23B - Hastings Town Centre Railway Station - St Helens Conquest Hospital

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South East


Monday to Friday

Hastings Town Centre Railway Station - St Helens Conquest Hospital

Hastings Railway Station (Stop C) 07:43 15:04
Hastings Priory Meadow (Stop M) 07:47
Hastings Havelock Road (Stop G) 15:07
Hastings Cambridge Road (Stop R) 07:50
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop T) 15:09
Bohemia, adj White Rock Gardens 07:52
Hastings, adj Pier 15:09
St Leonards Eversfield Place (W-bound) 15:10
Bohemia, opp Summerfields Leisure Centre 07:53
Bohemia, adj Magdalen Road 07:53
Bohemia, opp Fire Station 07:55
Bohemia De Cham Road (S-bound) 07:55
St Leonards St John's Road (S-bound) 07:56
St Leonards, before St Margaret's Road 07:58
St Leonards, opp Warrior Square 07:59 15:12
St Leonards, adj Christ Church 08:01 15:14
St Leonards, opp Charles Road 08:02 15:15
St Leonards, opp St John's Church 08:04 15:17
St Leonards, opp Albany Road 08:04 15:17
St Leonards, o/s Highland Mansions 08:05 15:18
St Leonards, o/s The Highlands Inn 08:05 15:18
W St Leonards, adj Eversfield Hospital 08:07 15:20
W St Leonards, opp Collinswood Drive 08:08 15:21
W St Leonards, opp Collinstone Road 08:09 15:22
W St Leonards, adj Gresham Way 08:09 15:23
W St Leonards, adj Westerleigh Close 08:10 15:24
W St Leonards, adj Wellis Gardens 08:10
W St Leonards, opp The Drive 08:11
W St Leonards, adj Fernside Avenue East 08:12 15:24
W St Leonards, opp Springside Walk 08:13 15:25
Harley Shute, opp Field Way 08:16 15:27
Harley Shute, adj The St Leonards Academy 08:17 15:27
Harley Shute, opp William Road North 08:18 15:28
Harley Shute William Road (o/s 2) 08:18 15:28
Harley Shute, opp William Road South 08:19 15:29
Harley Shute Conqueror Road (W-bound) 08:19 15:29
Harley Shute, adj Combe Haven 08:19 15:29
Harley Shute, adj Field Way 08:20 15:30
Harley Shute, adj Darwell Close 08:22 15:33
Hollington, opp Gillsman's Drive 08:24
Hollington Wishing Tree Roundabout (NW-bound) 15:34
Hollington, adj Ironlatch Close 08:24
Hollington, adj Rocky Shaw 15:36
Hollington, adj Redgeland Rise 08:24
Hollington Stonehouse Drive West (E-bound) 08:25
Hollington, adj Whatlington Way 15:37
Hollington, opp Roosevelt Court 08:27
Hollington, opp Sandringham Heights 15:38
Hollington, opp Coventry Road 08:27
Hollington, opp Hartfield Meadow 15:38
Hollington, before Beauchamp Road 08:28
Hollington, adj Bodiam Drive 15:39
Hollington, before Marline Avenue 08:28
Hollington, opp Pinewood Way 15:40
Hollington, adj Playing Fields 08:29
Hollington, opp Juniper Close 15:41
Hollington Tesco (Stop B) 08:30 15:42
Hollington, adj Surgery 08:30
Hollington, adj Carpenter Drive 08:31
Hollington, opp Lancaster Road 08:32
Hollington, adj Willingdon Avenue 08:33
Hollington, adj Upper Church Road west 08:34
Hollington, adj Arthur Blackman Clinic 08:34
Silverhill, opp Mildenhall Drive 08:36
Silverhill, adj Old Harrow Road 15:48
Silverhill Park, adj Clarendon Close 08:37
Silverhill, opp Hollington Old Lane 15:49
Silverhill Park, adj Hollinghurst Road 08:38
Silverhill, adj Paynton Road 15:50
Silverhill Park, opp Towerscroft Avenue 08:39
Silverhill London Road (o/s 383) 15:52
Baldslow, adj Ashdown House 08:41
Baldslow Post Office (opp) 08:43
Baldslow, opp St Anne's House 08:45
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 53) 15:53
St Helens, o/s Conquest Hospital 08:48
Bohemia, opp St Peter's Church 15:54
Bohemia, adj Fire Station 15:56
Bohemia, o/s Summerfields Leisure Centre 15:57
Bohemia, opp White Rock Gardens 15:58
Hastings Cambridge Gardens (Stop S) 15:59
Hastings Railway Station (Stop C) 16:01

Bohemia St Matthew's Road - Hastings Town Centre Railway Station

Bohemia, adj St Matthew's Road 07:47
Silverhill, o/s Asda 07:49
Silverhill, opp Paynton Road 07:50
Silverhill, opp Old Harrow Road 07:51
Hollington, before Beauchamp Road 07:53
Hollington, before Marline Avenue 07:54
Hollington, adj Playing Fields 07:55
Hollington Tesco (Stop B) 07:57
Hollington, adj Juniper Close 07:57
Hollington, adj Pinewood Way 07:58
Hollington, adj Rocky Shaw 07:59
Hollington, adj Whatlington Way 08:00
Hollington, opp Sandringham Heights 08:01
Hollington, opp Hartfield Meadow 08:02
Hollington, opp Bodiam Drive 08:03
Hollington Wishing Tree Roundabout (SE-bound) 08:06
Harley Shute, opp Wishing Tree Lane 08:07
Harley Shute, adj Fernside Avenue West 08:09
Harley Shute, opp Field Way 08:11
Harley Shute, adj The St Leonards Academy 08:12
Harley Shute, opp William Road North 08:13
Harley Shute William Road (o/s 2) 08:13
Harley Shute, opp William Road South 08:14
Harley Shute Conqueror Road (W-bound) 08:14
Harley Shute, adj Combe Haven 08:14
Harley Shute, adj Field Way 08:16
W St Leonards, adj Springside Walk 08:18
W St Leonards, opp Westerleigh Close 08:19
W St Leonards, opp Gresham Way 08:20
W St Leonards, adj Collinstone Road 08:21
W St Leonards, adj Collinswood Drive 08:22
W St Leonards, o/s West St Leonards Railway Station 08:22
W St Leonards, opp Eversfield Hospital 08:24
St Leonards The Highlands Inn (E-bound) 08:25
St Leonards, opp Highland Mansions 08:26
St Leonards, adj Albany Road 08:27
St Leonards, o/s St John's Church 08:28
St Leonards, adj Charles Road 08:28
St Leonards, opp Christ Church 08:30
St Leonards, adj Warrior Square 08:32
St Leonards Eversfield Place (E-bound) 08:33
Hastings, opp Pier 08:36
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop L) 08:37
Hastings Harold Place (Stop P) 08:39s
Hastings Railway Station (Stop F) 08:42

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 1 December 2021

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