26A - Leicester - Coalville

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Leicester - Coalville

Leicester Gravel Street (Stand BJ) 07:27
Frog Island, opp Pasture Lane 07:30
Frog Island, opp The New Joiners 07:30
Frog Island, opp Slater Street 07:31
Frog Island, adj Dunton Street 07:32
Leicester, adj Fosse Road Corner 07:33
Leicester, adj Garland Crescent 07:35
Leicester Frith, adj Mary Road 07:36
Leicester Frith, adj Darlington Road 07:37
Leicester Frith, opp Heathley Park Drive 07:37
Leicester Frith, opp Gilroes Cemetery 07:38
Leicester, opp Glenfield Hospital 07:40
Glenfield Frith Drive (adj) 07:41
Glenfield, opp County Hall 07:43
Glenfield, opp Gynsill Lane 07:43
Glenfield, adj Overdale Avenue 07:45
Groby, adj Marina Drive 07:46
Groby, adj Marston Drive 07:46
Groby, adj Pymm Ley Lane 07:47
Groby, o/s Stamford Arms 07:48
Groby, opp Woodbank Road 07:51
Ratby M1 Bridge (SW-bound) 07:54
Ratby, o/s Dane Hill 07:54
Ratby, opp Stamford Street 07:55
Ratby, opp Bulls Head 07:56
Ratby Main Street (W-bound) 07:56
Newtown Unthank, o/s Desford Tubes 07:59
Newtown Unthank, opp Botcheston Road 08:00
Botcheston, opp Greyhound 08:02
Merry Lees Botcheston Junction (N-bound) 08:04
Thornton, o/s Garage 08:07
Thornton, adj Steam Trumpet 08:07
Thornton, opp Bricklayer's Arms 08:07
Thornton, adj Hawthorne Drive 08:07
Thornton, before Mill Lane 08:08
Thornton, adj Bagworth Lane 08:08
Bagworth, opp Thornton Lane 08:10
Bagworth, adj Church Hill 08:10
Bagworth, o/s Working Mens Club 08:10
Bagworth, opp Community Centre 08:10
Bagworth, adj Sports Ground 08:11
Bagworth, adj Durham Close 08:11
Bagworth, opp Markfield Plastics 08:11
Bagworth, opp Northfield 08:12
Ellistown, adj Wood Road 08:13
Bardon, o/s VF Warehouse Entrance 08:15
Ellistown, opp Victoria Road 08:19
Ellistown, opp St Christopher's Road 08:23
Ellistown, opp Primary School 08:25
Ellistown, opp South Street 08:27
Ellistown, adj Sherwood Close 08:28
Hugglescote, opp The Common 08:33
Hugglescote, adj Station Road 08:35
Hugglescote, adj Post Office 08:36
Hugglescote, adj Fairfield Road 08:37
Coalville, opp North Avenue 08:39
Coalville, opp Avenue Road 08:41
Coalville, adj Marlborough Square 08:45

Coalville - Leicester

Coalville Marlborough Square (Stand 6) 17:03
Coalville, o/s Avenue Road 17:04
Coalville, adj North Avenue 17:05
Hugglescote, opp Fairfield Road 17:06
Hugglescote, opp Post Office 17:06
Hugglescote, opp Station Road 17:07
Hugglescote, o/s The Common 17:08
Ellistown, opp Sherwood Close 17:11
Ellistown, adj Working Mens Club 17:11
Ellistown, adj Primary School 17:12
Ellistown, adj St Christopher's Road 17:12
Ellistown, adj Victoria Road 17:17
Bardon, o/s VF Warehouse Entrance 17:18
Ellistown, opp Wood Road 17:18
Bagworth, adj Northfield 17:19
Bagworth, adj Markfield Plastics 17:20
Bagworth, opp Durham Close 17:20
Bagworth, opp Sports Ground 17:21
Bagworth, o/s Community Centre 17:22
Bagworth, adj Station Road 17:22
Bagworth, opp Church Hill 17:22
Bagworth, adj Main Street 17:23
Thornton, opp Bagworth Lane 17:25
Thornton, opp Mill Lane 17:26
Thornton, opp Hawthorne Drive 17:26
Thornton, adj Bricklayer's Arms 17:27
Thornton, opp Steam Trumpet 17:27
Thornton, opp Garage 17:28
Merry Lees Botcheston Junction (S-bound) 17:30
Botcheston, o/s Greyhound 17:32
Botcheston, adj Markfield Lane 17:32
Newtown Unthank, adj Botcheston Road 17:33
Newtown Unthank, opp Desford Tubes 17:34
Ratby Main Street (E-bound) 17:37
Ratby, o/s Bulls Head 17:38
Ratby, adj Stamford Street 17:38
Ratby M1 Bridge (NE-bound) 17:39
Groby, opp Stamford Arms 17:46
Groby, opp Pymm Ley Lane 17:47
Groby, opp Marston Drive 17:48
Groby, opp Marina Drive 17:48
Glenfield, opp Overdale Avenue 17:49
Glenfield, adj Gynsill Lane 17:51
Glenfield, o/s County Hall 17:52
Leicester, adj Glenfield Hospital 17:54
Leicester Frith, adj Gilroes Cemetery 17:56
Leicester Frith, adj Heathley Park Drive 17:57
Leicester Frith, opp Darlington Road 17:58
Leicester Frith, opp Mary Road 17:59
Leicester, opp Garland Crescent 18:00
Leicester, opp Fosse Road Corner 18:02
Frog Island, opp Dunton Street 18:02
Leicester, o/s Abbey Gate 18:03
Frog Island, adj Slater Street 18:04
Frog Island, adj Pasture Lane 18:05
Leicester Gravel Street (Stand BJ) 18:07

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