283 - Tunbridge Wells - Ravenswood Avenue

A bus service operated by Go-Coach Hire

Tunbridge Wells - Ravenswood Avenue

Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 10:2011:5013:5014:5517:15
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Pantiles 10:2111:5113:5114:5617:16
Tunbridge Wells, opp Chapel Place 10:2211:5213:5214:5717:17
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop C) 10:2411:5413:5414:5917:19
Tunbridge Wells Monson Road (Stop M) 10:2511:5513:5515:0017:20
Tunbridge Wells Garden Street (Stop W1) 10:2611:5613:5615:0117:21s
Tunbridge Wells, opp Garden Road 10:2611:5613:5615:0117:21s
Tunbridge Wells, adj The Black Horse 10:2811:5813:5815:0317:23s
Tunbridge Wells Albion Road (NE-bound) 10:3012:0014:0015:0517:25s
Tunbridge Wells, opp St James' Park 10:3112:0114:0115:0617:26s
Tunbridge Wells Ravenswood Avenue (W-bound) 10:3212:0214:0215:0717:27

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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