226A - Merry Hill - Dudley

Operated by Diamond Bus

Merry Hill to Dudley

Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand H) 19:1520:1521:1522:1523:15
Merry Hill, after The Embankment 19:1720:1721:1722:1723:17
Brierley Hill, after Venture Way 19:1920:1921:1922:1923:19
Brierley Hill, adj Bell St 19:2020:2021:2022:2023:20
Brockmoor, adj Moor St Goods Yard 19:2120:2121:2122:2123:21
Brockmoor, adj Addison Rd 19:2220:2221:2222:2223:22
Buckpool, opp Charlton St 19:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
Silver End, opp Bushway Close 19:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
Buckpool, adj Bull St 19:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
Buckpool, after Swan Lane 19:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
Buckpool, before Ridgeway Rd 19:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
Buckpool, opp Fairfield Rd 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Buckpool, adj Brierley Hill Rd 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Buckpool, opp High St 19:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
Wordsley, adj The Old Cat Inn 19:3120:3121:3122:3123:31
Wordsley, opp Belle Vue 19:3320:3321:3322:3323:33
Ashwood Park, before Westminster Rd 19:3420:3421:3422:3423:34
Ashwood Park, opp Sandringham Place 19:3620:3621:3622:3623:36
Ashwood Park, adj Kensington Gardens 19:3620:3621:3622:3623:36
Ashwood Park, adj Braemar Ave 19:3620:3621:3622:3623:36
Ashwood Park, adj Meadow Way 19:3720:3721:3722:3723:37
Ashwood Park, opp Hamilton Drive 19:3720:3721:3722:3723:37
Ashwood Park, opp Rothesay Drive 19:3820:3821:3822:3823:38
Wordsley, adj Middleway Ave 19:3820:3821:3822:3823:38
Wordsley, before Dartmouth Ave 19:3920:3921:3922:3923:39
Wordsley, opp Graham Rd 19:4020:4021:4022:4023:40
Kingswinford, adj Mount Pleasant 19:4020:4021:4022:4023:40
Kingswinford Kingsley Rd (adjacent) 19:4120:4121:4122:4123:41
Kingswinford, opp Oak St 19:4120:4121:4122:4123:41
Kingswinford, adj Cot Lane 19:4220:4221:4222:4223:42
Kingswinford, before Park St 19:4320:4321:4322:4323:43
Kingswinford, adj Greenfields Rd 19:4420:4421:4422:44
Kingswinford, opposite Glynne Ave 19:4520:4521:4522:45
Wordsley Bromley Lane (adjacent) 19:4720:4721:4722:47
Wordsley, after Stream Rd 19:4720:4721:4722:47
Bromley Hill Schools (adj) 19:4920:4921:4922:49
Bromley, opp Randall Close 19:4920:4921:4922:49
Bromley Albermarle Rd (adjacent) 19:5120:5121:5122:51
Bromley Bryce Rd (adjacent) 19:5120:5121:5122:51
Bromley Rookery Park (adjacent) 19:5120:5121:5122:51
Bromley Pensnett School (adjacent) 19:5220:5221:5222:52
Pensnett Tiled House Lane (NE-bound) 19:5220:5221:5222:52
Pensnett Derwent Close (adjacent) 19:5320:5321:5322:53
Pensnett, opposite High Oak Surgery 19:5420:5421:5422:54
Pensnett, opposite St James' Church 19:5420:5421:5422:54
Pensnett, opp Albert St 19:5420:5421:5422:54
Holly Hall, opp Tennyson St 19:5420:5421:5422:54
Holly Hall Russells Hall Hospital (Stop RC) 19:5620:5621:5622:56
Holly Hall, opp Hilderic Crescent 19:5720:5721:5722:57
Holly Hall School (adj) 19:5720:5721:5722:57
Blowers Green, opp Waverley St 19:5820:5821:5822:58
Blowers Green, before Junction Street 19:5920:5921:5922:59
Dudley, adj Stafford St 20:0021:0022:0023:00
Dudley, after Wolverhampton Street 20:0121:0122:0123:01
Dudley Evolve Campus (Stop DY1) 20:0221:0222:0223:02

