2C - Derby - Chellaston

A bus service operated by Arriva Derby


Derby to Chellaston

Derby Bus Station (Bay 18) 07:1507:4508:1508:49then every 30 minutes until16:4917:49
Derby London Road (Stop A4) 07:1807:4808:1808:5216:5217:52
Derby Osmaston Road (Stop A5) 07:1907:4908:1908:5316:5317:53
Derby, opp Melbourne Street 07:2007:5008:2008:5416:5417:54
Rose Hill, opp Morleston Street 07:2107:5108:2108:5516:5517:55
Rose Hill, opp Crown Derby 07:2207:5208:2208:5616:5617:56
Rose Hill, adj Ivy Square 07:2407:5408:2408:5816:5817:58
Osmaston, adj Litchurch Lane 07:2507:5508:2508:5916:5917:59
Osmaston, opp Abingdon Street 07:2607:5608:2609:0017:0018:00
Osmaston, opp Nightingale Road 07:2707:5708:2709:0117:0118:01
Osmaston, opp Waverley Street 07:2807:5808:2809:0217:0218:02
Osmaston, opp Campbell Street 07:2907:5908:2909:0317:0318:03
Allenton, adj Ascot Drive South 07:2907:5908:2909:0317:0318:03
Allenton, opp Peveril Street 07:3008:0008:3009:0417:0418:04
Allenton, adj Bingham Street 07:3108:0108:3109:0517:0518:05
Allenton, adj Allen Street 07:3108:0108:3109:0517:0518:05
Allenton, opp Westgreen Avenue 07:3208:0208:3209:0617:0618:06
Allenton, opp Merrill Way 07:3308:0308:3309:0717:0718:07
Allenton, opp 174 Chellaston Road 07:3308:0308:3309:0717:0718:07
Shelton Lock, opp Carlton Avenue 07:3408:0408:3409:0817:0818:08
Shelton Lock, adj Acorn Close 07:3408:0408:3409:0817:0818:08
Shelton Lock, adj Chestnut Avenue 07:3508:0508:3509:0917:0918:09
Chellaston, adj Gladstone Close 07:3508:0508:3509:0917:0918:09
Chellaston, adj Ashleigh Drive 07:3608:0608:3609:1017:1018:10
Chellaston, opp Sinfin Moor Lane 07:3708:0708:3709:1117:1118:11
Chellaston St Peters Road (S-bound) 07:3908:0908:3909:1317:1318:13
Chellaston Glenwood Road (W-bound) 07:4008:1008:4009:1417:1418:14
Chellaston School (Adj) 07:4108:1108:4109:1517:1518:15

Chellaston to Derby

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMID/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 30 September 2022

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