28 - Hall Street / Hall Street - Hall Street / Hall Street

A bus service operated by Hattons Travel

St Helens Hall Street (Stand B12) 09:18then every 30 minutes until16:48
St Helens Central Station (Stop B) 09:1816:48
Pocket Nook, opp Phoenix Brow 09:1916:49
Finger Post, adj Traverse Street 09:1916:49
Pocket Nook Street (adj) 09:2016:50
Pocket Nook, adj Wood Street 08:5009:2116:51
Laffak, opp Mowbray Avenue 08:5209:2216:52
Laffak, adj Hinckley Road 08:5209:2316:53
Laffak, adj Bramcote Avenue 08:5309:2416:54
Laffak, adj Meriden Close 08:5409:2416:54
Laffak, adj Old Nook Lane 08:5509:2516:55
Laffak, adj Chain Lane 08:5609:2616:56
Laffak, adj Coalville Road 08:5709:2716:57
Blackbrook Paisley Avenue (Adjacent) 08:5809:2816:58
Blackbrook, opposite MacDonald Avenue 09:0009:3017:00
Blackbrook O'Sullivan Crescent (Adjacent) 09:0109:3117:01
Blackbrook Ashurst Drive (N-bound) 09:0209:3317:03
Blackbrook Longridge Avenue (Adjacent) 09:0309:3317:03
Blackbrook Longridge Avenue (E-bound) 09:03
Blackbrook Billinge Crescent (Adjacent) 09:0509:3417:04
Blackbrook Ashurst Drive (W-bound) 09:0609:3617:06
Blackbrook Ashurst Drive (W-bound) 09:0809:3817:08
Blackbrook Parbold Avenue (SW-bound) 09:0809:3817:08
Blackbrook Parbold Avenue (SW-bound) 09:0809:3817:08
Blackbrook Singleton Avenue (E-bound) 09:0909:3917:09
Blackbrook Longridge Avenue (S-bound) 09:1009:4017:10
Blackbrook Longridge Avenue (E-bound) 09:4017:10
Blackbrook Ashurst Drive (SE-bound) 09:1009:4117:11
Blackbrook, outside Boardmans Lane 09:1109:4117:11
Finger Post, opp Mulcrow Close 09:1209:4217:12
Finger Post, opp Blackhorse Street 09:1309:4317:13
Finger Post, adj Johnson Street 09:1309:4417:14
Finger Post, adj Langtree Street 09:1409:4517:15
St Helens, adj Todd Road 09:1609:4617:16
St Helens Hall Street (Stop B13) 09:1709:4717:17
St Helens Hall Street (Stand B12) 09:1809:4817:18

Timetable data from Hattons Transport Ltd/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 4 October 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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