2A - Derby - Chellaston

A bus service operated by Arriva Derby


Derby to Chellaston

Derby Bus Station (Bay 18) 09:1910:19then hourly until17:1918:19then hourly until23:19
Derby London Road (Stop A4) 09:2110:2117:2118:2123:21
Derby Osmaston Road (Stop A5) 09:2210:2217:2218:2223:22
Derby, opp Melbourne Street 09:2310:2317:2318:2323:23
Rose Hill, opp Morleston Street 09:2410:2417:2418:2423:24
Rose Hill, opp Crown Derby 09:2410:2517:2518:2423:24
Rose Hill, adj Ivy Square 09:2610:2717:2718:2623:26
Osmaston, adj Litchurch Lane 09:2710:2817:2818:2723:27
Osmaston, opp Abingdon Street 09:2810:2917:2918:2823:28
Osmaston, opp Nightingale Road 09:2910:3017:3018:2923:29
Osmaston, opp Waverley Street 09:3010:3117:3118:3023:30
Osmaston, opp Campbell Street 09:3110:3217:3218:3123:31
Allenton, adj Ascot Drive South 09:3110:3217:3218:3123:31
Allenton, opp Peveril Street 09:3210:3317:3318:3223:32
Allenton, adj Bingham Street 09:3310:3417:3418:3323:33
Allenton, adj Allen Street 09:3310:3417:3418:3323:33
Allenton, opp Westgreen Avenue 09:3410:3517:3518:3423:34
Allenton, adj Crown and Arrows 09:3510:3617:3618:3523:35
Allenton, adj Wroxham Close 09:3610:3717:3718:3623:36
Shelton Lock, opp Heigham Close 09:3610:3817:3818:3623:36
Shelton Lock, adj Stonyhurst Court 09:3710:3917:3918:3723:37
Shelton Lock, adj Staveley Close 09:3710:3917:3918:3723:37
Shelton Lock, adj Chestnut Avenue 09:3810:4017:4018:3823:38
Chellaston, adj Gladstone Close 09:3810:4017:4018:3823:38
Chellaston, adj Ashleigh Drive 09:3810:4117:4118:3823:38
Chellaston, opp Sinfin Moor Lane 09:3910:4117:4118:3923:39
Chellaston, adj School Lane 09:4010:4317:4318:4023:40
Chellaston, adj Back Lane 09:4110:4317:4318:4123:41
Chellaston, adj Newgate Close 09:4210:4517:4518:4223:42

Chellaston to Derby

Chellaston, adj Newgate Close 09:1510:10then hourly until18:1019:15then hourly until22:15
Chellaston, adj Chase Close 09:1510:1018:1019:1522:15
Chellaston Fellow Lands Way (S-bound) 09:1610:1118:1119:1622:16
Chellaston, opp Crownland Drive 09:1610:1118:1119:1622:16
Chellaston, adj Netherside Drive 09:1610:1118:1119:1622:16
Chellaston, opp Back Lane 09:1710:1218:1219:1722:17
Chellaston, opp School Lane 09:1810:1318:1319:1822:18
Chellaston, opp High Street 09:1910:1418:1419:1922:19
Chellaston, adj Sinfin Moor Lane 09:1910:1418:1419:1922:19
Chellaston, opp Ashleigh Drive 09:2010:1518:1519:2022:20
Chellaston, opp Gladstone Close 09:2010:1518:1519:2022:20
Shelton Lock, opp Chestnut Avenue 09:2110:1618:1619:2122:21
Shelton Lock, opp Staveley Close 09:2210:1718:1719:2222:22
Shelton Lock, opp Stonyhurst Court 09:2210:1718:1719:2222:22
Shelton Lock, adj Heigham Close 09:2410:1918:1919:2422:24
Allenton, opp Wroxham Close 09:2510:2018:2019:2522:25
Allenton, opp Crown and Arrows 09:2610:2118:2119:2622:26
Allenton, opp Sinfin Avenue 5 09:2610:2118:2119:2622:26
Allenton, adj Merrill Way 09:2710:2218:2219:2722:27
Allenton, adj Westgreen Avenue 09:2810:2318:2319:2822:28
Allenton, opp Allen Street 09:2910:2418:2419:2922:29
Allenton, opp Bingham Street 09:3010:2518:2519:3022:30
Allenton, adj Peveril Street 09:3010:2518:2519:3022:30
Osmaston, adj Campbell Street 09:3110:2618:2619:3122:31
Osmaston, adj Waverley Street 09:3210:2718:2719:3222:32
Osmaston, adj Nightingale Road 09:3310:2818:2819:3322:33
Osmaston, adj Abingdon Street 09:3410:2918:2919:3422:34
Osmaston, opp Litchurch Lane 09:3510:3018:3019:3522:35
Rose Hill, adj Shaftsbury Street 09:3610:3118:3119:3622:36
Rose Hill, opp Ivy Square 09:3710:3218:3219:3722:37
Rose Hill, adj Crown Derby 09:3810:3318:3319:3822:38
Rose Hill, adj Morleston Street 09:3810:3318:3319:3822:38
Derby, adj Melbourne Street 09:3910:3418:3419:3922:39
Derby Osmaston Road (Stop A8) 09:4010:3518:3519:4022:40
Derby London Road (Stop A2) 09:4110:3618:3619:4122:41
Derby Intu Centre (Stop A3) 09:4210:3718:3719:4222:42
Derby Bus Station (Bay 18) 09:4410:3918:3919:4422:44

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMID/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 30 September 2022

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