2A - Gloucester - Upton St Leonards

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Upton St Leonards - Gloucester

Abbeydale, nr Morrisons 07:0707:4708:27then every 30 minutes until17:5718:42
Abbeydale, opp Christchurch 07:0707:4708:2717:5718:42
Abbeydale, before The Ash Path 07:0707:4708:2717:5718:42
Abbeydale, by Oxmoor 07:0807:4808:2817:5818:43
Abbeydale, after Stanmoor 07:0907:4908:2917:5918:44
Abbeydale, by The Lawns 07:0907:4908:2917:5918:44
Abbeydale, nr Fielden 07:0907:4908:2917:5918:44
Abbeydale, after Wheatway 07:1007:5008:3018:0018:45
Abbeydale, by Fern Lawn 07:1107:5108:3118:0118:46
Upton St Leonards, by Recreation Ground 07:1207:5208:3218:0218:47
Upton St Leonards, by War Memorial 07:1307:5308:3318:0318:48
Upton St Leonards, o/s Post Office 07:1407:5408:3418:0418:49
Upton St Leonards Churchfield Road (Stop) 07:1407:5408:3418:0418:49
Abbeymead, before Laurel Gate 07:1607:5608:3618:0618:51
Abbeymead, after Upton Lane 07:1707:5708:3718:0718:51
Abbeymead, opp Longborough Drive 07:1807:5808:3818:0818:52
Abbeydale, opp Glevum Centre 07:1907:5908:3918:0918:53
Abbeydale, opp Morrisons 07:2008:0008:4018:1018:54
Abbeydale, opp Heron Primary School 07:2008:0008:4018:1018:54
Abbeydale, before Fieldfare 07:2108:0108:4118:1118:55
Abbeydale, after Woodcock Close 07:2208:0208:4218:1218:56
Abbeydale, before Hawk Close 07:2208:0208:4218:1218:56
Abbeydale, nr Oriole Way 07:2308:0308:4318:1318:57
Abbeydale, opp Tern Close 07:2308:0308:4318:1318:57
Saintbridge, before Coney Hill Road 07:2408:0408:4418:1418:57
Coney Hill, opp Vestry Gardens 07:2408:0408:4418:1418:58
Coney Hill Willow Avenue (corner of) 07:2608:0608:4618:1618:59
Coney Hill, nr Twin Gables 07:2708:0708:4718:1718:59
Gloucester, nr Chequers Chippy 07:3008:1008:5018:2019:02
Gloucester, after Chequers Bridge 07:3108:1108:5118:2119:03
Gloucester, nr St James' Club 07:3208:1208:5218:2219:04
Gloucester, opp Woodcock Trading Estate 07:3308:1308:5318:2319:05
Gloucester, opp India Road 07:3508:1508:5518:2519:06
Gloucester, after Picturedome Theatre 07:3608:1608:5618:2619:07
Gloucester, opp Atik Nightclub 07:3808:1808:5818:2819:08
Gloucester, in Clarence Street Set Down 07:4008:2009:0018:3019:10

Gloucester - Upton St Leonards

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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