28 - Swansea Bus Station (Bay K) - Penlan - Penplas (Milford Way/Llangwm)

A bus service operated by First Cymru

Swansea Bus Station (Bay K) - Penplas (Milford Way/Llangwm)

Swansea Bus Station Stand K (at) 08:20then every 30 minutes until17:2017:5018:2019:5021:2022:50
Swansea, at St Mary`s Church B 08:2317:2317:53
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 18:2319:5321:2322:53
Swansea, at High Street 1 08:2517:2517:55
Swansea Orchard Street (o/s Oldway Centre) 18:2519:5521:2522:55
Swansea, opp High Street Station 08:2717:2717:5718:2619:5621:2622:56
Hafod, at Dyfatty 08:2817:2817:5818:2819:5821:2822:58
Waun Wen, before Zoar Chapel 08:2917:2917:5918:2919:5921:2922:59
Waun Wen Inn (nr) 08:3117:3118:0118:3120:0121:3123:01
Cwmbwrla CK's (opp) 08:3317:3318:0318:3320:0321:3323:03
Manselton, after Elgin Street West 08:3517:3518:0418:3420:0421:3423:04
Brondeg Pentregethin Road (opp 278) 08:3517:3518:0518:3520:0521:3523:05
Gendros, after Conway Road Roundabout 08:3817:3818:0718:3720:0721:3723:07
Penlan, opp Conway Flats 08:3917:3918:0818:3820:0821:3823:08
Penlan, opp Penrhyn Ave 08:4017:4018:0918:3820:0821:3823:08
Penlan Penderry Road (o/s 137) 08:4017:4018:0918:3920:0921:3923:09
Penlan, after Heol Frank 08:4117:4118:1018:4020:1021:4023:10
Penlan, nr Penderry Shops 08:4217:4218:1018:4020:1021:4023:10
Penlan Steps (o/s) 18:1118:4120:1121:4123:11
Tirdeunaw John Penry Crescent (opp junct) 18:1218:4220:1221:4223:12
Penlan, before Heol Hermas 18:1318:4320:1321:4323:13
Penlan Heol Gwyrosydd (nr 147) 08:4317:4318:1418:4420:1421:4423:14
Penlan, after Morlais Road 08:4317:4318:1518:4520:1521:4523:15
Penlan Roundabout (after) 08:4417:4418:1718:4720:1721:4723:17
Penlan, o/s First Cymru Depot 08:4517:4518:1818:4820:1821:4823:18
Caereithin Mynydd Newydd Road (opp 75) 08:4617:4618:1918:4920:1921:4923:19
Caereithin, after Heol Pen-tir-garw 08:4717:4718:2018:5020:2021:5023:20
Blaenymaes, in Milford Way 08:4717:4718:2118:5120:2121:5123:21
Port Mead, at Penplas 08:4817:4818:2218:5220:2221:5223:22

Penplas (Milford Way/Llangwm) - Swansea Bus Station (Bay K)

Port Mead, at Penplas 07:19then every 30 minutes until17:4920:2521:55
Blaenymaes, in Milford Way 07:2217:5220:2821:58
Caereithin, before Heol Pen-tir-garw 07:2317:5320:2921:59
Caereithin Mynydd Newydd Road (o/s 75) 07:2417:5420:3022:00
Penlan, opp First Cymru Depot 07:2517:5520:3122:01
Penlan, after Roundabout 07:2617:5620:3222:02
Penlan, before Morlais Road 07:2717:5720:3322:03
Penlan Heol Cadifor (o/s 150) 07:2717:5720:3322:03
Tirdeunaw, before Heol Trefor 07:2817:5820:3422:04
Tirdeunaw, after John Penry Crescent 07:2917:5920:3522:05
Penlan Steps (opp) 07:3018:0020:3622:06
Penlan, opp Penderry Shops 07:3118:0120:3722:07
Penlan Heol Frank (opp junct) 07:3218:0220:3822:08
Penlan Penderry Road (nr 156) 07:3318:0320:3922:09
Penlan Penderry Road (o/s 226) 07:3418:0420:4022:10
Penlan, o/s Conway Flats 07:3518:0520:4122:11
Gendros, after Conway Road Roundabout 07:3618:0620:4222:12
Brondeg Pentregethin Road (o/s 282) 07:3818:0820:4422:14
Manselton, after Elgin Street 07:4018:1020:4622:16
Cwmbwrla CK's (o/s ) 07:4018:1020:4622:16
Waun Wen Inn (nr) 07:4318:1320:4922:19
Waun Wen, before Zoar Chapel 07:4418:1420:5022:20
Hafod, at Dyfatty 07:4518:1520:5122:21
Swansea, o/s High Street Station 07:4818:1820:5422:24
Swansea, nr Orchard Street 07:4818:1820:5422:24
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 07:5218:2220:5822:28
Swansea Bus Station Stand K (at) 07:5518:2521:0122:31

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