27 - Sleaford - Grantham

A bus service operated by Centrebus (North)

Sleaford to Grantham

Sleaford, adj Rail Station 07:4009:4013:0515:55
Sleaford, opp Spar Shop 07:4009:4013:0515:55
Sleaford, adj St Edmunds Road 07:4109:4113:0615:56
Sleaford, adj Copeland Court 07:4209:4213:0715:57
Sleaford, opp 236 Grantham Road 07:4309:4313:0815:58
South Rauceby Level Crossing (SW-bound) 07:4409:4413:0915:59
South Rauceby, adj Bus Shelter 07:4609:4613:1116:01
South Rauceby, opp Southgate Spinneys 07:4709:4713:1216:02
South Rauceby, adj Cliffe View 07:4809:4813:1316:03
South Rauceby, opp Tom Lane 07:4909:4913:1416:07
Wilsford, adj School Lane 07:5409:5413:1916:13
Wilsford Town End (NW-bound) 07:5409:5413:1916:13
Ancaster, opp Hillside 07:5709:5713:2216:16
Ancaster, adj Village Hall 07:5809:5813:2316:20
Sudbrook, opp Rookery Lane 07:5909:5913:2416:22
West Willoughby, opp War Memorial 08:0010:0013:2516:23
Honington, opp Old Hall Spinney 08:0310:0313:2816:25
Honington, adj Main Street 08:0410:0413:2916:26
Barkston, adj Playing Field 08:0510:0513:3016:27
Barkston, o/s Primary School 08:0610:0613:3116:28
Barkston, adj The Stags PH 08:0710:0713:3216:29
Syston, opp Village Entrance North 08:0910:0913:3416:30
Syston, opp Village Entrance South 08:1010:1013:3516:31
Belton, opp Washdyke Lane 08:1210:1213:3716:33
Belton Hall Gates (adj) 08:1310:1313:3816:33
Manthorpe, adj Low Road 08:1610:1613:4116:36
Manthorpe, opp The Well 08:1710:1713:4216:37
Grantham, opp Hospital 08:1910:1913:4416:38
Grantham, adj Slate Mill Place 08:2010:2013:4516:39
Grantham, adj The King's School 08:2110:2113:4616:40
Grantham, adj Finkin Street 08:2310:2313:4816:42
Grantham Bus Station (arrivals) 08:2710:2713:5216:46

Grantham to Sleaford

Grantham Bus Station (Stand 7) 07:3007:4511:1014:3017:25
Grantham, adj Surgery 07:3107:4611:1114:3117:26
Grantham, o/s Boots 07:3107:4611:1114:3117:27
Grantham, opp Vine Street 07:3307:4811:1314:3317:29
Grantham, opp Premier Court 07:3407:4911:1414:3417:31
Grantham, opp The King's School 07:3407:4911:1414:3417:32
Grantham, opp Slate Mill Place 07:3507:5011:1514:3517:32
Grantham, o/s Hospital 07:3707:5211:1714:3717:35
Manthorpe, adj The Well 07:3807:5311:1814:3817:36
Manthorpe, opp Low Road 07:3807:5411:1914:3917:36
Belton Hall Gates (opp) 07:4207:5811:2314:4317:39
Belton, adj Washdyke Lane 07:4207:5811:2314:4317:39
Syston, adj Village Entrance South 07:4408:0011:2514:4517:41
Syston, adj Village Entrance North 07:4508:0011:2514:4517:42
Barkston, opp The Stags PH 08:0111:2614:4617:43
Barkston, opp Primary School 08:0111:2614:4617:43
Barkston, opp Playing Field 07:4808:0211:2714:4717:44
Honington, opp Main Street 07:4908:0311:2814:4817:45
Honington, adj Old Hall Spinney 07:5208:0511:3014:5017:47
West Willoughby, adj War Memorial 07:5508:0811:3314:5317:50
Sudbrook, adj Rookery Lane 07:5608:0911:3414:5417:51
Ancaster, opp Village Hall 08:0008:1011:3514:5517:54
Ancaster, adj Hillside 08:0108:1011:3514:5517:54
Wilsford Town End (SE-bound) 08:0408:1311:3814:5817:57
Wilsford, opp School Lane 08:0608:1411:3914:5917:58
South Rauceby, adj Tom Lane 08:1208:2011:4515:0518:03
South Rauceby, opp Cliffe View 08:1308:2011:4515:0518:03
South Rauceby, opp Bus Shelter 08:1608:2311:4815:0818:05
South Rauceby Level Crossing (NE-bound) 08:1808:2411:4915:0918:06
Sleaford, o/s 238a Grantham Road 08:2108:2611:5115:1118:07
Sleaford, adj Rookery Avenue 08:2208:2711:5215:1218:08
Sleaford, opp Copeland Court 08:2308:2711:5215:1218:08
Sleaford, adj George Street 08:2308:2811:5315:1318:08
Sleaford, adj Spar Shop 08:2508:2911:5415:1418:09
Sleaford, adj Rail Station 08:2608:3011:5515:1518:10
Sleaford, adj Market Place 08:28

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