Dudley to Merry Hill

Dudley Evolve Campus (Stop DY1) 19:1520:1521:1522:1523:15
Dudley, after Stone Street 19:1620:1621:1622:1623:16
Dudley, opp Magistrates Court 19:1620:1621:1622:1623:16
Dudley Vicar St (near) 19:1720:1721:1722:1723:17
Blowers Green, opposite The Lamp Tavern 19:1720:1721:1722:1723:17
Blowers Green, after Junction Street 19:1820:1821:1822:1823:18
Blowers Green Dudley Cemetery (adjacent) 19:1820:1821:1822:1823:18
Blowers Green, adj Waverley St 19:1920:1921:1922:1923:19
Holly Hall School (opp) 19:1920:1921:1922:1923:19
Holly Hall, adj Hilderic Crescent 19:2020:2021:2022:2023:20
Holly Hall Russells Hall Hospital (Stop RB) 19:2120:2121:2122:2123:21
Holly Hall Tennyson St (adjacent) 19:2220:2221:2222:2223:22
Pensnett Albert St (adjacent) 19:2220:2221:2222:2223:22
Pensnett St James' Church (adjacent) 19:2220:2221:2222:2223:22
Pensnett High Oak Surgery (adjacent) 19:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
Pensnett High St (before) 19:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
Pensnett, opp Tiled House Lane 19:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
Pensnett, opp Derwent Close 19:2320:2321:2322:2323:23
Pensnett Tiled House Lane (SW-bound) 19:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
Bromley, opp Pensnett School 19:2420:2421:2422:2423:24
Bromley, opp Rookery Park 19:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
Bromley, opp Bryce Rd 19:2520:2521:2522:2523:25
Bromley, opp Albermarle Rd 19:2620:2621:2622:2623:26
Bromley, adj Randall Close 19:2620:2621:2622:2623:26
Bromley, opp Conway Close 19:2620:2621:2622:2623:26
Buckpool, adj Madeley Rd 19:2720:2721:2722:2723:27
Buckpool, opp Westcott Close 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Buckpool, adj Ridge Hill 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Wordsley, opp Surrey Drive 19:2820:2821:2822:2823:28
Wordsley Marshall Crescent (adjacent) 19:2920:2921:2922:2923:29
Wordsley, opp Bromley Lane 19:3020:3021:3022:3023:30
Kingswinford, adj Glynne Ave 19:3120:3121:3122:3123:31
Kingswinford, opp Greenfields Rd 19:3220:3221:3222:3223:32
Kingswinford, adj Park St 19:3420:3421:3422:3423:34
Kingswinford British Legion (adjacent) 19:3420:3421:3422:34
Kingswinford, after Swindon Rd 19:3520:3521:3522:35
Kingswinford, adj Oak St 19:3520:3521:3522:35
Kingswinford, opp Kingsley Rd 19:3620:3621:3622:36
Kingswinford, opposite Kingsley Rd 19:3620:3621:3622:36
Kingswinford, opp Mount Pleasant 19:3620:3621:3622:36
Wordsley, adj Graham Rd 19:3720:3721:3722:37
Wordsley, after Dartmouth Ave 19:3820:3821:3822:38
Wordsley, opp Middleway Ave 19:3820:3821:3822:38
Ashwood Park, adj Rothesay Drive 19:3920:3921:3922:39
Ashwood Park, adj Hamilton Drive 19:3920:3921:3922:39
Ashwood Park, after Meadow Way 19:3920:3921:3922:39
Ashwood Park, opp Braemar Ave 19:4020:4021:4022:40
Ashwood Park, opp Kensington Gardens 19:4020:4021:4022:40
Ashwood Park, adj Sandringham Place 19:4120:4121:4122:41
Ashwood Park, after Westminster Rd 19:4220:4221:4222:42
Wordsley, adj Belle Vue 19:4220:4221:4222:42
Wordsley, opp The Old Cat Inn 19:4520:4521:4522:45
Buckpool, adj High St 19:4620:4621:4622:46
Buckpool, opp Brierley Hill Rd 19:4720:4721:4722:47
Buckpool, adj Fairfield Rd 19:4820:4821:4822:48
Buckpool, after Ridgeway Rd 19:4920:4921:4922:49
Buckpool, before Swan Lane 19:5020:5021:5022:50
Buckpool, opp Bull St 19:5020:5021:5022:50
Silver End, adj Bushway Close 19:5120:5121:5122:51
Buckpool, adj Wells Rd 19:5220:5221:5222:52
Brockmoor, opp Addison Rd 19:5420:5421:5422:54
Brockmoor, opp Moor St Goods Yard 19:5520:5521:5522:55
Brierley Hill, opp Bell St 19:5620:5621:5622:56
Brierley Hill, before Venture Way 19:5820:5821:5822:58
Merry Hill, before The Embankment 19:5920:5921:5922:59
Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand H) 20:0221:0222:0223:02

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 12 April 2024

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