Heights Kidmore Road (adj 161) 06:1207:1208:1309:1318:1319:1220:52
Caversham Heights Shepherds Lane (adj 39) 06:1307:1308:1509:1518:1519:1420:53
Caversham Heights, adj Hilltop Road 06:1407:1408:1709:1718:1719:1520:54
Caversham Heights Fernbrook Road (adj 32) 06:1507:1508:1809:1818:1819:1620:55
Caversham Heights, nr St Peters Avenue 06:1607:1608:2009:2018:2019:1820:56
Caversham Heights Harrogate Road (adj 78) 06:1607:1608:2009:2018:2019:1820:56
Caversham Heights, adj Highmoor Road Church 06:1707:1708:2109:2218:2219:1920:57
Caversham Heights, opp Darell Road 06:1807:1808:2209:2318:2319:2020:58
Caversham Heights Highmoor Road (S-bound) 06:1907:1908:2309:2418:2419:2120:59
Caversham Heights The Mount (adj 6) 06:2007:2008:2409:2518:2519:2221:00
Caversham Blenheim Road (opp 69) 06:2007:2008:2509:2618:2619:2321:00
Caversham, adj St Annes Well 06:2107:2108:2509:2618:2619:2321:01
Caversham Library (adj) 06:2207:2208:2709:2818:2819:2521:02
Bridge Street Caversham (S-bound) 06:2207:2208:2809:2918:2919:2621:02
Caversham Road, opp The Moderation 06:2307:2308:2909:3018:3019:2721:03
Caversham Road, opp Swansea Road 06:2407:2408:3009:3118:3119:2821:04
Caversham Road Fire Station (opp) 06:2507:2508:3109:3218:3219:2921:05
Reading Friar Street (stop FJ) 06:2807:2808:3509:3618:3619:3321:08

Timetable data from Reading Buses, 30 October 2020

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